Who Will Be The Next Philadelphia 76ers Mascot? You Decide

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Back in November, the 76ers management team decided to bounce the team’s mascot Hip Hop,. (see related story) Now they’re letting you choose between Ben Franklin, his dogg and a moose to replace him.

The city of Philadelphia has been given a chance to decide what the face of the 76ers will look like.

On Monday, the 76ers launched a website displaying three choices for the teams new hype man.

The site describes the three choices as ‘Big Ben’, an avid basketball who was thrilled to be asked to join Philadelphia sports fans in cheering the 76ers on to greatness, ‘B. Franklin Dogg’, a loyal Philadelphia resident who can be seen in artist drawings from the day nestled under the table beside Ben Franklin as he deliberated on the founding of the nation, or ‘Phil E. Moose’, a seven-foot tall moose who would often be seen dunking a basketball with ease.

To voice your opinion, follow the link below:


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  • Michael Ziegler

    Their Mascot should be a guy dancing around in a suit that resembles an old water heater…..because they are always in the basement.

  • Laughing at the Choices

    These three choices are embarrassing! It’s like the 2008 Presidential election all over again…

  • jackson

    Do we really need a mascot?

  • TC

    Just bring spud web back!!!

  • janet

    don’t leave it up to the public. i would be mortified to pick one of these three idiotic mascots. let the politicians vote, they are used to being embarrased.

  • Dan Doyle

    Here’s my idea:

    Uncle Slamma Jamma

    A costume depicting Uncle Sam, carrying around a Red,White & Blue basketball and doing all the crazy stuff a mascot does.

    Thank you.

  • number61

    Seriously this is what the sixers are thinking about, and I thought it would be something else like winning?

  • number61

    Philadelphia fans make an investment in their team everytime they buy a ticket , or merchendise. The Philadelphia fan is critical of coaches , players and management because a large part of their salary comes from the Fan. We as fans have every right to expect greatness from them, and if they feel that it is to much then go play for someone else and see if it will be any different.

  • grumpy

    How about “Shooter”, the moose carrying a gun?


    What are the 76ers?

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