Already Struggling Philadelphia Schools Have More Budget Cuts To Make

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The School District of Philadelphia has already cut $600 million from its budget, but it’s got to cut more.

The district is planning to slash an additional $17 million in spending, including an average one-percent cut in individual school budgets and further cuts in instrumental music, athletics and teacher training.

In an update to the School Reform Commission, District Chief Financial Officer Michael Masch said much of the budget is legally or contractually locked in, leaving only painful choices.

“The only place we still have the discretionary ability to cut is in instructional programs.”

Masch says the district ended last fiscal year with an $18 million surplus. But he says instead of the usual modest increase, revenues are down six percent this year. So, even with these new cuts, the district would still have to find $22 million more in savings, to balance its $2 billion budget.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Smash Crasher says:

    AS the putrid, disgusting snot-rag UNION PIG teachers get their contract raises, the kids suffer. But remember “It’s all about the children.”

    1. "pig" teacher says:

      Would you like us snot-rag pig teachers to work for free? We didn’t spend the money carelessly, the district did. All I do is show up to work every day and do my best to make a difference in children’s lives. What do you do to make a difference in this world?

  2. H says:

    Instrumental music….really?

    How sad is it that a city with a great musical history has to eliminate a program like this.

    How much could it possibly cost that causes it to seem like such a financial burden?

    Come on!

  3. Rich Conder says:

    The occupiers of Philadelphia need to occupy and get a job.

    1. Concerned citizen. says:

      Rich, did you read this article? It’s indicating that there are about to be even more jobs cuts within Philadelphia. Please post the link to that has thousands of listings for all the teaching position available. Or any job for that matter so the occupiers can apply and get a job. Thanks!

  4. m says:

    Schools need to continue to cut yet there is money to pay$80,000 a day in police overtime at the illegal unauthorized occupy Philadelphia urine fest.

    1. d. says:

      Unnecessary $80,000 might I add. The Occupy Philly protest is completely legal and the right to do so is stated in the constitution along with the right to bare arms. It’s unnecessary however to have that many police stationed along city hall. I drive past every day on my way home from work and see most of them standing around joking with one another. I respect our officers and love what they do for this city, I just wish they were being put to use else where in this city. Perhaps in areas that have had a great increase in gun violence recently.

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