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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A healthy cat will have a well-groomed, clean, soft, shiny coat. If your cat’s fur is dull, dirty, dingy, matted, dry or oily, he or she may be ill and in need of extra attention. All cats need to be brushed, but overall a healthy cat will tend to their own needs of grooming and hygiene. When a cat starts to neglect this all-important habit, it could be an outward sign of illness and/or stress.

Alternately, a cat who is excessively grooming can also be under some form of stress or anxiety. Take notice of any other changes that may occur as well. Look for any “hot spots” or patchy areas of skin where the fur may possibly be lessened due to excessive licking. This could also indicate skin problems or allergic reactions possibly due to fleas, food or the environment.

Matted fur can pose a health risk as well; it can be very painful and consequently cause problems to the skin. For your cat’s health and safety, don’t attempt to brush or cut out, severe mats should be removed safely by your veterinarian.

Make sure that you’re feeding your cat a healthy diet daily. Proper nutrition makes all the difference in your cat’s overall well being and ultimately creates a healthier coat. Keep a watchful eye on any changes in your cat’s coat and remember along with healthful benefits, proper brushing can also result in quality time together.

Reported By Nan Talleno, KYW Newsradio

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