Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Pulls Controversial Ad

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After receiving numerous complaints, the Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board pulls an online ad meant to warn young adults about the links between heavy drinking and rape.

The advertisement shows a woman’s legs, what appears to be on a bathroom floor with her underwear around her ankles with the words — “She didn’t want to do it, but she couldn’t say no.”

Jill Maier is with Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) in Philadelphia. She says blame is often times placed on the victim rather than the attacker.

“I think that where we are, the general public still holds a lot of rape myths they need the proper education, not confusing messages.”

The Pennsylvania liquor control board pulled the ad from the website

Maier would like to see the ad reconfigured and put back on the site.

“If they can come up with something (that) was not victim blaming, but still focused on the fact that alcohol can contribute to sexual violence but that having a drink doesn’t mean you should be raped.”

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One Comment

  1. paula says:

    Don’t drink LADIES because Men cannot be trusted to NOT rape you. Yes, it makes you vulnerable, but in no way should a woman be BLAMED for getting raped! IT is ENTIRELY the MAN at fault for raping! Good Lord. Our culture treats men as victims of their own biology, not accountable for their actions- Isn’t it weird that SO much focus is on what women should or should not do? Maybe if we focused on why women are increasingly devalued and hyper-sexualized in our society, and the focus shifted on making MEN accountable, the blame will finally fall where it is supposed to – on the criminal, not the victim.

  2. Peter says:

    Why is this women’s organization defending the right of anybody to get this drunk? Getting that drunk is so wrong for a number of reasons. And, how is it consolation to a victim to tell them the creep shouldn’t have taken advantage of the fact she was drunk? There are two issues here. The poor judgment of the victim and t he crime. Would you take a lot of cash into a bad neighborhood and let people see what you have in your wallet because it would be wrong for them to mug you for it? The mugger would be vilified but people would be shaking their heads at how dumb you were.

    1. Karmen says:

      I think you’re missing the point. Just because someone shows poor judgment doesn’t mean they deserve to be raped. Also your remark regarding carrying cash into poor neighborhoods is comparing apples to oranges. As a man you have no idea what a rape can do to a woman. It destorys her life forever. Nothing short of intense counselling, if she’s lukcy, will get her through this.

      1. Me says:

        PLEASE. Women are some of the worst behaved drunks out there. They initiate almost 90 percent of all divorces in America. H3!! they even have their own show Girls Gone Wild. I am so sick of hearing about FEMALE victims.

      2. Cody says:

        @ Karmen. ummmmm guys can get raped to. Do you think they can handle it better then women?

      3. Kevin says:

        And Karmen, what about men that get raped??? You think it’s all sunshine and rainbows for them??? We can only have intelligent conversations about things like rape and how we can prevent horrible crimes like it when people like you stop telling the other gender that they can’t possibly understand and thinking you have the monopoly of knowledge on a particular subject. When you vilify a person or group of people to make your point, you do a disservice to us all!

  3. DLM says:

    This poster is in poor taste. While it is thought provoking, it could also be a double edged sword. People already get really bad ideas shown to them on CSI and other brutal crime shows. Why remind them with hard copy? This could easily encourage bad behaviour rather than discourage what “drinking irresponsibly” is all about.

  4. citizenwife says:

    I don’t see it as victim blaming. I distinctly remember Temple police during orientation tell us that alcohol and sexual assault go hand in hand. Statistics don’t lie. Just because you drink doesn’t mean that you deserved to be raped, but getting plastered to the point where you black out sets you up for many dangers–rape being one of them.

    1. I_giveUp_SensabilityOutTheWindow says:

      We are not allowed to use facts to make any case if it conflicts with political correctness.

    2. molsgirl says:

      I agree! Having a few martinis at a bar is very different from going on such a bender that you don’t have the ability to get out of a dangerous situation. Unless the man is forcing the drinks down your throat, then you have a responsibility to yourself NOT to get that drunk in public! Ladies, men will prey on you if they see you drinking yourselves silly!

  5. grumpy says:

    Getting a little thin skinned aren’t we?

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