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Former Philadelphia Schools Chief Arlene Ackerman Files Unemployment Claim

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman, who was given a nearly $1-million buyout earlier this year, has applied for unemployment.

School District spokesman Fernando Gallard today confirmed that Ackerman wants to collect state unemployment benefits.

“The former superintendent did apply for unemployment,” Gallard told KYW Newsradio today.

This comes after taxpayers funded a $905,000 buyout when she was shown the door in August (see related story).

As part of her separation agreement, the School Reform Commission agreed not to contest any unemployment claims she might file.

The news isn’t going over well with Michael Lodise, the head of the school police officers’ union who fought for several months to get unemployment compensation — and eventually succeeded —  for 120 school police officers laid off in June.

“These people were really hurting, really needed it,” Lodise recalls.  “And here’s a woman with almost a million dollars, and she wants unemployment besides.  I just don’t understand it.”

Based on her former salary, Ackerman would be eligible for the state maximum of $573 a week.

Ackerman had no comment, referring questions to her attorney, Dean Weitzman.  Weitzman told KYW Newsradio that Ackerman qualifies for unemployment benefits because she is unemployed and was asked to leave the school district but not fired for cause.   It will be up to the state unemployment compensation board to approve Ackerman’s claim.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Linda J says:

    Only in america. Just because you can, that doesn’t means you should.
    Remember, you don’t have to die to experience hell.

    1. freecheese says:

      What’s in the water in Philly ? Where I live, you are elgible for unemployment if you are LAYED OFF. If you were FIRED, you don’t qualify.

      1. Dear freecheese says:




  2. Americans First says:

    If her contract was paid in full for the time remaining 3 years she should not be able to apply until then.She has that one thing going for her shes BLACK. She is also a raceist, giving contracts to black companys over low bidders, but remember she is BLACK so its alright.This is what happens when you put a black in charge.

  3. papa smurf says:


  4. Veritas says:

    Simple solution is vouchers, vouchers vouchers!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Another Anonymous says:

    My paystub has UIB taken out, so my co-workers and I are paying into our Unemployment Benefits. My question is: If we are paying for part of our Unemployment Benefits, and if the company contests it if we file, don’t we at least get what WE put in from our paychecks?

  6. Steve PA says:

    Typical liberal academia elite. They are entitled to your money, the taxpayer, even if they inherit a million dollars already from the taxpayer in a buyiout. She should be ashamed. But liberals are never ashamed to take your money by force and spend it as they wish. They just don’t want businesses to be successful amd make a profit. Better to all be dependent on the government. Perhaps Ackerman should do us all a favor and move to Europe. This crime is normal there.

    1. Jim Krow says:

      I would rather see her move to Liberia, where the black “elite” loot and pilfer everything they get their hands on. She would fit in perfect!

  7. Chicago Nick says:

    Only ONE word suffices to describe such a money grubbin’ teacher’s union slug who’s already on the public’s payroll til the end of her time on a pension that supersedes the average American’s take home pay over the course of their WORKING lifetimes but I won’t print it here out of respect for the down to earth hard working members of that community out there of which there are many, Like Herman Cain who the left excoriate for leaving the dem plantation of the new millennium AKA the Democratic Party.

    And this kind of double dipping and outright fraud against the American people from public sector employees and elected officials for decades now are the SOLE REASON AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN CITIES AND TOWNS ARE BANKRUPT.

    THE ONLY REASON in most cases, that being these well known money grubbing over bloated Public Unions which our founders abhorred (not private industry unions) that have elected officials who’ve guaranteed them all benefits fit for a King and queen which our founders actually came here to escape ironically enough.

    1. Reanna Joy says:

      I echo Susan G’s statement- What a greedy pig.

    2. anonymous says:

      No one is aware of the fact that before she went to Philly she got a huge payout from the same position in San Francisco. Sounds like a rackett to me.

    3. SIG says:

      Take time to understand the situation before posting inane comments. She is an administrator… meaning part of management Therefore she is not part of the Teachers union.

      Secondly, the real story is why they have pushed her out. She went toe to toe, with the Mayor, Leaders of the Democrat Party and the Teachers Union. She has an aggressive management style, that says my way or the highway. but she was brought in to reform the schools… and grades have improved, test scores have improved, and violence is down. . But she also has gone after the procurement system where some of the $2B of funds are doled out to vendors by the school district. When she was in San Francisco, she uncovered over $50M worth of fraud, and brought in the FBI to investigate.

      The bottom line she didn’t play the political game that they wanted her to play, she didn’t back down on her reforms…. and the powers to be felt threatened. And they have ousted her.

      In a system of incompetence, and inefficiency she was a beacon. But she was to bright for many….. and they saw their cushy world crumbling… so they got rid of her.

      And for that she was given a buyout …. because they broke her Employment Contract. Drawing unemployment may not be the wisest decision, but I am sure she is fuming over the way they ousted her. And she is taking one final jab.

  8. Susan G. says:

    What a pig

  9. Anonymous says:

    These public sector employees who view the taxpayers as an open pocketbook are shameful. Unfortunately, many of the teachers unions and others in public education have a similar attitude – get what you can. This is the Eason so many states and cities are in such dire straits…

  10. djw663 says:

    This sounds like the guy who won millions of dollars in the lottery and did not have to give up his welfare benefits. Gotta love the mentality of these Liberals. NOT.

  11. Bart says:

    Shameless… oh the shame

  12. Trajan Long says:

    Liberalism has been the death of our public school system, the most expensive on earth and yet ranked 37th of industrialized nations. This what happens when liberals gain control of ANYTHING, they destroy it.

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      Abso freakin lutely Trajan……And most of all bringing the near outright overall fiscal death and downfall of the entire west to the glee of our commie and Muslim enemies around the world I might add sir whom these leftists of America have aligned themselves with all over the nation. The very same who initiated these sickening OWS protests using the not educated well enough kids of today as their willing and often unwitting pawns as usual…..;(

    2. SIG says:

      The amusing part is she was fighting against the liberal establishment… and they won. She was the reformer… calling those in power to the mat. But you read this little blurb, and you think you know the whole story.

  13. What_A_Witch says:

    I hope this greedy cow dies a slow agonizing death from cancer.

  14. Rormg says:

    Why the hell was she ran off?

  15. Tim says:

    The issue isn’t that she is collecting unemployment. She is entitled to unemployment because she is unemployed. The issue is why would they agree to pay her a $905,000 buyout? There’s something corrupt in government if a school administrator is entitled to a million dollar buyout, regardless of how long she was there.

    1. SIG says:

      They paid it because she had a 5 year contract, and they have no terms to get rid of her. They want her out, because they are not comfortable with her management style. She went head to head with the Mayor, and the leaders in the Democrat Party. She has upset those in power…. and they are willing to pay to get her out. They stand to lose tons of money if she keeps up her agenda. She came into SF School District, and uncovered $50M of fraud. She changed the whole procurement structure. A system where the school district doles out $2B worth of funds to contracts. There is a lot of money in play here, and those with the most to lose didn’t like her reformist actions.

  16. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    To use the old Clinton standard, it is legal, therefore it is righteous.

  17. JWS says:

    When I received severance, I had to wait for it to run out before claiming a check ( got a job before I had to collect one, though! ). The way I see it, she should have to wait at least 30 years before claiming a check.

  18. A says:

    First, she badly mismanaged the San Francisco Unified School District, from where she too fled with a huge pay out, to land this job in Philly, before scamming it. The ease these phony “experts” are allowed to climb in the government is astonishing!

  19. McGruff says:

    All government support programs should be means tested.

    If you are poor and destitute … you need support.

    If you have a million dollars in the bank … you do not need support.

  20. KickTheKenyanOut2012 says:

    Barack Hussein Obama’s partner in education…

  21. don says:

    Guess I should file for unemployment in my state since I am retired and unemployed!

  22. Mad White Boy says:

    The reason she files for unemployement is she is BLACK. They still hold on to the crutch that the Governement owens them everything. Get Over It. You have money. I hope you are denied benifits. Shame on you. You should invest in a weight control program.

    1. swissik says:

      Just what I was going to say too.
      All you have to do is look at the picture and you recognize the “gimme, gimme, gimme” attitude immediately. Reminds me of Carol Mosely-Brown, remember her? Took full advantage of the taxpayers after she became (a short time) senator. Reminds me of Michelle O. as well, abusing her current position, so classless. But someone did say you can put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig.

      1. Capt. Obvious says:

        Typical black behavior. The country will never be right until we flush the toilet on these parasites.

    2. SIG says:

      You are an pathetic fool.

  23. Donna Lauria says:

    It is her money; HOWEVER, anyone who gets fired or accepts a mutual termination of employment should never be permitted to collect unemployment compensation benefits.

    Besides which – she is greedy. She is set for life with money. There are so m any people in this country who are denied benefits who should actually be permitted to collect. I don’t think she should get the benefits. SHAME ON THE SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR NOT INSERTING A CLAUSE IN HER TERMINATION CONTRACT.

  24. Kim says:

    So she has a Doctorate….wonder where THAT came from….FAMU??

    1. swissik says:

      Doctorates in education are fancy but meaningless, same is true for doctorates in sociology. Easiest degrees to obtain and usually for those that are unable to hack a tough curriculum.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        I beg to differ. I recall one Dr. William Cosby Jr. D eD. for whom I have a great deal of respect.

    2. anon513 says:

      Corned Beef Academy!!

  25. The RealKingMax says:

    Look at the situation this way:

    The school system got this underachiever off the payroll. For what she was drawing for what she has done, unemployment is chump change compared to the savings the schools will achieve after she’s gone.

    Da cost of doin’ bizness.

    1. SIG says:

      If you knew the whole story you would realize the school district got her out because she was doing to good of a job. She was investigating the procurement process…. which hits home to a lot of big money contracts. She saved $50M in San Francisco when she brought in the FBI to investigated vendor fraud under the previous regime.

      She went head to head with the Progressive SF School Board, until they finally made her life so miserable that she left. She went up against the teachers Union… she called out Parents for not being absentee.

      Not sure where you get the underachiever part from…. this is why everything is a mess. the people that try to make a difference are stopped at every corner… and the public believes everything they hear.

      The Test Scores Improved, Grades Improved, Violence Was down… the deficit did grow… but that has more to do with the general economic state all schools are in. She was going to make some changes how the $2B School Budget was handed out… and those with the most skin in the game didn’t feel comfortable whit this.

  26. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

    It’s MY MONEY and I NEED IT NOW!!!!!!

    1. james says:

      It was your money. And they are going to be taking alot more of it in the future. The people in Philly deserve everything and more of what happens there.

    2. Jim Krow says:

      Gibs me dat!

  27. glenp says:

    I could get all racial and say something about overpaid underqualified illiterate gubmint employess (not workers) but IT IS HER MONEY

    1. redhod says:

      People like her are the same people who want to steal the money earned by , bankers, wall streeters, and other PRIVATE sector employees.. gotta love these hypicrites with double standards.

  28. glenp says:

    it’s HER MONEY the GOVT forces employers to pay into the fund for every employee I would take the money too IT’S MINE IT WAS PAID TO THE GOVT FUND FOR ME WHEN I AM UNEMPLOYED

    1. freecheese says:

      Here we go again, Philly In the national news every day — and not for good reasons, and It it ALWAYS involves blacks !

    2. michele says:

      When you say government, what you mean is people who work in the private sector. Government employees and union workers are bankrupting this country with huge benefits and lalaries.

  29. Matt says:

    If Unemployment is an “Insurance” product, shouldn’t I have the choice to opt out if I do not want coverage? That way, I could use the difference to fund my own savings account rather than rely on government bureaucrats to provide me with a handout on a weekly basis. But no, government forces me by the power of law to participate in this scam.

    Unemployment “Insurance” is just another government welfare program that is horribly inefficient and ineffective–following the glowing legacy of other government “insurance” programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    1. krp says:

      Not really, The “rates” that are paid are based no a companies “claim” rate. If you are with a company long term, and many of the employees are with the company long term, then the rates are really very small, and it would not be that significant for your personal saving account.

  30. Jimbo says:

    Now THAT”S what the 1% looks like: fatty sucking off the public’s teat. Let’s go Occupy her front lawn…jus until she pays her “fair share.”

  31. borntobepolitical says:

    They laid off 120 cops, ever wonder where the money went to pay their salaries?

  32. Mike G says:

    A black bureaucrat who does not need the money who wants to keep sucking at the public teat? I am shocked! Shocked I say! (please note the sarcasm)

  33. Rita Ippolito says:

    INFURIATING… INSANITY… the taxpayers get it coming and going… first we have to buty out this incompetent with an insane amount of money, then we get to pay her even more money to pour salt into the wound. Where is the common sense? Where is the integrity?

    ladies and gentlemen – this is what you get with and entitlement society run amok… unless we change course soon – its ALL OVER

  34. Paul says:

    This must end. Learn to fight back at

  35. feelyungfer myage says:

    120 policemen just for one public school district? Sounds like there may be a bigger problem in this community than just the occasional pig at the feeder.
    Try condoms for Christ’s sake.

  36. Hollywood HIck says:

    Ten bucks she has a bogus handicap sticker in her car.

    1. Tax Payer says:


    2. capoprimo says:

      No bet, it’s tough hauling the weight of all tha “mula” around!

      1. jim says:

        Forty acres and a mule is looking pretty cheap right about now.

    3. nilochsaloob says:

      No takers….

      I bet she has that hanging in her rear view mirror.

  37. ablecynic says:

    Cities make bad choices and the aftereffects last for years. It will be hard to get any increase in the Philly school budget for years because of this woman and the failure of the School Board when they hired her. It is fairly clear to anyone who isn’t blinded by the PC Police searchlights that there are lots of black school administrators out there who know how to play the violin strings of a minority inner city school district school board and get hired, only to show that they are utterly incompetent. We just got rid of one in Atlanta and she walked with hundreds of thousands of dollars after creating the largest professional cheating scandal in Georgi School history. There are probably hundreds of honest, competent school administrators who could help with the Philadelphia Schools but will never get the chance because they are white. Just watch, the school board will go right down this path again with another Affirmative Action School Superintendent and the game will start again.

    1. Yirmin Snipe says:

      The real problem is that school boards don’t reflect the views of the people, because few people vote for these elections the school boards tend to cater to one block that does turn out. The teachers.

      Then when you look at how most states require school administrators to be have special credential to hold the position, which can only be gained by being a teacher for a set number of years… you have a system that is designed to fail.

      If you want better schools you have to re-invent the system.

      This can’t be done by tweaking the current system, it requires a complete overhaul. Best accomplished by privatizing schools and charging parents tuition for students. What better way to insure mom and dad get involved than making them pay directly for the education… do you think any parent would ignore problems if they knew little Leon was going to have to go another year and cost the parents tuition for an extra year?

      1. Hadenuff says:

        Very true. What needs to be accomplished is to have a business person as head of the school board with a chairperson on education committees and business people running the show. A strict set of tasks, milestones and measurable accomplishments will keep things in check.

  38. dr of many things says:

    “Entitlement creep” extends into the upper brackets! At least she could blow the money on cars, clothes, and bling before shamelessly applying for unemployment compensation.

  39. JonInVa says:

    Typical liberal, bottom feeding pig. It’s always about the money with these people, especially the unionized, and never about what’s right or wrong. Just what they feel they deserve, for whatever whacky reason they make up in their heads.

    1. desilu says:

      The people in the districk need to find out where she lives and protest in fromt of her home!! Bring that big inflatable union Rat and park it in front of her house along with bullhourns and protest signs like those union creeps did during the Verizon strike. Embarras and shame this POS!

      1. SIG says:

        Idiot she is not part of the union… she is an administrator, And she went head to head with the Union… and they were part of the group that wanted her out.

  40. Sammy says:

    Well Obamna did say he would pay their car notes and house notes according to the voters in the inner cities.

  41. montanamike says:

    Looks like a big fat tic, gorged with the blood of taxpayers.

  42. Joe Lucido says:

    Work that system baby!

    Is anybody really surprised at this. This is the liberal way. There is no shame on her part, she feels no remorse, no sense of this is just not the right thing to do. Never in a million years would she feel that this is not going to look good, or that she would be made out to look like a pig, nor does she care.

    She is entitled man, and she is gonna get her some. Work that system baby, milk it for all it’s worth.

    She was not smart enough to begin with to be a superintendent of any school.

    1. Jon R. says:

      Go get ’em Joe!!!!! First to Fight!!!!!!

  43. Big tom says:

    Another minority Democrat entitlement pig with no shame.

    1. SIG says:

      another idiot that takes everything at face value… Tom do some research. You might find out that those that are pushing her out are the real pigs… and she was a threat to them.

  44. BettyO says:

    Uhm… get some more from that Obama stash!

  45. Oracle says:

    More affirmative action at work.

  46. Jim says:

    This POS belongs in a cage.

  47. bob says:

    I’ll bet she didn’t pay for that bottle of water either.

    1. Martin Schumacher says:

      Of course not. That’s the governments job to pay for the water,and everything else in this union hacks life. Unions are destroying our country.

  48. TexasForever says:

    Here is your typical NEA and teacher’s union nut job.
    Ron Paul is correct when he says as president he would first abolish the department of Education and revamp the whole education system.
    This process as never worked since its inception back in the 1970’s.
    American kids rank near the bottom of all academic rankings yet teachers and adminsitrators’ salaries continue to grow every year.

    1. Matt says:

      It is happening in the colleges too. They can bring costs down, but they can give a football coach 44 Mil for seven years.

      1. krp says:

        They get a lot of money off of revenue from televised games, radio broadcasts etc. Plus advertisers that buy ad in their programs etc The Athletic departments are part of the markketing of the team. The footbal coach’ salary is a bargain, and brings in a lot of income as well.

  49. JimB says:

    Whatever happened to ‘IT’S FOR THE KIDS’?

    Teachers here in Wisconsin have proven over and over that they couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the kids beyond confiscating their future incomes thru union forced bargaining which results in higher taxes to continue filling the public hog trough.

  50. Steve Bryan says:

    Once again our government officials fail to make laws that help those we expect to be helped but hook up those with influence. Isn’t it time we rid the system of these republicans and democrats that put the party and their contributors at the head of the line.

  51. Bill Mattingly says:

    Another ENTITLEMENT PIG at the HOG TROUGH !!!!!! Ain’t getting TAX DOLLARS GREAT !!!!!!!

  52. Old_Boy_Ntwk says:

    It’s April’s Fool Day right? Right?

  53. Sunnyr says:


  54. Everybody's Hometown says:

    My employer only had to contest my unemployment and the great state of PA decided that eating wasn’t necessary for heterosexual white males under the age of 40. The burdent then was on me, not to receive additional benefits, but to beg to not have to pay back the month of benefits that were approved by the UC board.

  55. bob says:

    For those of you that say the employee does not pay into Unemployment think about this. If the employer was not required to pay this then it could be given to the employee as part of their compensation. The employee is actually funding it through the employer by not getting paid that as part of their compensation.

    1. Scott says:

      Good lord Bob – you really have this backwards. Its a cost of doing business. Its charged to the employer. If I, as an employer, didnt pay this, I could just as easily buy a piece of equipment, give myself a bonus, or spend it on flowers for the office., lol. How you have constructed such a thought that is part of an employee’s compensation defies logic.

      1. Real Rick says:

        C’mon Scott, he’s to ignorant to have logic.

      2. bob says:

        Very true, what was I thinking! What business owner in their right mind would ever want to give a little back to the employees that made them successful. Employees are just a cost of doing business, numbers on a spreadsheet.

        THIS is what is wrong with this country today.

      3. krp says:

        Scot, are you an emploter? Do you really know what you are talking about? When an employer takes on an employee, he budgets that employee’;s cost into the cost of hiring that employee. The rate that he actually pays the employee it what is left over after everything else it paid off. If unemployment cost was not paid., then there would be that much left over to pay the employee.

    2. SIG says:

      Bob and Scott you are both right. I sat in many year end bonus meetings where we discussed my next contract…. the old line that employee benefits are rising, so I am getting paid more…. just not on the check was mentioned. It’s definitely an argument Companies likes to use.

      But Scott is telling the real truth. If I as a business owner budget so much for labor costs, and I have a savings I am not passing that along. (Maybe some of it for goodwill). But for the most part, it will go to cover something else.

      krp…. your point is valid, but I doubt highly practiced.

  56. Teacher/rider says:

    No surprize-I had 2 ASU grads who could not read or write intelligently protest my hiring as their supervisor on my qualifications! Their protest was unreadable due spelling/grammar errors! Civil chrges need to be sought to punish her failure-that will end her tax money grab!

  57. Dana says:

    I deal with unemployment daily in my job. Just saying they won’t contest it doesn’t mean she’ll get it. The UI division has eligibility criteria. If she was fired, it will be denied. If it was a “you resign and we won’t contest”, then it will first be denied; she’ll appeal it and then the appeal will not be contested.

    I’m still amazed that U.I. benefits have absolutely nothing to do with need!

  58. Albert says:

    Just a high rent version of the Welfare Queen. Nauseating. If the state gives her this they deserve to rot. Let’s hear it for those glorious unions!!

  59. Rod Miller says:

    WONDER how much that woman weighed when she first got the job?

    Personally, I would like to know how much of that weight came from free school sponsored meals and expense money for seminars, workshops and entertainment.

    1. Veronica Vets says:

      For every ounce on her, there is a failed Philly student as a result of her incompetency. Each taxpayer funded, pre-paid pound represents a dead or incarcerated young person in the near future that attended (at least for a while) a school under her ‘stewardship’.

  60. frank says:

    She HAS to be a democrat!

    1. BCee says:

      Take it to the (‘food’) bank!

    2. orlandorays says:

      Well DUH! This is Philadelphia we’re talking about. The Chicago of the eastern seaboard. You can’t even wipe your butt by yourself, you have to have a union thug do it for you.

  61. Morrigan says:

    It says the school agreed not to contest her UE claim. That pretty much means she gets it, since the only way it’s adjudicated and possibly denied is if the employer won’t go along with your story.

    Looks to me like she was fired for incompetence. That, and laid off for lack of work, are the only two reasons for dismissal that do NOT require adjudication.
    She says she was fired for incompetence, school “does not contest”, bingo, she gots her money.

    1. SIG says:

      No she was not fired for incompetence… if she was they could deny the buyout clause. She was fired because her aggressive management style was a threat to the status quo. She cleaned house in San Francisco before the Progressive school Board went after her. She was going after the procurement process in Philly… which means some sweetheart deals to be lost

      They railroaded her big time…. and it seems everyone is buying the BS Company line.

  62. Jimmie says:

    OK, if she can afford to have an attorney why does she need to file for unemployment benefits?

  63. J says:

    How much you want to bet she’s a huge Obama supporter? Any takers? I didn’t think so.

    1. J_Ruben_Kincaid says:

      No question about it

      1. nicademus says:

        Shes got balls to be asking for unemployment after getting a large payout.

    2. Kip Noxzema says:

      Yeah, she just SCREAMS Democrat. Look at the huge school union payout for her.

      2-1 says she ran a school with Lib policies, too.

      I hope the residents there sent a Merry Christmas card along with their tax bill and check.

      Is there not a better example of why we need to end funding of union teacher pensions?

    3. krp says:

      Looking at her photo, you have a 98% chance of being right. Pretty safe bet.

    4. SIG says:

      If you took time to read before commenting, you would realize that she was actually at war with the Democrats in the Capital, and the Democrat mayor. Not saying that she didn’t vote for Obama… but she was trying to make change and they canned her for it.

  64. Yeziam12 says:

    You can always count on PA to come out with the most outlandish stories…I bet PA is where all the Walmart people photos come from.

  65. Vote Loud says:

    Benevolent liberals!

  66. Arthur Berry says:

    Oh goody, now she will have both the time, and now the funds to campaign for barry obama

  67. Charlie B. says:

    Government elitists take care of their own.

  68. Jebidiah Smith says:

    Smarten up people! Her filing for her unemployment was part of her settlement (agreement) with the school system! Think about it, she settled with the system ONLY if they woul agree not to contest her filing for it. The school settled with her knowing that she would file for it. The amount she will recieve will be $56,727 (99 weeks * $573) which will add $56,727 to the total she recieved as severence. The school didn’t have to pull out an additional $56,727 to pay her, and she looks very unclassy so the school got a win-win with this one. She gets the $56,727 and doesn’t care what anybody thinks because she gets 2 years of paid vacation, or an early retirement. Geez! Looking at the comments is a scathing indictment of our public schools!

    1. Di Versity says:

      Funny. There is no 99 weeks anymore. I’m sure she got it pre-paid. The rest of us are hurting.

    2. Hunsaker says:

      And the students of that school will get what?

    3. smashicus says:

      Where did you get your information? Nowhere in this article does it state that her unemployment claim was part of her $905,000 buyout. Just because as part of her seperation agreement the School Reform Commision agreed to not contest any unemployment claim she might file does not mean that she wasn’t already paid the $905,000. Unless you are referencing some information from outside this article, you are the one lacking in comprehension.

  69. Eric Blankenburg says:

    Leftists love to dream about a fantasy regarding the 99% against the 1%.

    The reality is about the 55% who WORK for a living against the 45% who VOTE for their living.

    There are “poor”, “middle class”, and “rich” people on both sides.

    I’m one of the 55% — the people who pay all of the bills…

    I am not happy and I vote…

    1. hunsaker says:

      When you vote in 2012, please no more democrats – none.

  70. Sharp Shtik says:

    Greedy, covetous socialists and communists d/b/a Democrats run government like organized criminals, including special treatment for Democrat unions. That’s the only way lazy, incompetent, stupid, worthless people (i.e. Democrats) can get rich, i.e., by stealing money from taxpayers and giving it to themselves in “legal” theft. Democrats vote for Democrats to steal ever more for them to supplement what they already steal for themselves. Democrats are Americans’ worst enemy.

  71. svede says:

    The question isn’t whether she is entitled but if she should. Those with an entitlement “mentality” like her think so. Logic, conscience and real fairness would say no.

  72. Bill says:

    do you think she is a republican or democrat??

    1. vicki says:

      A democrat who voted for Obama. Too bad they gave her a package on the way out the door, they should have just fired her.

  73. John A says:

    If she not working the rules say she’s entitled.

  74. Databyter says:

    It is an insurance, not a welfare program.
    Both the employee and the Employer pay into it on the EMPLOYEE’s behalf.

    It is hers to claim if she decided to do so.

    Her income or bank balance is irrelevant.

    1. smokehouse56 says:

      So are you meathead.

      1. rc says:

        Archie Bunker I presume.

    2. Berenice Bauer says:

      Did payroll for many years and have son with his own business and I can tell you that employees DO NOT pay into unemployment only employers. It is a cost of doing business that is not a write-off.

      1. thussaiththewalrus says:

        Sorry, BB: I did not read your post before posting my response!

        Of course, you are completely, 100% correct!

        Lefties have ZERO facts to match their ridiculous “outrage” and false “righteousness.”

    3. thussaiththewalrus says:


      The “employee” contriubutes ZERO to unemployment!!!!!

      Try FACTS for a change, Databyter!

      (Datachoker is more like it!)

      1. james says:

        I agree.

        Employers pay taxes to the federal and state governments to cover unemployment. Unemployment benefits are issued by the government.

        But when that tax money runs out (Many states applied for Fed assistance the last several years, hence the Extensions). States begin to borrow money to cover the fund deficit from the Federal Govt.

        This is bad for States, since the money has to be repaid. It only makes sense that the states will eventually, either have to raise taxes on businesses to cover the losses, or raise other taxes for everyone, since this affects their total budget.

    4. Di Versity says:

      Databyter wrote:

      >It is an insurance, not a welfare program.Both the employee and the Employer pay into it on the EMPLOYEE’s behalf.<

      Why then, can't anybody in FLORIDA be eligible for the 99 week federal emergency benefitsl after being laid off after 40 years?

    5. James Arthur says:

      The problem is that her settlement included the remaining years on her contract, so theoretically she has collected her salary for the next 3 years in one lump sum. I know she negotiated in her settlement that she could collect unemployment, but that does not make it right. Just because she can does not mean she should. The negotiators failed the taxpayers of Philly and she made sure she squeezed every last drop of blood out of us. This is just another example of how the education system is broken. Government jobs are not supposed to be so profitable. That is not the motivation envisioned by the founding fathers for people to enter public service.

  75. Databyter says:

    I’m a conservative Republican. But I have to say I can’t see the outrage.

    Unemployment insurance is NOT welfare.

    She paid into it and got laid off.

    It is HER money, for insurance SHE paid for and she has it coming.

    The ones who should be outraged about this are not conservatives who understand the concept of getting what you are entitled to, but the socialists who do not beileve in the concept.

    1. sickofnlrb says:

      Actually, SHE did not pay into the system. Unemployment insurance is paid for by the employer. She paid nothing into the system. Obviously you are not a conservative that has ever had to run a business and pay the bills. Might want to check the facts before typing in CAPS.

    2. yarply says:

      Actually. Unemployment benefits comes from the employer and employees do not pay into it at all..

    3. JTK01 says:

      conservative Repulican. Right.

      1. Databyter says:

        Yes, that IS right.

        But I call them the way I see them because unlike some my views are not regurgitated talking points but my own.

    4. Ghostsouls says:

      She was booted out for several reasons, and they reached an agreement like most places do to not have to go to trial. A separation agreement, that is not retirement. “Ackerman has been under pressure for much of her tenure in Philadelphia, over several issues (see previous story): racial violence at South Philadelphia High School, a no-bid contract awarded to a minority firm (see related story), and the whopping budget deficit (see related story).” So she is being rewarded for bad behavior, this is the very reason Unions need to be busted, so teacher and those in the education union can be fired for poor performance. It is costing the taxpayers literally millions for people who are lazy, and should not even have the jobs they hold. We should reward for excellence, not abject failure.

      1. DEAR GHOSTSOULS says:


    5. Nia Di says:

      Heads up, but unemployment insurance is generally paid in full, by the employer. I

      Also, regardless if what she’s attempting to do is legal or not; it shows that she has absolutely no moral integrity, is completely without a sense of ethics and that her value system is thoroughly fouled up.

      About the only thing she seems to possess in abundance, is greed.

      1. Dyler Turden says:

        And body fat.

    6. Andrew P. says:

      I believe in PA (where this story takes place), the Unemployment tax is paid predominantly by the employer (up to $8000 per employee per fiscal year), although the employee does pay 0.9% of his/her paycheck towards it. However, when the state’s UI funds are low (as I’m sure they are given our present economy), the federal government pays into it.

      However, I agree with you. If we as a nation are going to believe in “entitlement rights”, then they must be applied equally. She paid her dues (granted, all 0.9% of them), and she should receive the entitlements.

      People need to keep in mind that UI benefits have never been “need-based”. I too am a conservative. And I too believe that by paying her taxes (local, state, and federal), she paid enough into the system to reap the benefits of it.

      1. TJ says:

        Andrew you are the only one so far who has the tax information correct

    7. OneandDone says:

      So is that the new liberal talking point? Start your sentence with “I’m a conservative Republican”

      I have never paid into unemployment but my employer sure has and the state has to match what my employee pays plus some with all the extensions so honey, get your story straight. Unemployment comes out of TAXPAYERS money!

    8. smokehouse56 says:

      You’re a Republican conservative my butt. Liar.

    9. Sammie Jo says:

      not exactly, she only paid in half, her employer pays the other half, and if you got a severance package, the state divides your normal weekly salary into that money, in weeks, and when you have used up your severance on paper, then you can get an unemployment check.
      For instance, if you get a check for 4 weeks severance, you can’t a check until that severance is used up.
      When you fill out your unemployment app, they ask you if you got any severance and that is deducted from your start time.

    10. John Moser says:

      I think you meant “lifelong Republican”, right? And no, the only people who paid for her “insurance” were the taxpayers.

    11. KansasGirl says:

      If you’re a true conservative I would think you would question why the taxpayers are not represented over the benefits they are forced to pay.

      This woman is a grifter (along with ALL government employees), yet we get the bill.

    12. krp says:

      Well if the settlement included buying her out of the remaining three years on her contract, then technically she is still employed for the next three years and thus ineligible for unemployment benefits.

      1. Hadenuff says:

        Very true. Serious consideration into that needs to be done.

  76. Larz Larzen says:

    I bet she brought along pepper spray so that she wouldn’t be denied.

  77. Gordon Corey says:


  78. Eddie Sweet says:

    Once a trougher, always a trougher. This is pathetic, even for an education bureaucrat.

    1. Chuck U Farley says:

      Well, she needs all the money she can get… she can afford to buy more food….how else is she going to stay that fat? Obesity is a serious problem, and staying that way costs money! You don’t think she just woke up one morning, looked at herself and said “oh, no!”…no, getting and maintaining that bod took time and serious conscientious effort. I would not be surprised if she was collecting food stamps as well. fterall, if you are black and live in Philly, you can get away with anything.

  79. enemyoftheobamastate says:

    A woman of color abusing the system! What a novelty!

  80. Briank says:

    She’s probably 2x dumber than a rock, gets great union pay for who knows how many years and still wants to leach off the private sector. Shocker and very typical.

    1. Jawal says:

      I fear that only a civil war is the only way to stop this run away insanity. The Neo/com’s have ruined the public sector almost on every level. All one has to do is add up the national debt, the lack of will on the part Democrats and local elected officials to roll back spending and we have a recipe for disaster. I am beginning to wonder if the economy is allowed to collapse there might be a chance to reverse the welfare state before it is too late. I would rather be poor and free than a slave working my remaining years to feed,clothe and house others. That is immoral. Liberals have lost all sense of balance and common sense. You cannot have a decent discussion with a lib before they call you a bigot for disagreeing with them.

      1. Attila The Hun says:

        Civil war is correct. Whether we want it or not. Predictable as hot weather in summer breeds bad storm.

      2. Andrew P. says:

        A civil war huh? That’s what you think.. Just because Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” doesnt mean we should be advocating violence. In any case, it probably wouldn’t help. What we need is compromise, not conflict. Partisanship is what is destroying us. Of course the Dems and the GOP wont always agree. They need to compromise to ensure lasting results. A “super-committee” is not an example of compromise.

        I’m sure I agree with you on many subjects in the political arena, but to advocate a “civil war” is reckless. Lives will be lost, and it’s doubtful that the change will be for the better.

      3. DEAR ANDREW P says:


        OF THE POT ”

        NAME SANE ????? HH

      4. Attila The Hun says:

        Let me add, Jawal, your comment is a thoughtful comment.Like you, I would rather march across a snake infested swamp in 100 degree weather fighting for a cause for a thousand years if it honors God’s wishes. Keep up the commentary.I would rather be a slave and get to Heaven than be a gangsta with riches than go to Hell.



      6. krp says:

        Problem is, the people of this country don’t have the stomach or the cojones for a civil war. They talk a big game and say “Wait till November” and think they can get victory at the ballot box, but losing elections doesn’t phase the liberals. The people are too fond of their iPhones and their flat screen TVs to really do what is necessary.

    2. Pat says:

      administrators are not part of the union

  81. Sheeza Wun-Pursentar says:

    She’s a little short this month.

    Hey, buddy! Can ya spare a dime?

  82. Massimo Deportado says:

    Another democrat in good standing.

  83. nortonburgess says:

    Those that can’t – teach.

    And when they really suck at their job then they get paid to leave.

    1. Pat says:

      she wasn’t a teacher.

    2. Andrew P. says:

      believe it or not, school systems employ more than just teachers..

      1. Di Versity says:

        Andrew P. said:

        “believe it or not, school systems employ more than just teachers.”

        I agree. In most large districts, Dr. Ackerman. types are so numerous that it is mentally vomitous, criminal! and thank GOD the economy is shrinking so the world knows who they are!

        The 99% ONE percenters!

  84. perseus317 says:

    What is needed is for people to store this story away, and then publish it over all web pages the next time there are contract negotiations between the city and the teachers and administrators in its schools. We continue to throw money at schools and teachers, but there is no improvement in the educational level of our students. Money is not the answer. Accountability and alternatives (by way of vouchers) are much more effective ways of improving education.

    1. Jared Synd says:

      Could it be dumb parents? Not enough money in the world to help out with that….

      1. OneandDone says:

        Sorry but you can’t blame the failing school system in this country on parents! Can you sit there and say that parents across the world are better than parents here? NO! There are bad parents everywhere in the world and yet the US teachers still can’t teach!! US – worst educated students of all civilized countries!

    2. Pat says:

      she is/was not a teacher.
      And parents of children who fail the system should be punished.

  85. jnsesq says:

    Seems not all Ghetto Gimme Girls are necessarily 16 year old baby mamas. Class act, “Doctor.” No whut ah’m sayin’, yo?

  86. Michael says:

    Why am I not surprised, a diverse member of this community filing for all she can steal from the hard working taxpayers of this community.

    1. Ellie Light says:

      D E M O C R A T

      President Obama’s slow ride down Gallup’s daily presidential job approval index has finally passed below Jimmy Carter, earning Obama the worst job approval rating of any president at this stage of his term in modern political history.

      Since March, Obama’s job approval rating has hovered above Carter’s, considered among the 20th century’s worst presidents, but today Obama’s punctured Carter’s dismal job approval line. On their comparison chart, Gallup put Obama’s job approval rating at 43 percent compared to Carter’s 51 percent.

  87. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Democrats are adept at turning American civilization into a string of Thrid World dumps, all across the frkn map.

  88. MichMike says:

    Likely making a couple of hundred grand as salary along with car and many other benefits. This is our future. Amazing how the educated class can tolerate this bs in their midst. Sickening and for sure she is not embarrassed.

  89. Jose Arciniega says:

    I’m not sure why anyone is surprised. This is the natural result when liberalism and union power are uncontrolled.

    1. SIG says:

      Idiot… she fought the Teachers Union. They were part of the group that wanted her out!

  90. Carolyn says:

    I am sure GUTTY Ackerman filed for unemployment compensation since she probably invested the buyout monies, that the city taxpayers were suckered out of !!!

  91. sean patriot says:


  92. Run Twentysixmi says:

    Not hard to believe at all!!! Philadelphia is just one more failing, bankrupt, big city that has been run into the ground by corrupt big government, tax, and spend Democrats!!! These people are not only corrupt, they are the most incompetent idiots imaginable!!!
    They enrich themselves, prop up their union friends, while letting the schools become dangerous, rundown failures that doom generations!!!!
    Our country is doomed!!!!

  93. Mary says:

    This is a disgusting person. She is a selfish B—H!

  94. Tony Sailor says:

    I would do it. I make almost six figured right now, and when I leave my current employment I’ll have free medical for life. But when I choose to leave my current job, sometime next year, I might file for it also unless I choose to work. Most people in my field tyically make close to six figures on thier 2nd job, but I might decide to take some time off. If the law allows it, I’ll do it.

    1. TonySails toy boats in his bathtub says:

      Obama voter huh? Gimeee gimmeeee, gimeeee.

    2. John Onenut says:

      The law does *not* allow it. If you choose to leave your job, you are not eligible. If you are taking time off and not actively looking for a job, you are not eligible.

    3. Jay says:

      Who is going to give you free medical coverage for life? Smells bogus to me.

      1. Julius Vernon says:

        Actually a lot of government employees or union workers get that benefit. Pathetic that we should be flipping the bill for that.

    4. Julius Vernon says:

      You dope. You can only collect unemployment if you were terminated, not for quitting.

      1. Tom ONeill says:

        You mean laid off.Not terminated.

  95. Tom ONeill says:

    And she waited until Obama submitted a bill to extend benifits for two years. If
    she had applied befor Obama submitted his request,she would only be eligible
    fo 26WKs.

  96. I'm right and you're not says:

    This request shows that she would fit in well on Wall Street.

  97. Kathy P. says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me….this is totally OUTRAGEOUS! And people wonder what Occupy and so many other Americans think of our government, both federal and local, who write the policies and laws that allow this stuff to happen?

  98. harkin says:

    Liberalism in a nutshell, stick it totaxpayers repeatedly.

  99. LostGirl says:

    This is beyond disgusting. And it can’t be contested? Oh, I’m sorry, but there is soooo much entitlement attitude going on here. How many Philadelphians don’t even have jobs? A coworker had a perfect suggestion: Occupy Philadelphia should go occupy in front of her house. Greed to the nth degree!!


  100. Raymond A. Collier says:

    Files for Unemployment after receiving $905,000.00 buyout? Fricken Incredible!!!!! Have to admit, she’s got Chutzpah! Now, DENY THE REQUEST FOR UNEMPLOYMENT!!!!!! Find another line of work!

  101. Frank says:


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