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3 On Your Side: Wal-Mart Gift Shortchanges On Returns

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With just a little more than a week to go, the holiday shopping season will soon upon us. But as you’re making your lists and checking them twice, 3 On Your Side finds that one big retailer has a big problem on its hands.

Wal-Mart customers may be getting shortchanged when making returns, and most don’t even know its happening. Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan first exposed the problem last spring and despite assurances from Wal-Mart that the problem would be fixed, it’s still going on.

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  1. heather says:

    i agree with lucy but at the same time, walmart isnt registered in pa either…check into the delaware loophole. it hurs all unions in pa

  2. Jesse says:

    Why is it that everyone is always picking on Walmart? Just because they’re the number 1 retailer? Let’s not forget that Walmart makes it possible for a lot of people to even afford to have a good Chritsmas and also support their family. Gift Reciepts aren’t meant to have prices on them for a reason, they’re there as a tool for people to be able to return items that they get duplicates of or possibly items they just dont care for…and yes the item is going to ring up as whatever the price currently is at that Walmart you go to do the return at but if you really think that it isn’t the price that was paid for the item all customers have to do is bring in the original reciept or even have Walmart look their reciept up…not a big deal but once again the media is making a big deal about Walmart again…Walmart gives a lot back to their communitys and donates tons of money to good causes yet they’re being accused of cheating customers? I can assure you it wouldnt be on purpose…accidents happen, and I’m sure if people brought any pricing error to their attention they would be more than glad to fix it..How about we cover about how alot of my local Walmarts just raised a lot of money and participated in the relay for life?? Of course not because why would we hear about the good stuff?? .So I will continue to shop at Walmart….Save Money, Live better, WALMART! :-)

    1. David says:

      Clearly you either work for Walmart, own stock in Walmart or have some deeper connection to the store. This is a BIG problem not a singular “accident” as you stated, and CBS was bringing it to the attention of their consumers. Yet, somehow you take this personally and defend the daylights out a an illegal practice. Geez.

      1. anon513 says:

        LMAO You’re on the square with that one.

    2. Slick says:

      Wow, you must be an excellent employee as your are surley cheering for your team! Bottom line is we are talking about money and who in their right mind is just going to say oh Walmart made a mistake on a price but they can have the difference! Please, people work hard and need every penny they can get, no matter how much cheaper Walmart is or what donations they give.

      What they are doing is stealing from the consumers!

  3. Sue says:

    I know Walmart is cheating customers. I was cheated on my returns and now I purchased soda and was charged $5.98 for 6 pack of cola and the price was $3.98. I was glad I checked my receipt when I got home and found the error. It may have been 2.00 for for each one but that was my money.

    1. grumpy says:

      That’s how the rich keep getting richer……at our expense.

  4. Lucy says:


    Walmart’s not the only store that does the gift receipt shortage. Checkout Target & Kohls, they have the same practice.

    1. jimdonovancbs3 says:

      Lucy, we did check other retailers and couldn’t duplicate the problem found at Wal-Mart. Jim D

      1. Ben says:

        My wife and I tried to return a Crock pot a few weeks ago and Target tried to give us $13 stating that the item was on clearance. Feel free to join us and we can try to re-return it as we decided to hold on to it for the time being instead of accepting thier $13 in store credit.

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