Eastern Standard Time Returns With An Extra Hour Of Daylight

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The end of daylight saving meant time to turn the clock back an hour.

Many look forward to falling back.

“I think it helps with the oncoming depression of winter. At least you get an extra hour.”

An extra 60 minutes to catch up on your Z’s to those who feel sleep deprived. But if you’re a parent like Stockton, especially of young children, then the extra time doesn’t really mean much.

“Bed time is probably going to be interesting. But we’re used to that. You don’t get any sleep as a parent anyways.”

But Stockton says she won’t let the return to standard time go to waste saying an extra hour in the day means, “an extra glass of wine”.

Triple AAA is warning motorists as the sun goes down earlier, the odds of pedestrian-involved accidents increases.

PennDot says last year 11 percent of traffic deaths in the state involved pedestrians, 67 percent of those deaths occurred in the dark.

So AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Jenny Robinson is warning drivers and pedestrians to be extra cautious at this time of year, especially in big cities.

“One-third of the highway fatalities in Philadelphia were pedestrians because obviously there are a lot pedestrians in Philadelphia.”

Robinson says drivers should keep headlights and windows clean and watch their speed especially around crosswalks.

“And pedestrians also have to take special care and make themselves visible. Wear something reflective, carry a flashlight; do something so the motorists can see you.”

Reported By Tim Jimenez, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Zzbar says:

    I was thinking the same thing. I wasn’t saying an idiot wrote the headline, but whomever it was needs some schooling. Twenty four hours in a day, and we did not get any extra hours of daylight.

  2. Not even a scientist says:

    An extra hour of daylight??? What kind of idiot wrote this headline? The sun doesn’t magically stay up longer today than it did yesterday! The number of hours of daylight are the same (within a minute or two) as they were yesterday, but we set our clocks back so that the time we mark as sunrise is an hour earlier, AND the time we mark as sunset is an hour earlier. So no extra daylight. Any any “extra” time would be the hour from 2am last night to 3am last night, which took 2 hours instead of 1 because of the time change. So it’s an extra hour on the clock during DARKNESS, but no real change in the time it was dark overnight.

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