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Defendants In Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal Proclaim Innocence

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Penn State’s former defensive coordinator – facing charges that he sexually abused young boys over a 15 year period – has been released on bail. Two other high-ranking Penn State officials charged with a cover-up are expected to turn themselves in tomorrow.

Lawyers for all three say their clients are innocent.

VIEW: Grand Jury Report (Warning Graphic Content)

Authorities say Jerry Sandusky, once considered the possible heir to Joe Paterno’s legendary football program, was released on $100,000 bail and a preliminary hearing on the sex abuse charges has been set for Wednesday.

Sandusky’s lawyer, Joseph Amendola, says that hearing probably will be postponed but that Sandsuky has steadfastly maintained his innocence for three years, while a grand jury investigated the charges.

“Jerry’s very, very depressed. He’s very upset, he’s very distraught about the charges, the allegations and the knowledge that regardless of whether he eventually proves his guilt or innocence, people are going to think he did this stuff.”

Attorneys for athletic director Tim Curely and vice president Gary Schultz, both charged with failing to report Sandusky’s actions to police, maintain their clients will be exonerated as does the school’s president Graham Spanier.

A Penn State spokeswoman says the University will pay for defense attorneys for the athletic director and vice president.

No vote of confidence for Sandusky, himself, who’s now been barred from campus after.

Comments on the school’s Facebook page lament the stain on the legendary football program and call for the resignation of all involved, even Joe Paterno, who is not charged in the indictment, but who reportedly was told about Sandusky’s behavior nine years ago.

Reported By Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Leo says:

    Such a sad day.

    Unfortunately it gets worse – just recently Ike Reese on his morning show was repeating misinformation. Some facts:
    -Sandusky retried in 1999
    -he was an employee of the Second Mile Charity, not PSU
    – as a retired PSU , he was allowed access and an office at PSU
    – He was investigated by a local DA in 1998 with no charges(not enough evidence). That DA later disappeared(!)
    – He was told in 2008 he was going to be investigated by the DA
    – The grand-jury has met for 2 years, bringing indictment last week
    So no way Paterno or anyone at PennState could have delayed the investigation and charges – it was in the legal system

    Ike – it is bad enough- don’t make up things and embellish!

  2. Cardinal Rigatoni says:

    Im suprised they just did not move them to another school, oh wait, thet are not priest……

  3. Peter says:

    I heard on WHYY this morning that the AD has taken a leave of absence and the other guy took retirement.

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