PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Vicky Weston says when she gave up custody of her daughter Beatrice to her sister Linda Ann Weston, she had no idea she was handing her over to a woman Vicky now calls “the devil”.

When her daughter was eight or nine years old, she was so truant from school that authorities had to get involved. She willingly handed the child over to her sister with the promise that Beatrice would attend school regularly and Vicky would see her weekly. Vicky says that never happened.

As the months went on, Vicky saw less and less of her daughter and Linda Ann had all kinds of excuses to explain the child’s absence.

“She would come visit me and she would have all her kids, but she would never have my daughter. I’d say, ‘Where’s my daughter?’ and she would say, ‘She’s out somewhere.’ All these years.”

Police say Linda Ann was keeping Beatrice hidden, at times locking her in a closet. Beatrice endured a decade of severe, prolonged abuse. She was burned, shot at with a pellet gun and starved. The now 19-year-old was rescued by police along with 11 other children and youths in Lisa Ann’s custody. Vicky says she complained to authorities, even filed a missing persons report for her daughter but received little help.

She says she has waited years for justice and while she is eager to see her daughter, she hopes to never see her sister again. She says only justice will come when Lisa Ann and the others accused in the “basement of horror” case are behind bars.

“I don’t want them to die. I want them to suffer.”

Reported by Anne-Marie Green, CBS 3

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