Despite Jeers, Philadelphia Lawmakers Approve Stricter Curfew Law

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia City Council has approved revisions to the city’s curfew law, changes requested by the mayor in the wake of last summer’s flash mob attacks.

Today’s vote came after nearly two dozen speeches from citizens opposed to the curfew.

Shouting “shame” at councilmembers, opponents blasted Mayor Nutter for a curfew that they believe does little to solve the problem of flash mobs and that will, in their view, only encourage police harassment of minorities.

“The kids are not the problem,” said Khadijah White, addressing the Council.  “The problem is that the city seems to be generous only with punishment and criticism when it comes to Philadelphia’s youth.”
Undeterred, Council members approved the curfew revisions by a 16-1 vote.

After the speeches, the sponsor of the bill, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown, thanked the opponents for raising issues and she vowed to monitor the new curfew:

“We’re going to be paying close attention.  In fact, I will be asking for reports myself from the appropriate personnel, to see how its working.”

Mayor Nutter said the curfew is needed and effective:

“There comes a point, whether in the neighborhood or anywhere else, where they basically should either be home or in the care and custody of their parent or guardian.”

And Nutter says this bill merely clarifies a curfew that’s been on the books in some fashion since the 1950s.

The revisions would create three tiers of curfew hours, depending on the age of the teen.  All would face a curfew one or two hours earlier than the current law.  In fact, children 13 and under would have to be in by 8pm during the school year.  The hours would be uniform across all seven days; the current law includes later weekend hours.  The curfew would be relaxed slightly in the summer.

Reported by KYW City Hall bureau chief Mike Dunn

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One Comment

  1. Khadijah W says:

    Colorless love — I’m not sure what kind of childhood you had, but there were lots of days that I didn’t get back from drama club rehearsal or musical practice until way after 8 pm (not to mention performances). That excludes pizza and movie nights at a friend’s house (with parental supervision), going bowling, or the nights we hung out at a diner after a show. Keep your kids in after 8 pm — but don’t force your own (limited) parental choices on everyone else. That’s why America was started in the first place, freedom to choose your own way of life (aka “religion).

  2. Colorless Love says:

    As a single woman with no children and in my 40’s, I just do not understand today’s parents at all. When this curfew was first enforced, I watched a father on the news having a hi-hell fit because he had to pick up his 14 year old daughter from the police station because she was out after curfew. What REALLY got me was when he said she was out with 18 year old guy friends. Now what business did this 14 year old GIRL doing being out at night with 18 year old BOYS? She should have had her self in the house and by no means should she be hanging out with 18 year olds; male or female. This city is asking for parents to talk responsibility for your children. This is not some form of slavery. This is not a unconstitutional. This is not only keeping the city streets safe but keeping your children safe as well. What is out there for a child at nite? The playground is closed. School is closed. The library is closed. The museums are closed. The candy store is closed. So what is out there? I’m not faulting the children. It is natural curiosity to want to know what’s out there. That, I understand. But parents….not so much why are you against the curfew, but why is it SO OK for your young children to be out after dark, especially on a school night? Shouldn’t this be family time? Ask them how their day was? Ask them if they have homework and help them with it. Play Wii together, read, share a conversation or watch an appropriate family program together. If it’s a school night, they should get to bed at an appropriate time so they are restful, not just for school but because their growing bodies need it. Is this curfew a punishment or an opportunity you as parents to watch out for your children and to spend some quality time together. As adults, those who are out at night (for good) are working people, people who have to run to the store, or other ADULT activities. There are NO activities out there for children after 8pm, after dark.

    1. Moli says:

      Excellent post

      1. Colorless Love says:

        Thank you :)

  3. Moli says:

    Thank goodness they are doing something about these children. I should not be coming home from work at 12AM and I see teenagers outside on a school night. I would love to have a justifiable reason why a 13 or under child would NEED to be outside after 8PM without supervision.

  4. Francis Graff says:

    Curfews are not cnstitutional. They violate everyone’s freedom. And they don’t work for those intended.

    1. Hater says:

      Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

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