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Occupy Philly Reacts To Occupy Wall Street Raid

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Occupy protest that started it all was raided early Tuesday morning. Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park cleared of the Occupy Wall Street tent city that had called it home for the past two months.

The raid started at 1:30 a.m. and about 70 people were arrested, catching the protesters completely off-guard. That raid comes the same day the city permit for Occupy Philadelphia expires.

Word spread through the Occupy Philly camp, of the Occupy Wall Street raid, with some members even heading up to New York to show support.

Zack Brady, a member of Occupy Philly, says he thinks, rather than raiding the tent cities, officials and politicians would be better served opening a dialogue.

“Everywhere it’s been shown pretty clearly, that anytime they sweep people from one place they reassemble somewhere else. It’s going on all over the entire world,” Bradley said.

As for the permit for Occupy Philly expiring and the city’s request for protesters to relocate to allow a long-planned construction project to begin, Brady says, he will not move because the city asks. He says for him this is an act of civil disobedience. However, he says he would move if a labor union came and made the request.

“We don’t want anyone to not work, we just don’t want to bend to City Hall,” Brady said.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Sheepleherder says:

    How can you have a “dialogue” when one side doesn’t have anyone to have a dialogue with?? If there are 50 protesters than there are 50 demands and no two of them will agree that one of them will speak for the others! That’s not a political “movement” that’s a bowel one.

  2. Jojhn Doe says:

    Enough ! Permit has expired and so should the taxpayers; charity. No porta-potties, no electricity. New York moved them out of Zuccotti Park and said they can go back but without tents, heaters, etc. Nutter and Ramsey need to get a backbone and enforce the law and clear them out. Unions are laughing at them and using them for their own causes (ARAMark) so they dont get their hands dirty.
    What kind of protestors demand porta-potties and electricty to protest the very ones that supply it ? Bunch of spoiled ignorant brats.

  3. Samuel A. Maffei says:

    They “Occupiers” need to watch things like “60 minutes” and realize that the politicians they adore are taking massive legal payoffs that allow businesses to run the government. Their focus is mislaid and the intention is anarchy.

    1. bryan says:

      politicians they adore??? have you been to occupy philly?

  4. change the attitude says:

    SElf absorbed dirtballs lost in liberal hype,cure the world, peace love and bobby sherman. So whats the point , whats the cure, whats rich, what is 1%, JUST WALL
    STREET gets labeled? What causes are they sponsered by? Who are we allowed to support and not support? Is it the mayors fault? Was it ronald reagan, the military, jesse jackson,michael jackson, the CAtholic Church. Sick of the baloney.
    Bring out the fire hoses and fine them for theclean up costs and police ot costs.

  5. Be constructive not destructive says:

    I hope they bring out the fire hoses! Enough is enough, you made your point,go home. Loud mouth and not wanting to listen,is jerky behavior. You are spending money the city doesn’t have, your point is now so diluted with all the usual liberal
    common cause messages intertwined into your original message. They lack focus,and direction. They would have done better to focus on helping the city,clean up the city, spend their donations feed hungry homeless people, They just want there 7 seconds of fame so they can glorify themselves and tell people what marters they are. Self -absorbed ranting lunatics!

    1. rifleman1234 says:

      yeah! i been calling for water cannons for weeks!

  6. TT says:

    These wanna be hippies are costing us tax payers money; go home, come out on the weekend with signs.. Make fun of the “Tea-Party” that didn’t cost us aanything…

    1. TJ says:

      The Tea Party have a voice in government and did not destroy public property. These people are pigs. Actually Pigs are very clean animals… that would be an insult

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