It’s Gov Vs. Grover On Gas Drilling Fees

Philadelphia (CBS) – As the state legislature continues its efforts to send him a bill that would impose “impact fees” on natural gas drillers in Pennsylvania, Governor Corbett now finds himself on the wrong side of an anti-tax crusader.

Corbett signed Grover Norquist’s no tax-hike pledge during the campaign for governor. Now Norquist has declared that a natural gas drilling bill passed by the state House does, in fact, include a tax. And the language in the House bill authorizing counties to impose fees on drilling is based largely on the governor’s proposal.

During a recent appearance at the Pennsylvania Press Club in Harrisburg, Corbett disagreed with Norquist’s assessment.

“There are impacts to the community – and the reason I put it on the counties to do it is they’re the ones best suited to determine what all the impacts are… we reserved a portion for the state to deal the state impacts in those communities… but they are impacts and I don’t believe that they are a tax and so I guess we have a difference of opinion.”

House and Senate leaders are attempting to resolve differences between drilling bills passed by each chamber by the end of the year.

Reported By Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio

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  1. grumpy says:

    Who in the h3ll died and left Grover in charge of this country?
    Any politician who signs a pledge to any shady lobbyist should be voted out of office ASAP. The oath of office should be their ONLY pledge.
    Remember this in the 2012 election!

    1. Another Jean says:

      I absolutely agree with grumpy!

      1. Mother Nature says:


    2. Nostromo says:

      Emasculated politicians; those that formerly thought with their test-i-cles, that’s who.

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