Penn State Cancels Paterno’s News Conference

STATE COLLEGE (CBS/AP) — Penn State administrators on Tuesday canceled Joe Paterno’s weekly news conference in the wake of the sex-abuse scandal involving former defensive coach Jerry Sandusky and other PSU officials.

The New York Times is reporting the Board of Trustees is actually planning Paterno’s exit, but an exact timeline of departure was not known.

Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Nelson addressed the media Tuesday regarding the decision to cancel the news conference. “Due to the ongoing legal circumstances centered around the recent allegations and charges, we have determined that today’s press conference cannot be held and will not be rescheduled,” said Nelson.

Complete Coverage Of Sex Abuse Scandal

Paterno’s son Scott told The Associated Press that the decision was made by President Graham Spanier’s office.

Scott said that his father was disappointed and was prepared to take questions about the scandal as well as the upcoming game against Nebraska.

The news conference was to be the first chance for reporters to ask Paterno about what he knew about Jerry Sandusky, his former defensive coordinator and one-time heir apparent, who was indicted on charges of sexually abusing eight boys over 15 years.

Listen to Matt Leon’s interview with Mark Brennan, who was at Penn State when the press conference was canceled…

Authorities have said that Paterno, who testified in the grand jury proceedings that led to the charges, is not a target of the investigation. But the state police commissioner has chastised him and other school officials for not doing enough to try to stop the suspected abuse.

A person familiar with Sandusky’s relationship with Penn State told The Associated Press that the former coach long maintained an office in the East Area Locker building which is across the street from the Penn State football team’s building, and was on campus as recently as week ago working out.

The university’s online director listed Sandusky, whom PSU officials said banned from campus over the weekend—as an assistant professor emeritus of physical education in the Lasch building.

The grand jury investigating Sandusky found that he was given the office, a parking pass and other amenities as part of his 1999 retirement package.

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One Comment

  1. Old Man River says:

    It’s sad to admit but I’m not shocked by any of this. I was a former grad assistant in the sports publicity department at a Midwestern school and it was a known fact that female athletes in our program “did each other” and many female coaches pleasured each other on occasion. The administration knew it and the local press knew it and did nothing. Not the same as this but you get the idea. Weirdos and sickos are everywhere in organized athletics. I was always a fan of Penn State and bought for a long time into how Paterno presumably ran his program. However, it was never as clean as advertised.. Paterno probably did the minimum required in reporting the incident but failed miserably in trying to protect a loyal employee and longtime friend. take it to the bank, there is a blue code mentality that is prevalent in the coaching profession like no other. Coaches with power at any university are subservient to no one. The facts on all this will come come out. Those involved in the incidents and responsible for any cover-up should suffer the maximum consequences. I still like football but realized long ago that any legitimate sports heroes are few and far between. By the way, OSU isn’t the only school that has that tattoo thing going on either.

    1. haywood jablome says:

      thats hot

  2. Trinity says:

    Joe stuck around too long. As a college football fan, i thought he should have been gone 10 years ago. Became a head coach in press box and suffered broken limbs on the sideline. Struck me as putting self above the fans and students in that regard.The accusations bring back the old fashioned word “unspeakable”. We get what we deserve in this life and the next.

  3. Calvin says:

    Football is god at Penn State. That is the only thing that matters. Hopefully they play Saturday’s game and go on believing that nothing really happened (wink, wink).

    Parents, uh, if you have young people at that school, start looking for a transfer. The whole school is going down!

    1. Trinity says:

      Yep, burn down the showers and defumigate the rest of the buildings. Filthy, disgusting stuff. This should be pictured in the dictionary next to the word stigmatized. Ughhhhh. Treat this like a murder case, bright young souls were killed by this “College”

  4. Sue says:

    There is no excuse for someone not taking this public (the grad student, janitor or anyone else). I realize people can make the wrong choice and live in fear for their own personal outcomes, but the ONLY correct moral choice was to protect those that cannot protect themselves (i.e. the children in this case) EVEN if that would have meant the janitor or anyone else would have lost their job.

    1. Alfonso Dupont says:

      Check your privilege, Sue.

      1. Sue says:

        It’s not about privilege. It’s about right vs wrong. If my dream job was in my sight I would absolutely give it up if it meant a child molester was brought to justice where I had worked.

  5. Curly Bill says:

    Well . . . . . . bye!

  6. bob sweda says:

    So they all know that Grandpa Sandusky likes to shower naked in the locker room with little boys, but that’s not enough, the grad student hears the slapping noise of anal rape and catches the defensive pervanator, and on another day the janitor sees the sodomy of another elementary school boy, but that’s not enough either. What part of your fired and the police are on the way are we missing here?

  7. Jack Offelday says:

    I wonder if oddsmakers took the scandal into consideration when making lower-ranked Nebraska a 3 point favorite against 8-1 PSU in “Happy Valley”

  8. Don Meck says:

    I am sicken and sadden by Joe’s actions or lack there of. However, I do not think the football team, students and those who had nothing to do with the scandal should be penalized or trashed. The anger and derogative comments should be focused on Sandusky and those who did nothing help those young boys. Yes, Joe has disappointed me beyond words and needs to step down. But I still stand by the school, the team, the current coaching staff and the students. Again, while this is truly disgusting, it does not mean that PSU is a bad school.

  9. joe says:

    Is part of Penn State recruitment raping little boys? How else can we explain the actions on the part of all these men who did nothing to protect a child? I feel sorry for anyone who is associated with these reprobates. This is JOPA’s moral legacy. A child is raped and he covers it up and remains friends with a child rapist.

  10. John S. says:

    Of course he should resign. The grand jury investigation has been going on for years and the guy is still hanging around campus? Gotta go, Joe. Today, not at the end of the season. Do the only thing that can bring back some portion of your moral credibility – admit a mistake and resign today.

  11. DaveN says:

    Slow down haters. While you are on the sidelines throwing bombs at PSU, let’s not lose sight of the fact that PSU has produced some of the best players the NFL has ever seen. Also, the players at PSU today do not deserve any of the fallout from this sensationalized media circus about a sick, sick, sad old man. As an alumni of this great institution, I direct a collective FU to all you d’bags who are hurling childish barbs at this great university. Go PSU, kick Nebraska in the dirt this weekend!

    1. Greg says:

      Well, I direct a collective FU at the entire sports-worshiping institution of PSU – that clearly put pressure on numerous folks over the years to cover up child rape. The janitor and grad assistant each kept their jobs, and at what cost? Someone comes to me and tells me a member of my staff was doing something “inappropriate” with a child in the bathroom, and the guy reporting it is all shaken up – I don’t just not ask any specifics, and report it to someone else, and then never follow up on it. I ask specifically what happened, and then I call the police – after smacking you on the head and asking why you had not already done so. Adam – below – nails it on the head. Grad assistant calls his dad – and dad’s reaction? Don’t call law enforcement, call the local demigod – and get yourself a nice promotion. Good luck to PSU not only this weekend, but for the next 50 years. We’re done. DONE.

    2. John S. says:

      Dave – that diploma didn’t necessarily confer a higher education, huh? Enjoy your game.

      1. DaveN says:

        Sort of missing my point, John, but your childish insult is right in line with the rest of the drones out here, so mission accomplished, I guess. My point is, I choose not to drag down an entire institution because of the stupidity of a few deranged people. My son is being actively scouted by PSU, and I would not hesitate one second to send him there.

    3. John S. says:

      I for one am not “dragging down the entire university”. I am “dragging down” a football program that needs a thorough housecleaning. Anyone around big time college football knows the players have a sweet deal – they’ll be just fine, as always. Enjoy your game, it seems important to you.

    4. JeffR says:

      Many collegiate football fanatics, or sports fanatics in general, like you would take the same twisted view of this. Boys were raped; scarred for life. And all you think about is the ridiculous football program and its contributions to the NFL? It’s a G-A-M-E! It doesn’t cure cancer! Get your priorities straight!

    5. dave says:

      you are a pretty sad character DaveN. So what you are saying is that as long as some steroid idiot makes millions of dollars playing a kids game, which I can almost guarantee they gave none to you, its okay that the innocence of young children is an acceptable exchange for this. Look at what a disgrace the NFL is today anyway. I hope to god you don’t have kids, because it makes me sick to think what you would trade their innocence for.

    6. Curly Bill says:

      Let me see if understand you correctly: “the fact that PSU has produced some of the best players the NFL has ever seen” excuses the raping of pre-adolescent children?!?!?! Wow! Go PSU!!

  12. May I say says:

    What a disgrace!!! Why is Spanier not charged? He wants to use University money to pay for that 2 a-holes legal fees, are u kidding me? He should be the first one to go. I am so ashamed to be PSU grad. They broke my heart!!

    1. JeffR says:

      Why is Spanier not resigning? Why is he still there?

  13. Can the Big Ten kick PSU out? says:

    Good luck recruiting for the next 3 decades. At least Tressel only covered up free tatoos and gifts. OSU will bounce back, but PSU is cooked. I don’t know how we recover from something like this. Just shows the complete and utter dominance that comes from sports-program worship.

  14. Paul says:

    Joe Paterno reported the incident he was made aware of. It is not his fault the school officials did nothing. I would assume Joe was operating in accordance with, what at one time used to be practiced in this country, Innocent until PROVEN Guilty. I feel horrible for the victims but this is not Salem and this is not the 18th century.

    1. Jack Slap says:

      I agree totally. People rush to judgement and have no clue on any of the details. Its ridiculous.

    2. Fran says:

      Paul, I hope you never have a loved one suffer what these kids went thru but if you did….you’d rue the day you said such a thing.

      1. dku says:

        ‘Would Have… Should Have… could have…’ Give me a break. JoePa reported what was heresay to his superiors about a former employee. Now he is being criminalized as if he did the reprehensible deed himself. If we all reported something on the base of hearsay and rumor, then we would all be looking over our backs. Leave the man alone and stop throwing chum in the water. How come the grad student, now assisaant coach, is getting a pass. He heard and saw what was going on. Instead of knocking Sandusky’s block off, he went to his father. None of us can say what we would do until we are faced with that type of situation…. whether it be first hand or hearsay. How many more lives are going to be ruined? I will always support JoePa with whatever decision is made. He has done great for the university, the sport, and his players. He will always have my respect.

    3. JeffR says:

      “Reported up the chain”? Are you kidding me? That’s good enough? It was criminal behavior that he knew about! No one’s saying Paterno is guilty of anything but moral negligence; that’s enough to cost anyone a job.

  15. Worst scandal since Black Sox says:

    Adam has it right. This is going to be the worst scandal since the rigging of the World Series, and even far more detestable when it comes down to it. PSU may not recover for decades. Might as well get the show on the road. The whole charade was carried out till he got his 409 wins. 409 will be the last. The implosion starts now anyway… so Joe might as well just step aside now. As is stands, even many Penn State fans will have to wear bags on their heads this weekend.

  16. Darryl says:

    Why is everyone so surprised? Football is loaded with perverts–look at the skin tight uniforms they wear. Now most of the players are accenting their uniforms with pink. What’s next? Rainbow colored jerseys? You will never see this happening with baseball.

  17. sheriff says:

    You reap what you sow. Sadly Joe Papa has to take some responsibility & step down. The entire organization needs to be changed & everyone gone. An outsider come in & start fresh.

  18. artemis133 says:

    I live in Pa. This is all the news. It sickens me, and Sandusky, Paterno, and all involved who looked the other way need to be jailed, or fired.

    After pride cometh a fall.

  19. Ellie Light says:

    NAMBLA has a charter membership at PSU (Pedophile Sex U).

    1. Don Meck says:

      Now this is comment is nearly as sick as the overall scandal.

  20. Beverly Hills says:

    Everybody knew. I think even the wife knew. A bedroom downstairs???? Only 1 kid visiting at a time???. Nobody wanted to lose the power they had in a powerful town. It’s a shame society has gone this far down. I also thought the assistant should’ve done more than just report it. He should’ve followed through. And you’re correct, he got a plum job for keeping his mouth shut. People have known for years and chose to look the other way. Well….the other way is back in your face. America…..what a total disgrace. All for money, power and prestige.

  21. Adam says:

    This is what happens with the ultra-power that top-notch college football universities have in their communities. Even if lower-echelon folks are not specifically told to kep their mouths shut to protect the University and its coaches/players, etc… They just KNOW to keep a tight lip. Think of that janitor who saw the BJ being performed… he knew his job was on the line. And the Grad assistant? What the heck is that? How do you see a child being anally raped and not DEMAND that the upper-ups follow through and report it to the authorities? But his dad got him quick…. keep your mouth shut, and you’ll end up with a plum position – and so he did. Penn State is going to have to pay dearly – both monetarily and in heads-rolling. Truly the end of a once proud football program.

    1. Peter says:

      I agree with your comments regarding this situation being the handywork of the ultra-powerful. But I think the grad student feared that if he went public he would never work anywhere in college athletics and the janitor feared ever being able to work anywhere at all. It still abuse of power, but I think the low level players acted out of fear and not to seek a reward.

      Now if only the football fans would keep their opinions to themselves. Both the Penn State haters who consider this the crime of the century and the fans who don’t get what the big deal is.

      1. Lisa Meaney says:

        I want to know why the grad student, who is about 6’4 and 250, didn’t tackle the s.o.b. and take the kid out of there. I don’t know anyone who would have left there without the kid-ask any mother. Of course, not pursuing the complaint assured that creep a job coaching at Penn State. I am thoroughly disgusted with the janitor, too. Dispicable-how can they look themselves in the mirror. You can’t take the experience away from that little boy(s) but at least they would have known someone cared enough to intervene. All three of my kids went to Penn State and our youngest is still there and I sure as hell hope none of my hard earned money goes for any of these clowns’ defense. Sandusky is going feel it big time-I hear they really don’t like pedephiles in jail. Watch your back Sandusky-you’re going to be real popular. Hope you get everything you deserve. PSU needs to clean house-there are plenty of people who knew from the very top down. Also, trhey need to speak with Sandusky’s 6 adopted children-I think this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    2. L gorman says:

      totally agree – a disgrace

  22. Say it ain't so Joe... says:

    Sandusky will now go from being the Hunter at PENN STATE, to the Hunted at STATE PEN.

  23. Adam says:

    Amen Peter.

  24. Josh says:

    JP should be fired today! I hope whatever charges or penalties can be put on the school are. They tried to cover this up and it is a disgrace.

    1. L gorman says:

      There used to be a crime called “accessory after the fact”. Why are they not all charged???

  25. Peter says:

    Doesn’t anybody think it’s fishy that Sandusky’s first incident in 1998 coincides with him being told after that he is no longer Joe Pa’s heir appaent, followed by his “retirement” at the young age of 55? Why weren’t authorities called in at that time?

    1. jack says:

      Peter–You have rightly discerned the truth. Why has no one ever delved into the Sandusky earl y retirement more deeply? If JP were truthful about why Sandusky wasn’t kept around to become head coach, he would have to say it was because Sandusky had been determimed to be a disgusting demonically-oppressed pervert. And then he’d have to answer why they allowed a known pervert to have access to the PSU facilities to perpetrate his demonic crimes. JP is toast.

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