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15 Arrested As Protesters With Occupy Philadelphia Take Aim At Police Brutality

Robin Rieger reports…

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Fifteen members of the Occupy Philadelphia protest were arrested on Sunday after blocking traffic near the police administration building.

Civil affairs officers described the arrests as a minor glitch in what has otherwise been a smooth relationship between protesters and police.

A splinter group of about 100 people marched to police headquarters as part of Saturday’s “national day of awareness about police brutality.”

“The Philadelphia police department like other police forces in New York City, in Boston, in Los Angeles and around the country act as the vanguard of the one percent,”  said one  protester.

Occupy Philadelphia put their statement on its Facebook page with the disclaimer that they did not speak for the Occupy Philadelphia General Assembly or the group overall.

Most of the group had returned to Dilworth plaza by noon on Sunday, but 15 people refused to leave and were arrested and charged with obstructing the highway, a misdemeanor.

Police say the group included nine men, five women and one transgendered person.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio.

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One Comment

  1. carolyn says:

    In my opinion, OCCUPY PHILADELPHIA needs to go back to where ever they came from and GET A JOB instead of making a nuisance of themselves!
    They are costing the taxpayers more money, than their protests are worth! !!

  2. ck says:

    Please explain ‘almost all of us’, what it means to “win at life”? That is a very subjective question as the answer will differ for every single person on this planet. You are trying to put everyone in this nice, neat little box so that everyone is “equal”. Who are you to determine that for me? I make my own choices and live my life as I see fit. I am offended by your suggestion that I am not winning at life.

  3. noname says:

    ubber rich. did the guy say Ubber rich? do these kids even watch the news? i been seeing Ramsey in the news since he started work here bringing corruption out in the open and stating he’s going to put a end to it. he in no way is trying to sweep anything under the rug. i love that this man brings it out and as embarrasing as police crime is for the city he is not about to hide it and stated clearly he is going to keep at it until corruption is weeded out of the the department.

  4. JohnRalph says:

    Only socialism can save America, it’s proven to have worked in the past.

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race), In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, for America’s liberal elite and welfare voters on the dole.

  5. sheriff says:

    A lot of this activity will stop when the cold weather sets in. I personally see no problem with the occupy movement but abhor the idiots who are there to party, cause trouble & disorder in public. The movement needs a clear defined voice & the sit in’s should be in Washington D.C. & Wall street. Those two groiups are the ones who got us in this mess & need to fix it….Jobs for all who want to work & not @ $2. a day.

  6. GarySellersville says:

    If any of these jerks need help, they will be the first ones to call 911 and then complain about how long it took the police to get there.

    1. Johan says:

      If the teabaggers and the 1%ers have their way the police pay will be cut in half their pensions slashed and then they will be the one whining about the lack of protection.

      1. it's all a civil affair says:

        Good point, Johan.

        The police are among the 99%, numerically speaking. Whether they support the Occupy movement or not, they are in the 99%, not the 1%, financially and socially. They are natural allies of the movement.

        And Gary, while I didn’t think the police brutality “sit-in” was a good idea, I understand that the demonstration was against police BRUTALITY… NOT against POLICE. I just want to be sure you see that distinction.

        Also, you know the police aren’t just doing us a favor when they respond to 911 calls, right? It’s their job. I appreciate very much that they do it, but it is their job, and we pay them to do it. We expect it to be done. The police know that. That’s the way it should be.

  7. Wally says:

    Go back to your mommies and daddies and get out of the way of grown-ups.

    1. Johan says:

      You must be one of the 1%ers

      1. Roman Doroshenko says:

        No, the 53%ers. We pay the taxes that pay the overtime for the cops that watch the clueless ones at “Occupy”. And they are probably keeping the flash mobs away from “Occupy”.

      2. Hater says:

        Or maybe he’s just one of the vast majority of Americans who don’t agree with these clueless commies.

      3. almost all of us says:

        No, I very much doubt that any 1%ers are reading this website. The thing about the 99% is that they are, literally, almost everybody. Most of the people who don’t support this movement would directly benefit from the movement fulfilling its purpose. Not everyone is fully aware of the fact that they aren’t winning at life, and if they have a vague sense of it, they don’t know why they aren’t, who is, or who rigged the game.

        With a comment like “Go back to your mommies and daddies….” I think Wally is just one of the rest of us, but one who doesn’t know any better (yet) than to lash out.

      4. Wally says:

        Actually, I’m one of the 53% . . . you know, the people who actually pay taxes so the other 47% can sponge off of us.

  8. Thomas Pain says:

    Meanwhile the bill for all this police overtime will be paid by the hard working tax payers who go to work every day.

  9. Hater says:

    These flea baggers are really starting to annoy me. They all need to move or be moved before they hurt themselves.

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