Licensed Marijuana Growers In New Jersey Having Difficult Time Finding Places To Do Business

By David Madden

Regulations are in place and a new administrator is about to take on the job of monitoring how Medical Marijuana is handled in New Jersey. There is just one problem. Those licensed to grow and dispense it are having a difficult time finding places to do business.

Maple Shade has already said no to one of the two licensees set to operate in South Jersey. The other thought it had found a warehouse in Westampton, Burlington County where zoning rules allowed them. Now they’ll have to justify their application in a public hearing.

Ken Wolski with the Coalition for Medical Marijuana believes community sentiments are being whipped up by what he labels “outrageous” fears that the state could help control.

“Someone from the Department of Health and Senior Services to come and explain to the residents exactly what this facility would look like, how little it would impact their township.”

The department, in an e-mail, cited regulations that put the onus on the licensees to seek local approvals and suggested that “each community is unique”. Governor Chris Christie has made it clear communities will decide where clinics go and not him.

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One Comment

  1. acoustic622 says:

    Nothing good comes from illegal drug use, or using legally prescribed drugs illegally. You certainly would not put your heart medication or cancer drugs into my lemonade and have me drink it — please do not put your prescription medication into my air and expect me to breath it.

  2. acoustic622 says:

    Good, I hope they continue to find it difficult to find a place to sell and distribute their drugs. Medical Marijuana has become a mess in California; anyone with minor back pain, or claiming to have “social anxiety” suddenly needs a prescription to smoke drugs —- You can not smoke your drugs without me being subjected to that second hand smoke, and I have never lived in an apartment that was airtight from being subjected to whatever my neighbors choose to smoke; smoking cigarettes might be illegal in most public places in Philadelphia, but not in the privacy of my neighbor’s apartment; until it is made illegal to smoke this nonsense inside any home or residence, I hope there is no location opened up to sell these drugs.

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