Camden Community Rallies Against Crime Following Murder Of Grocery Store Owner

By Robin Rieger

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) – Community members chanted “stop the violence” and rallied against crime in Camden at the Life Celebration of slain grocery store owner 46-year-old Miguel Almonte on Thursday.

Devastated family members tearfully said their goodbyes at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Cramer Hill.

Three other men were wounded in the shooting at Bernard’s Grocery Monday night. In an exclusive phone interview, one of the survivors, who did not wish to be identified, describes what happened when two masked gunmen walked in.

“They came in and just started opening fire from the front to the back. They asked where the money was. That was it. Next thing you know I heard the shots,” he said.

The victim says he was hit multiple times in his arm.

“I pretty much went down and played dead.”

He says Almonte pleaded with the men. “’Please don’t shoot me.’ They didn’t have no sympathy, I don’t think.”

The murder and multiple shootings prompted activists to lash out at Mayor Dana Redd.

Redd met with State Attorney General Paula Dow Thursday morning. Dow disclosed little of their conversation at city hall as she left.

“Came down here to meet with the Mayor to assess the situation. It was a productive meeting,” said Dow.

She also met with the Camden County prosecutor Warren Faulk.

Mayor Redd had little to say as she left City Hall.

“We’re hoping for additional assistance,” said Redd.

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One Comment

  1. grumpy says:

    These residents should be p!ssed off! They should take to the streets and demand that those policemen/women that were laid off be rehired immediately!
    Cut at the top if you need to cut but stop cutting when it comes to the safety of a city and it’s citizens! The city leaders should look into the mirror if they want to blame someone for this mess!

  2. Mary Kelly(Iesha Cook) says:

    I cant stand to see people cry ! Today i had a watch one of my best buddys cry because somebody walked into her uncle’s store & killed him ! Like really im sooo tired because all you hear of is somebody getting shot in Camden ! I just dont understand why people are so violent & shoot ! Do they think about what they are doing ? Do they think abou…t the fact they are taking a persons life ? Do they understand that they are taking a person away from their family! Do they understand that they cause soo much pain to innocent people? Wow 48 homicides in Camden & im still supposed to feel safe here? This is the exact reason why im going to stay in school, get a good education, & come back to try to help my city! My prayers go out to the Almonte family ! Stay safe everyone because remember, Bullets dont see faces #StopTheViolence -Iesha imaninja Mae♥ This message is from my 13 year old daughter. People really don’t stop to think what damage they do the children and there families when they commit these crimes.

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