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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Osteomyelitis is a frightening term and it probably lives up to the fear.

In simplest terms, osteomyelitis is an infection in the bones and usually starts somewhere else in the body or in the blood stream. In adults the symptoms can start out vague: a fever or fatigue and pain in a certain area. There is not always a red hot and infected area as is the case with many infections. It often takes an x-ray, special scans or an MRI for doctors to make the diagnosis.

Treatment is long and requires iv antibiotics.

Before the development of these antibiotics this was a killer and many people had to have infected areas amputated. Today there are still major concerns and the health of patients relies on diagnosis and sustained treatment.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor

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  1. kathy glatts says:

    Had this at age 9 am now 58 my Father allowed Doctors at Philadelphia General Hospital long closed to perform surgery to save my leg, they did Thank God a very long Hospital Stay Had to Learn how to Walk Again and go up and Down Stairs . The wound was never stitched it closed from inside out longer recovery. In all these years this is the first time I am reading anything about this. Once I was in the Hospital and the Doctor treating me for something Non related around 30 years ago asked me to let his interns see my scar. I never knew how this developed and I guess neither did anyone else.

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