PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eyewitness News is once again uncovering new information in the basement of horror case.

Labeled a monster and her picture plastered on the front page of local newspapers, Linda Weston’s alleged criminal ways may shock many of you, but one woman says she is not surprised.

“They kept me hostage because I knew too much. They kept me in the bathroom closet with Tamara, Edwin and Herbie.”

Out of fear of retaliation, the woman asked to remain anonymous. She says her friendship with Jean McIntosh landed her in a home in Kileen, Texas for two weeks in 2009.

“I was there when they shaved all her hair off and busted her in the head with a bat and burnt her with a fork.”

She’s referring to the abuse Tamara Breeden endured. Breeden was one of the four mentally challenged adults police found starved in the dungeon-like sub-basement on Saturday. The woman confirms Breeden gave birth to two children while in captivity.

“Jean McIntosh had her sign the birth certificates over to her name and said if she didn’t do it that they were going to kill her.”

So far, police have four suspects in custody including Weston, her daughter and two accomplices, Gregory Thomas and Eddie Wright. In Family Court on Thursday, a judge ordered DNA testing for the nine children and teenagers police rescued from Weston.

Weston’s son, Joseph McIntosh, spoke to reporters outside of the court house, “Hopefully she had nothing to do with it. If she did it, like I said, justice will be served.”

Police believe there are more victims yet to be identified. The woman we talked to is sure of it, calling herself lucky.

“Tamara warned me, after they drugged me the first time, they warned me not to eat the food or drink the juice, so I didn’t. I starved for like four days until I got out.”

The woman claims it was, in fact, one of the children traveling with the Weston group who helped her escape.

She says she reported the abuse to police in Kileen, Texas but detectives failed to investigate.

As for the juveniles, now out of harms way, their court case will reconvene in November at which time it is expected DNA tests will reveal the true identities of all the children and teenagers, as well as their parents.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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