By Seth Everett

It’s a good thing the rain postponed Game 6 of the World Series. It gave me another day to go through the bad decisions made by managers and league executives.
After Game 5, I went on Sportsradio 94 WIP before Tony LaRussa’s press conferences and debated with Jody McDonald the merits or mistakes of LaRussa & Pujols.

Seth Everett on Sportsradio 94 WIP

There was that little incident with my getting pulled over in New Jersey by the police. And the story I told to get out of a ticket is true, and I hope those officers are reading/listening to this.

Then, LaRussa blamed his blunders on a bad phone to the bullpen, and that Albert Pujols can hit and run on his own. Both became inconceivable to me, in that you wouldn’t assume the bullpen coach doesn’t know that Lynn should not have been pitching, and wouldn’t question his manager since they supposedly had meetings beforehand.

As for Pujols, I love how much people gingerly criticize him. I have praised him since 2001as being the best player in baseball. However, I have found four times in which he deserved legitimate, objective criticisms. St. Louis fans showed me how obnoxious they could be when they immediately defended him no matter what.

Two of those critiques came during this World Series. He was wrong for not talking to the media after Game 2, and he should have called for a hit-and-run during Game 5. I’d love it if anyone could really defend either of those actions.

I discussed Game 5 on KYW Newsradio 1060 with Matt Leon. We will recap Game 6 on Friday.

Seth Everett on KYW Newsradio

I still think Texas wins it in 6 games. I’ll congratulate them, and then put this blog in the right position: Discussing how to make the Phillies the 2012 World Champs.

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