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By Stephanie Stahl

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There have been combs and helmet like devices, a variety of low level laser treatments to fight hair loss. Now the technology has been hidden in a cap.

“People don’t know what I have underneath that cap,” said Miles Keith, who wears a special hat to help grow his hair.

Miles is finally happy about how his hair looks. When it first started thinning, he tried the topical Rogaine, but thought it was too expensive. Then he had a hair transplant.

“I’m told that which has been transplanted I will not lose, but that which is surrounding the transplanted hair is subject to falling out,” said Miles.

So he decided to start wearing a cap, but not just any hat.

It’s battery operated and equipped with 224 low level lasers to stimulate hair follicles.


“You’re basically preventing the existing hair from falling out,” said Tim Reed, who sells the LaserCap. He says the biggest benefit of the new technology is convenience.

“This allows them to do this while they’re driving to work, while they’re out gardening, while they’re watching TV, and actually they can be out in public and no one would even know that they’re having laser hair therapy done,” said Tim.

The maker says studies show laser therapy for 30 minutes every other day can help prevent further hair loss.

“There are no known side effects to laser hair therapy, so people don’t have to be concerned. It can be used by anybody. In fact, it can be used by people who have had hair transplants,” said Tim.

“Since I’ve started it, I’ve noticed I have less shedding after washing my hair. My hair feels thicker, fuller,” said Tim.

The laser hair cap can be used by both men and women. It costs $3,000. And there are some skeptics who say there’s not enough science proving it works or that it’s safe.

Doctors in New York City sell the cap.


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