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Busy Southwest Philadelphia Intersection Gets Red-Light Camera

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The latest red light camera is being activated today, this one at a busy intersection in Southwest Philadelphia.

Keyonia Brown says she’s happy to see the new cameras at the intersection of Island Avenue and Lindbergh Boulevard.

“Definitely, because there’s been a couple accidents here, I’ve witnessed a couple accidents.”

Keyonia says drivers often ignore the ‘no turn on red’ signs, making it tough to get to the trolley with her four-and-six-year-old brothers Jordan and Jaden, in tow.

“Yeah, and there’s a lot of school kids crossing the intersection here too, so hopefully it’ll work.”

The flashes on the new cameras were popping away, especially as several drivers made right turns on red. For the next 60 days, they’ll just get a warning, but resident Towanda Taylor, out walking her dog Chloe, says she’s happy to see the new cameras.

“They come through it like they’re on a race track, so it’s needed very badly on this intersection, really bad.”

And, she says, it’s scary crossing the street here. “There have been bad accidents. Matter of fact, my neighbor across the street got killed crossing this street.”

There are over 20 red-light cameras now across the city. A violation carries a $100 fine. Since the cameras started in the city six years ago, the Philadelphia Parking Authority says over 580,000 violations have been sent out.

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One Comment

  1. moleman says:

    This won’t mean s….t. The light runners will still run it & not show up in court & drive on suspended license anyway. Track them down & throw them in jail until they pay. They’ll pay then.

  2. grumpy says:

    Here’s a new one: How about fighting REAL crime!

  3. Therealissueis says:

    1. Who were the rocket scientists from the City and SEPTA that when they re-did Island Ave. decided to leave the trolley stop in the middle of that road???. 2. All the red light cams in the world will not slow down the dragsters that come flying thru that area on both Lindbergh and Island. Maybe if the 12th district cops ( instead of snoozing besides the Rite Aid, or sitting by the K Mart..where for some reason we seem to need a Phila PD as a security guard for one store) Then maybe they could actually sit on Lindbergh Blvd in front of Post Office or Island by McDonalds and actually catch all the speeders….like every other car.

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