Some Occupy Philly Protesters Prepare To Relocate, Others Prepare To Fight For Rights

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Today at 5 p.m., Occupy Philadelphia will have to move all of its tents and equipment off of Dilworth Plaza to allow for the construction project on the west side of City Hall to begin.

The Occupy Philadelphia encampment has been on location for almost two months. Now, the group faces eviction by the city. Gwen Snyder of Occupy says people at the tent city are split. She says some plan to stay and be arrested for exercising their first amendment rights there, others will not be arrested and will move. But either way, Snyder says, “Occupy Philly will continue even if the physical occupation at Dilworth does not. There’s talk about doing another physical occupation, whether to explore different tactics and we’re still having those conversations.”

Snyder says the Occupy movement is still young and there is more to come. She says if nothing else, it has raised awareness across the country about the economic gulf between the very rich and what the group calls the other 99 percent.

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio; Jericka Duncan, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Linda says:

    I think we all stopped listening to these loafers long ago.

    1. Wilson Goode says:

      I have a handful of someones feces in my hand and Linda turn your left cheek

  2. T. Williams says:

    Since WHEN do our first amendment rights include occupying an area 24 hours a day, sleeping on the streets, public urin- and defecation, any the host of problems and crimes that Occupy has brought to Philadelphia?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t recall any of those activities as covered in the First Amendment rights. Peaceably assemble, free speech. That’s what I seem to recall that are pertinent to this movement..

    What the Occupy movement is doing is moving WAY beyond free speech and peaceful gatherings.

    Thanks but no thanks, Occupy. I’d just as soon you didn’t speak for the rest of us.

  3. Dave in Doylestown says:

    Look at the headline of this story: “fight for rights”. That tells you the editorial opinion of this station, in the guise of reporting the news

  4. Jim Wilmer says:

    One way of looking at it. But the city would move Dilworth Plaza; if a movie company wanted to use the area.

    1. T. Williams says:

      Movie companies pay huge fees for the rights to film in cities. Likewise, they clean up after themselves and don’t put public health at risk. They know how to use toilets.

    2. Raymond A. Collier says:

      Don’t even try to compare the “Occupy Movement” with a Movie Studio. That’s like trying to compare a Race Horse with a Donkey! Your argument is so lame, Jim. Next time try thinking before You start typing.

  5. Skid Row Bums says:

    Get out the Fire Hoses and give these dirty clowns a bath!

    1. Jon says:

      get one of those pumper trucks that sprays foam and fill it with soap too.

  6. Kim says:

    City should start charging them per day to stay there..see how fast these freeloading whiners get out.

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