Ackerman Says Nutter Has No Business Criticizing Her Unemployment Claim

by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– Philadelphia’s former schools chief is firing back at critics of her applilcation for unemployment benefits.

In an e-mail to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Arlene Ackerman called Mayor Nutter’s criticism of her unemployment claim “disingenuous” because, she says, the mayor and the School Reform Commission signed off on her buyout deal.

That agreement said the district wouldn’t fight any unemployment claim she might make.  She did file for unemployment after pocketing a $905,000 severance package (see related story).

Today, Mayor Nutter wasn’t interested in responding to Ackerman.

“I think that the former superintendent’s actions really do speak for themselves,” he said.

The mayor says he is instead focusing on the future.

“We have a district that has a significant financial challenge going forward,” Nutter told KYW Newsradio.  “That page has been turned, and as far as I’m concerned that book is closed.”

But not for everyone.  Pennsylvania state representative Michael McGeehan is asking the state labor secretary to deny Ackerman’s unemployment claim.

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One Comment

  1. Dee says:

    Agree deny unemployment to this woman. Amazing how the educational system continues to pay out to employees , including every time teachers go out on strike and demand outrageous increases and reimbursements to their 401k plans… tax payers continue to have their taxes increased. This madness must stop!!!!! Greed with a capital G

  2. WAZ UP YALL says:


  3. Kim Turner says:

    It’s not Ackerman fault that she was oust by a Nutty mayor for one of Cohen (Comcast) buddies, Cohen will pay the money to move mountains, and as long as you have a leach with their hand out he’ll keep doing what he want. Believe the mayor is stealing way more than that mil he gave to Ackerman, and handing over enough contracts. Pay attention folks…

  4. It's over. says:

    I’d like to say that I agree with you, Raymond, but you are completely lost. This system and perpetual chaos is what the people want. Look around you. This is what the people want. Philadelphia is full of victims who will do anything to get an edge on those they perceive to be in power, in any malicious manner, which is evident on the highways, in store interactions, and in the political elections. Meanwhile, those who really have the power are cleaning house and still seeking more. This is what the people want. Don’t vote. MOVE. The city is done. It’s over, and has been over. Victiimhood, from union mentality to the black stronghold, has turned the city into a disgusting joke. Shut the door behind you.

  5. Raymond A. Collier says:

    Former Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman may think that after pocketing a $905,000 severance package that Mayor Nutter may not have any say on the severance package, but the Taxpayers do. Mayor Nutter & everyone that signed off on it are just as responsible as Arlene Ackerman. And for the Record, Even after Arlene Ackerman pays the Federal, State, and/or Local Payroll, & Social Security Taxes on the $905,000 severance package, she’ll still have a “Good Chunk of Change” left over. Why file for Unemployment? I say, “DENIED UNEMPLOYMENT!”

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