PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It makes sense that we eat a lot at Thanksgiving because the idea of this holiday from the start was to celebrate and share the harvest. Back in the 1620’s, food was much more precious to people; it wasn’t flown in from around the world and fast food meant picking an apple off a tree in season – you couldn’t drive up to a window and stuff a sandwich in your mouth. It took serious effort each day to get and prepare every meal, and much of that food you had to forage, fish and hunt for, or grow yourself.

So the time after the harvest was understandably a moment to take stock of what food you had, give thanks, and hope it would be enough to last the winter. It was also a time to look ahead and hope that the coming spring wouldn’t be too wet for planting, summer wouldn’t be too dry, that all the plants would thrive, and that the fall frost would hold off until it could all be enjoyed. Pretty much what most gardeners still hope for each year.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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