By Chris Stigall

5:41-Chris talks about Obamacare being brought to the Supreme Court.

5:54-Sandusky insists that he is innocent.

6:11- Chris talks about Cain’s answer on Libya.

131271446 Stigall Show Log 11.15.11

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

6:25-Chris discusses Vick playing almost a full game while injured.

6:40- Chris talks about how some stores are changing their plans for Thanksgiving.

7:41-Fox News Analyst, Lis Weil comes on and talks about how McQueary said yesterday.

8:11- Chris Matthews talks with Chris about his new book on Jack Kennedy.

8:40- Chris talks about what happened at Occupy Wall Street last night.

8:52- P.J O’Rourke talks about his new book and Occupy Wall Street with Chris.


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