Harrisburg Nixes Holiday Parade Over Low Cash

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Santa Claus won’t be making his annual early visit to Pennsylvania’s capitol city.

Officials in Harrisburg have canceled the city’s annual holiday parade because organizers haven’t raised enough money.

Last year, the cash-strapped capitol started requiring special events to pay for themselves. Parks and recreation director Brenda Alton says not enough sponsors have ponied up to keep the floats afloat.

Mayor Linda Thompson says she’s hopeful the parade can be pulled off in 2012.

The parade has traditionally marked the start of the holiday season with floats, bands and balloons and the arrival of Santa Claus.

Parade organizers in the suburban Philadelphia town of Hatboro say a shortage of donations may force them to cut back their parade. Santa may have to hoof it rather than ride a float.

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  1. rifleman1234 says:

    watch the movie ” a christmas story” and enjoy the christmas parade as it was when i was growing up, in this christian country. i am not saying i am a bible reading guy but “in god we trust” is on our money and the founding fathers used the word “god” all the time. we became such a great place that all these illegals now run to, because of our christian(judea) values. i am not saying you were/are bad if you didnt go to church but it was respect and pride and the american way. the word “christmas” should never be replaced by any other word or phrase. you are robbing children of the amazing childhood most americans had.

    1. rifleman1234 says:


      i grew up in a lower middle-class family and my christmas were always good, off from school, some presents, some cool tv shows, extra food, visiting family, going to church,etc.

  2. Olliepedia says:

    25 K really, how about one of the 9 figure Bonus Guys can ship in or a Sports Hero with a 25 Mill. a year this is sad on many lvl and a nice example for a world out of sync

  3. psugirl says:

    Get a grip Just Me! It’s crazies like you that ruin Halloween and Christmas. Stop with the Pagan nonsense and just enjoy life. Regardless of exact dates, Christmas is the loving and holy celebration of the birth of Christ, and it will always the most wonderful time of the year.

  4. Scott Snoopy-Smith says:

    @just me; I could really care when one claims Jesus was born, the argument is not part of this.

    This is a case of the gubmint choosing how to spend its funds; unfortunately they choose to fund more gubmint employees, benefits for illegals, lavish costs for the gubmint employees, oh yeah and of course these are fine AFSCME,SEIU, AFGE types.

    I do believe the organizers should pay for the cost of the event; however you lost support and it has happened elsewhere when we call them Holiday, Winter, Fall, etc events. Quit trying to appease one or two sects; its a Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween parade, or whatever. If these groups stuck to what we are celebrating instead of trying to appease all they would raise funds. They could also quit “paying” appearance fees to groups..my dad was a Shriner and they were never paid to march in any parade; its called supporting your community.

  5. Daniel Staggers says:

    Since they changed the name to Holiday parade, I SHOULD BE GONE! Jesus, the reason for the season. Take him out, and there is no more holiday at all anyway.

  6. RAYMOND says:

    I live near Hatboro and used to participate in the Christmas parade with my Civil War Reenactment Group until they stopped paying participants. Short of money, how much can it possibly cost Hatboro when they are paying for a few cops and a few hours of overtime to cleanup the area that the parade took place in?

  7. Jenny Taleya says:

    Government parades are just another waste of money.


  8. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Your politicians have failed you big time and it only gets worse. Soon they will ask for increased taxes. Fire the whole bunch and get someone in there who knows fifth grade math.

  9. marlin says:

    I was born in a hospital in harrisburg ,I sure am glad when I was about 5 days old I left harrisburg, I live in a small town a bout 70miles from harrisburg and my town still has a parade , the Parade is done by volenteers if the people of harrisburg want a parade ,all of you join together and volenteer and you will have a great parade.

  10. jjj says:

    Hope all of you Liberal, Obama voters in Pa. recognize how that Obama Stimulus works when he plays partisan politics….and cuts off all funds to Harrisburg because of your Republican Gov.

  11. Rico says:

    Thanks Obama!

    1. l says:

      You mean thanks George Bush!!! remember when the recession started you dumb redneck

  12. elkhorn says:

    Harrisburg, please wish Francis Bacon a Merry Christmas!

  13. Osamas Pajamas says:

    I’m an atheist and I still enjoy Christmas parades — auld lang syne from my days as a fuzzybrained wee one — but no tax money should go for this. Same with the right of abortion, which I support — but no tax money should go for this, either.

  14. walter12 says:

    This is what always happens to socialist governments, city, state, or national, they go bankrupt. Why are people so stupid that they cannot see this unalterable truth?

  15. sean patriot says:

    The government shouldn’t be flipping the bill for this anyway. Get local churches to take up collections.

  16. sean patriot says:

    So’ just take up a collection from local churches to pay for it. Im sure they would’n’t mind, since its so important an all.

    1. l says:

      HAHAHAHAH exactly sean. But they wont throw a dime…. after they beg money from all of their brainwashed worshippers and then buy the priest a BMW

  17. Kevin says:

    Cpaitol, not capital.

  18. samzydeco says:

    Why don’t we ask police and firemen if they would volunteer their time for a Christmas Parade…how do you think their unions would react to that request?!

  19. Melvin says:

    Just forget and cancel Christmas, practically no one celebrates anymore. Look at the stores. They put a few cheap cardboard and plastic decorations that are politically correct.
    A person cannot even purchase Christmas decorations. JC Penny has a couple of fake plastic trees and decorated like someone really had their heart in it. and thats it.
    What decorations you can buy they’re all LED, and put off as much light as a boxes of matches.
    No one says Merry Christmas out of fear of being fined by the PC Police that they might offend someone.
    So just put Christmas into the dustbin of history and the government can call the day off something like, “Happy Civil Service Day.”

    1. Just Me says:

      Christmas is the Pagan winter solstice. It’s amazing how most people don’t understand this. Had everyone really read/studied their Bibles that Jesus was actually born in the fall.

    2. Pamela Stetor says:

      The government servants will still want the day off WITH PAY!
      Oh, I correct myself, civil servants.

  20. Mama says:

    So what, who cares? The holidays will still come. The parade is only viewed by a small fraction of the towns population anyway.

  21. anonymous says:

    What the hell is a “Holiday Parade”? Discriminating liberal bigots…

  22. Stephen says:

    Hey this is a great opportunity for the “JOB CREATORS” who are still getting the bush tax cuts. THey should use all that extra cash to pay for the parade at least it might give people a job for a day or two and of course Santa would have a job till the 24th of December anyway. Come on you “Job Creators” step up and show those Dems how to make this country great again!

  23. RAZOR says:


    1. Ken Puck says:

      Glad you asked that question. Seven Democrats — and a Democrat city manager. Next question.

  24. gin says:

    sounds olike gross mismanagement to me – that’s ridiculous that you can’t have santa in a big city like that! ho-h0-ho where’d all the money go???

  25. Jim says:

    This shouldn’t be the actIvity of the government anyways. If you want a Christmas parade, fine. Fund it privately through your churches.

  26. Samuel Adams says:

    Get the truth at http://www.truthinaccounting.org

    Balance the budget now before its too late!

  27. Vivian Bennett-Cohan says:

    I would first ask why? Who has been in charge in Harrisburg for the last 40 yrs? Republicans or democrats. I think thats a legit question. I tend to blame the democrats when cities start going bankrupt.. Go figure.

  28. oatka says:

    It would be a positive piece of journalism if they would provide the name of whoever caved in to the “Offended Ones” and changed the name. Roaches hate the light.

  29. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    Too many ‘born on welfare to vote demo’ deadbeats ?

  30. taxed_n_spent says:

    I applaud the fact that the city is requiring special events to fund themselves. The typical government solution is just raise taxes instead of cutting costs. Obviously the parade wasn’t that important to the citizens or they would be willing to pitch in to help cover the cost of putting it on.

    1. LukeJohn says:

      Hmmm, if it goes private, can we go back to calling it a “Christmas Parade?”

      1. Farmer Friend says:

        That would make too much sense for most people.

  31. Mkurbo says:

    So the “green” movement (trash incinerator) has even taken down Santa Claus.

    The “Green” movement is driving us into the “Red” – literally (debt and loss of jobs and now cities) and figuratively (socialism/communism).

  32. George Anderson says:

    Let’s pay for illegal benefits, but not something that brightens the year a little bit for the hard-pressed American.

  33. Sean Delevan says:

    But those union payments and pension benefits are still gonna be paid for sure….

    1. mL says:

      unions built this country and now anti union people have put all the jobs in china. dumb mofo

  34. KickTheKenyanOutIn2012 says:

    Happy Hope & Chance Kwanza 2011!

  35. Phil Jones says:

    It is too bad the city government does not want to cater to 90 percent of its population.

    Maybe if they called it a ‘Christmas’ parade instead of a ‘Holiday’ parade, it would be more interesting to the 90 percent of the population for whom Christmas is a big holiday, religious or not.

    1. skoch says:

      Right on Mr. Jones!

    2. anon says:

      Excellent point. I would be happy to contribute to a Christmas parade because I celebrate ‘Christmas.’ I do not and never will celebrate ‘holiday.’

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