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Pres. Obama Raised $1.5M In Pennsylvania So Far In 2011

LANCASTER, Pa. (CBS) – A Federal Election Commission analysis says that presidential campaign donations from Pennsylvania are nearly split between President Obama and his Republican challengers.

Pennsylvanians donated just over $3 million during the first three-quarters of this year.  President Obama collected $1.5 million of that; the rest was divided among 10 Republican challengers.

And the donation levels are critically important.

“The president is literally in a battle for his life in the state,” says Franklin and Marshall College political science professor Terry Madonna.  He says the split in donations mean that Obama has a lot of work to do in the Commonwealth.

“Down in the Philly suburbs, where he did very well [in the 2008 election], now we are finding that they [voters] have a more negative view than positive view, and the fundraising is just an illustration of that,” Madonna tells KYW Newsradio.

And Madonna says that despite Obama’s polling troubles, he could conceivably raise $1 billion nationwide.

As for Pennsylvanians, he says, the state can expect to see a lot of Obama, as well as the Republican candidates, in the upcoming year.

Reported by Cherri Gregg, KYW Newsradio 1060


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One Comment

  1. Hater says:

    Three years of this obama depression with no end in sight and idiots still throw money at him. That billion dollars being wasted on his failed re-election bid could be put to much better use. Just curious, but what ever happened to the remaining cash from the first failed stimulus? I know the pompous azz wouldn’t be using tax payer money to campaign with. That would be unethical and illegal. Grounds for impeachment perhaps. Oh wait, the king can do whatever he wants and I must be a racist to question him. My bad.

    1. FLPatriot says:

      The scary part is that they may be getting exactly what they paid for.

  2. FLPatriot says:

    Obama has always been the best candidate money can buy. Wall street sure got their money’s worth out of him.

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