Siblings Jazmeer, Marquis, and Aniyah have a very special relationship.  They share a bond that grew out of necessity as they went through the adoption system together, and it’s one they want to preserve; the trio would like to find a permanent home together.

Jazmeer, the youngest of the three (a fourth, their oldest brother, is old enough to live by himself), loves staying up late and talking on the phone with his big sister, Aniyah — something that Aniyah doesn’t appreciate quite as much.   (With a laugh she says, “At 11 o’ clock at night!”)

At just 11 years old, Jazmeer has big dreams.

(Jazmeer:)  “Things that I know I definitely want to do are be a lawyer, a doctor, and own my own business.”
(Larry Kane:)  “So you want to do one of those three things?”
(Jazmeer:)  “No, all three.”

His older brother Marquis, 15, is just as driven.  He’s an athlete — a pole vaulter — chasing his school’s records.  He’s also a budding chef.

“You name it, I can cook it,” he boasts with a smile.

Marquis says he wants to go to school for culinary arts.

And he says family is very important to him.

“I’m like the momma’s boy out of everyone,” he admits.  “I’m the closest one to all of my family, so any time I have free I will try to go to wherever my family is, just to hang out with them.”

(Larry Kane:)  “Even though you don’t all live together?”
(Marquis:)  “Exactly.”

His sister, Aniyah, 17, agrees. She says home just isn’t home without her brothers.

“I talk to Marquis (on the phone).  Me and Marquis have heart-to-hearts all the time.  We have to stick together and to be there for Jazmeer,” Aniyah says.

In her free time, Aniyah enjoys writing poetry.  She’s very creative and ambitious, and she wants to go to college.

“I want to major in journalism and broadcasting,” she says.  “That’s my strongest subject, English. I love writing.”

This bright young woman might even have a future in politics, because she says she’s very outspoken.

“I recently got into debating, and I love it a lot because I bring up really strong points and I’m a strong speaker,” Aniyah says.

And all three siblings are determined to be together.

“Nothing’s going to break us up at all,” Marquis says. “We’re staying close no matter what.”

“It’s always been like that,” Aniyah says.

“And it always will be,” Marquis agrees.

For more information, go to the web site of the Adoption Center of Delaware Valley,

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio 1060
Produced by Timothy McLaughlin

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