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‘Occupy’ May Hold National Assembly In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Michael Nutter was reacting cautiously on Wednesday to word that national organizers of “Occupy Wall Street” and similar protests across the country plan to gather in Philadelphia next summer.

The plans are found in a document posted online by an “Occupy Wall Street” working group, titled “The 99 Percent Declaration.” The document proposes a National General Assembly to be held in Philadelphia starting on July 4th, 2012 and running through next October.

The proposal says the Assembly would operate similarly to the original “Committees of Correspondence” — the Founding Fathers who met in Philadelphia prior to what the group refers to as “the first American Revolution.”

Click here to view the document.

It was not immediately clear if such a gathering will actually take place, but city officials are aware of the proposal and Mayor Nutter says he wants to talk about it with the organizers.

“I understand national Occupy would want to be in Philadelphia — this is birthplace of freedom, liberty, and democracy for the United States of America — so I look forward to a conversation,” Nutter told KYW Newsradio. “We need to better understand what it is they want to do, where and what it’s all about. But I welcome the discussion.”

Nutter says he would like to maintain the same open dialogue with the national organizers as he has with the local group now encamped on Dilworth Plaza.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia officials are warning those at the “Occupy Philadelphia” encampment that in about one month, they’ll have to relocate (see related story).

Rich Negrin, the city’s managing director, says he’s already informed “Occupy Philadelphia” participants that a long-planned renovation of Dilworth Plaza will proceed and they’ll have to move.

“Whatever date that is, which we believe to be mid-to-late November, they’re going to have to relocate.”

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img00692 20111019 0821 dunn ‘Occupy’ May Hold National Assembly In Philadelphia

("Occupy Philadelphia" protesters outside City Hall on Wednesday, following a night with periods of heavy rain. credit: Mike Dunn)


Negrin says they’re working with the protestors to agree on an alternate site, perhaps Thomas Paine Plaza outside the neighboring Municipal Services Building.

And what if they refuse to leave?

“We hope it doesn’t get there,” said Negrin. “That’s the kind of showdown that some folks would like. That’s a minority of the folks. In large part, they’ve been incredibly cooperative. (But) there are small groups who infiltrate the ranks, like the anarchists and others, who don’t care about the government, just care about chaos. Let’s hope those folks are not in the majority.”

Meantime, Negrin says the city is trying to resolve concerns about fire access and public hygiene at the current encampment.

“We’re worried about cleanliness; we’re worried about public urination. We’ve had conversations with them. They need to move the tents away from City Hall 20 feet, so we can have access.”

“Occupy Philadelphia” began assembling on Dilworth Plaza on October 6th (see related story).

Reported by City Hall Bureau Chief Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. yo says:

    The flash mobs will take care of them.

  2. Gina says:

    With the unemployment numbers in Philadelphia listing higher than the national unemployment stats, why isn’t anyone from the “Occupy” group or the media questioning the Mayor and Council as to what they are doing to implement legislation that would make Philadelphia marketable to international import/export firms? What foreign trade zones are located here and if there are none what are they doing to establish them? How easy is it for a small business located in Philadelphia to import/export if they chose Philadelphia as a base for their headquarters?

  3. Jim Norman says:

    anyone who was in the Military and took an oath to defend our Constitution better get ready. Active Military as well. This is a communist revolution going on and our White House is part of it.

  4. Expertskier says:

    Children of the Corn … nothing more …

  5. Mike Rodriquez says:

    So now the arch enemies of the united States have taken to the streets. They have been the 5th column subversive elements against capitalism since Woodrow Wilson, and who are also the arch enemies of the United States Constitution, being that its represents a negative restraint against dictatorial government power like that of Socialist Statist governments which these Wall Street Occupiers support. Barack Obama supports this element of anti-Capitalism and his economic agenda has produced a “terrorist” effect against this country in his attempt to deregulate the Capitalist system out of existence.
    We are in a fight for the rights afforded to us by our Constitution, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No other system in this world will grant you those individual freedoms for they are given to you from God, not Barack Obama and his Socialist “useful idiots”.

  6. Joel says:

    Why doesn’t the major put them to work cleaning up that filthy city. Now city hall looks no different from the rest of the streets covered in litter in Philly.

  7. jkim says:

    Funny…if these were Tea Partiers, do you think they would be allowed to camp there, block access, and trash the place? Why do they treat these losers with kid gloves? One set of rules for them, and a different set for the Tea Party.

    1. MKPA says:

      You are so right. When I went to DC for the walk to denounce the Health Care Bill the Police had AK47’s. I asked a Policeman about the reason and he said it was ordered from above. He then explained that the Police were actually happy to see people like the Tea Party because we were polite, cleaned up after ourselves and went home when it was all over. So the real villain’s here are those in higher offices stirring the dissent and feeding the frenzy along with the press. The Mayor will be just like Bloomfield who allowed a private park to be destroyed because of his inability to be a real leader. Seems like we have fewer and fewer of them every day. Of course the pathetic press doesn’t help at all.

  8. sandiego1969 says:

    Good, maybe they can visit the closed abortion mills or dungeon where mentally handicapped people were chained to a furnace as part of their sight-seeing tours.

  9. Great post Jrob. Like when Bill Clinton made states make it illegal to have 2 beers at a ball game and drive home. States that didn’t lower DUI levels stood to lose big fed highway money. It’s typical liberal political blackmail tactics.

    I’ve been using gas pump activism to beat Obama. Putting decals on gas pumps, on store coolers, drive thru screens, inside menus, etc. They say “These high prices brought to you by Barack Obama” with his picture next to it. They’re reusable and leave no residue (no worries about vandalism) I get them at feels great everytime I put one up somewhere.

  10. mark says:

    It’s also nice and warm there in CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA !!!!

  11. mark says:

    CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA is where it should be held. With the DNC convention there, it would definitely get the message out !!



  12. joe says:

    It’s really sad that they want to use the birthplace of American freedom to launch the birth of American totalitarianism. Full government control over the population is exactly what the Founding Fathers rebelled against.,

    1. Raymond says:

      joe, I wouldn’t worry about it. The moment that these “yahoos try to make their move,” they’ll find out that it’s not as easy than they think that it may seem. There’s alot of People out here in this Country that realizes what’s going on. The only thing that these “People” need to do is “fire the first shot.” From then on out, It’s not going to be pretty. I don’t advocate Violence, but I’m not going to lie down either.

  13. Paul Mcgrath says:

    These useless thugs don’t have a clue what the American Revolution was about.

    In 1776, it was about we the people fighting for our freedoms from a large, tyrannical, centralized government…

    … that all men are created equal, that we are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    In 2012, it will be about we the sheeple forfeiting our freedoms to a large, tyrannical, centralized government so that it can take care of us from cradle to grave, all things which we are entitled.

    Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler would be so proud of you useful idiots.

    1. Paul Mcgrath says:

      I meant to write “our creator”, sorry about that.

  14. Marilyn says:

    Can you imagine the response if Tea Party activists had talked of gathering in Philly and talked of the “first” revolution?? These people truly are dangerous. They are anarchist, they undermine the basic principle that people are entitled to private property.
    And the Mayor says he’s “looking forward to the conversation.” That is utterly ridiculous!!!

    1. Raymond says:

      Mayor Michael Nutter is in for more than he bargained for. I hope that He like the incoming “Committees of Correspondence.” He’s going to be “up over his Head” of trouble.

    2. Alpha One Alpha says:

      Should this gathering occur in Philly next summer, I assure you it will be one of many where there will be riots, chaos, destruction and a major clash with the police.

  15. Northlander says:

    Sure. We need change. Americans are sick and tired of freedom, right? We need the Kenyan’s Marxist dictatorship, right? Who needs voting when we have a Marxist Kenyan who can spend our money more wisely than we can? Hells bells!

  16. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    End the Fed, End the Wars, End the Police State ….

  17. ding_dong_daddy says:

    Tea party members should infiltrate these leftist dogs with home made signs of our own. Signs like “Obama ain’t my mama”. You get the drift.

    1. Raymond says:

      I think that would be only fitting since they tried to infilitrate the TEA Party Rallies. Whta’s the old saying? “One Good Turn Deserves Another.” Good One, “ding_dong_daddy”

    2. Brian P says:

      no need to infiltrate, just show up and voice your opinion and become part of the discussion is all. the remnant of the original grassroots tea party should have a presence in the camps.

  18. Scrumptious_Lad says:

    They claim to be against greed yet they have their hands out saying gimme gimme gimmie. Sounds like greed to me

  19. Rusty Niple says:

    Nutter tells KYW Newsradio. “We need to better understand what it is they want to do, where and what it’s all about. But I welcome the discussion… HEY NUTHEAD, what they want is a socialist goverment, what’s to discuss?

  20. Lance Combs says:

    Let’s just get on their election boards. They’re leaving their delegate elections wide open. Trying to be so all-inclusive could be their own downfall.

  21. George W. Axl Rosebush says:

    So…they are planning to squat in Philly all summer long? Yay.

    1. Frankie Lorain says:

      I thought “Occupy” was random and spontaneous? Hmmmm. I guess someone hijacked the movement.

    2. Raymond says:

      I wonder if they’re going to invite the Founding Fathers to attend these “Committees of Correspondence?” Hmmmmm. Just Kidding. Seriously, though. I bet this “bunch of Yahoos” don’t even understand what the first American Revolution was about. It wasn’t about “Redistrubution of Wealth.” That’s for Bloody sure!

  22. GrandInquisitor says:

    10. THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBOR’S GOODS. Commands: be content with what we have, respect for the rights of others; rejoice in our neighbor’s welfare.

    1. CanadaDaveCT says:

      Well said. Our society would be better off if all followed this command. Consider Ecclesiastes 5:9 If my corporate neighbor’s welfare is achieved at my personal undesirable expense, it would be foolish to rejoice with induced injustice. Balance (and justice) is vital.

  23. zanne says:

    gimme, gimme , gimme.

  24. Limboman says:

    These people have a lot of nerve. Yeah, these dirt bags are going to re-write the constitution after smokin a few doobies.. Oh great, all our problems are solved…. Yay!!!

  25. IraqVet says:

    Perfect…they can go poop on Philly lawns…

  26. MKPA says:

    How pathetic but then again Phila has become the city that our forefathers never intended it to be, freedom yes, anarchy never. It is pathetic to watch this. Accountability in one thing the class warfare that people are stirring up in the government. It is a disgrace to see that real ideas are not being discussed rather it is my way or the highway. Enough, Philadelphia will be pulverized by this type of disruption. They can’t even control their own citizens what do you think it will be like when these loons come to town.

  27. stevefraser says:

    “A government with the resources to give everything to you can do anything to you”., History.

  28. Kip Noxzema says:

    Now there’s an interesting confrontation. Parasites on Paradethat never work and want things handed to them in a Collectivist society vs. the rich union workers, who pay dues to the Democrats.

    I’m so glad the State Run Media keeps covering this, as it shows the difference between Collectivist and Socialist numbskulls, dirty, taking drugs, living on the street, compared to the peaceful, clean, intelligent, and highly organized Tea Party Americans.

    Continue to show the contrasts and we will glide to victory in 2012.

  29. antifleaparty says:

    It is the blue states that are a parasite on the jobs producing, tax paying, rich in natural resources red states. The blue states with their sanctuary cities and high double digit unemployment, New England and California in particular are a huge drain on the economy. I couldn’t agree more with the left wing parasite that thinks states should only get what the give in taxes, let’s see how long the blue states with their dwindling number of tax paying employed citizens keep their schools open and their food stamps flowing. In the meantime, I think the red states like West Virginia with its coal and natural gas and Texas with its oil ought jack up the invoice for the electricity it produces for these blue state leeches or shut off the pump and let the winter thin the herd.

    1. cbinflux says:

      Lowes is closing 20 stores. 19 of them are in pro-Obama areas. Go figure.

      Hope and Change!

    2. Charles Martel says:

      The Marxists and “Cultural Diversity Specialists” who use their tenured positions to forcibly indoctrinate college kids are responsible for the downfall of our society.

      The time is now to support the Youth for Western Civilization! Let’s take back our college campuses from the hateful Marxists!

  30. Mary Wright says:

    Flash mobs will teach em who is boss in Philly.

  31. Willey says:

    Not in Philly you idiots! Hold it in Washington, D.C. where you can seize and hold the Capital and White House. If enough of you show up the police and feds can’t kill you all. Some will succeed and their demands will then be heard worldwide and you will have martyrs for whatever your cause is. The only trick is to be one of the living when its done. Take a page from Obama’s playbook and lead from behind.

  32. Cogito says:

    You can sure tell the Occupiers are not part of the 51% of workers that actually pay taxes.

    1. d55may says:

      They are being paid by the unions, the want ads were in Crag’s list last month. The ads suggested 600/mo. free room and board, free food. no bath rooms or showers for weeks. All the sex, drugs and alcohol you can stand.

  33. Phillip McKann says:

    Occupier, meet Philly flash mobs.

    I can’t wait

  34. suibne says:

    Heck……you guys let M. Vick play football there, why not have an all out brawl in center city?

  35. Vic Eldred says:

    I want to know how a teacher can be at a protest rally in October? Hopefully, your there after school. I want to you what your teaching our children about the protests? As a matter of fact I demand to know, since teachers are payed with taxpayer money. Now that i think about it, you have more to do with where my money goes than the so-called 1%.

  36. Joe says:

    Do people know how hard it is to even become an investment banker? I am an accounting major who recently just got a job with one of the Big 4. Do you know how hard I had to work every day studying to get where I am today. While a lot of my friends were out partying having fun I was sitting away in the library studying my behind off.

    One of my good friends is an investment banker. Yes starting salary he is making around 80k, but he is working 80-90 hour weeks! The people who are making this money are working their tails off for it. Also if you want to make the big bucks as an investment banker over 150k a year you need to pass your CFA exam. This exam if you manage to pass all 3 sections will take a minimum of three years since parts 2 and 3 are only given once a year. In addition each section of the exam requires over 500 hours of studying!

    So if you want to get paid like an investment banker, put in the work. Stop crying that its unfair. Its not unfair that I end up making more money than you because I worked hard my whole life! If you want the same $ I am making work hard like I am!

    1. Matt Stringer says:

      Uh, you’re either, a very hard worker, and if you are who you say you are, than congratulations you derserve to be paid for your hard work. But, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, most investment bankers got there by going to an ivy league school and becuase they came from rich families. It had nothing to do with work for these folks, but in the randomness of the family they were lucky to be born into. The fact remains that no one should be making 100 million a year. I think there should be a cap on net income and that cap should be around 20 million a year….the rest goes to the governemnt or to the hiring of people (I prefer the latter). Thta’s why I support a rise in interest trates and a policy of medium term inflation in order to get the well off to spend their money on hiring. You dont need more than 20 million a year net. You don’t. All else is simple greed. By the weay thats my real name. In germany you have to put your real name on comments cause it stops people from posting stuff they wouldnt say in public. In short it stops cowardice. This country’s notion of freedom is not what the founding father’s intended. it’s not anarchy. If men were angels, no gov’t would be necessary, said Madision in the federilist papers. Nothing could be more true. I would suppot the tea party if they believed in what they say and not just as some political ploy cause they hate democrats. Enough with all this politics and let’s get down to the hard work that you say you did and again, congrats

      1. Jammie says:

        “The fact remains that no one should be making 100 million a year. I think there should be a cap on net income and that cap should be around 20 million a year”….the rest goes to the governemnt or to the hiring of people (I prefer the latter).

        Spoken like a true Socialist……………Now. Learn to spell

      2. Kip Noxzema says:

        Hey, Chavez or Fidel won’t be around much longer. You should go apply for that, Che.

      3. tom says:

        Well, as long as someone as smart as Matt is deciding how much everyone should make, what could go wrong?

      4. Holugu says:

        @Matt Stringer
        Your ideas about someone sitting on a bag of money in their living room are infantile. You’re imagining a garage full of porches or such I guess and have a hard time to deal with your envy.

        First off, a very few people make more than $20mil net.
        Second, if they do, these aren’t liquid assets. The ‘net’ is rather a paper figure than a real income. The funds are usually invested in a some form of equity and the money from that investment the “greedy” fella makes is a fraction of the invested amount.

        Those few people that do make over your threshold… it depends… some are into a mischief, like Dem’s buddy Soros. He sees his pile as a way to buy the pols to institute his socialist utopia. Or Al Goracle,, a different style, same s#it.

        Others are building new stuff, like the British guy that essentially is replacing the defunct NASA and creating a space faring industry from a scratch. On his dime. If it does not work out, he may lose his shirt. If his pile was less, he may not be able to fund the venture.

        I’d watch those that are into buying power. George Soros, Maurice Strong, Al Goracle and so on.

      5. Sukie Tawdry says:

        So, just how much hubris is required before one can declare himself the arbiter of what others should be allowed to make?

        “In germany you have to put your real name on comments cause it stops people from posting stuff they wouldnt say in public. In short it stops cowardice.”

        Interesting. And do the German Internet Police come around to make sure the name you’re using is indeed your own?

        Businesses hire additional people because increased demand for their products or services can’t be met by existing staff. Or because they’re expanding their product or service lines. Or because they’re introducing new products or services. Businesses don’t hire just because they have some spare cash lying around. And they certainly don’t hire because interest and inflation rates are made artificially high.

        I guess on Planet Matt Stringer (if that in fact is your real name), the first obligation of business is to employ workers even when they have no actual work for said workers to perform. Perhaps Planet Matt Stringer has a system similar to the mob’s “no show” arrangement where people are listed as employees and are paid as if they were employees but don’t actually have to show up to do any work.

        I have no idea what you do, if anything, in the real world, but it’s quite obvious that business and finance are not your forte. And by the way, lots of people aren’t good spellers but most of them are able to master basic spell check software. You should check into it.

      6. joe says:

        Who the helll are YOU to decide what anyone else should make a year? Who died and made you dictator?

    2. Kip Noxzema says:

      You’re preaching to kids that never listen to parents or anybody. They don’t care how much you make, as long as they get their money from Socialism and stolen items. They will come to you on how they can get their state-of-the-art cell phone, dish TV, HDTV, and Xbox, while denouncing Corporate America. And make sure they get their drugs for the weekend parties, ok? That’s mandatory.

  37. statesrule says:

    Ask yourself…Did you vote in 2006 and 2008? there’s the blame…be wise in who you want to represent you and who you want to lead our nation to greatness…the only right you have is the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit happiness…fetch your food, clothe your naked body, and build your’ll be proud and well respected..and from societies parasites…stop entitlements to those that don’t contribute

    1. democrat who is tired of supporting red states says:

      Peter Lim: I bet the cost of goods and services are much less expensive than here so your assumptions are misplaced or lies, like the fact that you are here from the drudge report and are not a teacher in the third world. So you think a teacher should make a 1000 bucks a year? Seriously. How exactly did you brainwash yourself so completely has the hate in your heart corroded it so much that it no has taken to corroding your brain as well? Also, for being a teacher in the third world you write and sound exactly like an American. Who’d a thunk that a drudge report paraiste from the third world, aka red state, whould think this way. And yes, the red states are paraistes stealing the wealth thru taxation of hard working americans in blue states. I say no more federal funds for states than they pay in. Every red state would be in bankruptcy and all your jobs would be gone in a second. You are the parsite and the rest of you welfare queen republicans who steal the money of blue states.

  38. statesrule says:

    Become part of the 53%..PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE…Work for it…you’ll be respected

  39. Mike Rodriquez says:

    RE: The Wall Street Occupiers. History is always a better teacher then propaganda. That being said, the Progressive movement which always manifest itself as a mob, was borne out of the anti-Semitic politics of Marx and Ingalls. The political premise of Marx’s strategy was centered in the “solution” to be dealt with the problem that Capitalist Jewry posed to the ideology of Socialism. He wrote and opined that the only solution to the Jewry in Europe would require their relocation or extermination. Part of that political rhetoric embodied the deconstruct of European Jewish influence by what came to be known later by German National Socialism as the “Final Solution” Now you see the seeds of this bigotry in the Palestinian solution as voiced by the Wall Street Occupiers, in concert with the voice heard by Iran’s Palestinian support for the extermination of the Jewish nation Israel. So now what, the Wall Street Occupiers could not achieve their aim for the extermination of Israel or their Communist State by the ballot box, so they think to reconstruct the founding of this country. Just let me say to them…NEVER AGAIN. And they know what that means.

    1. Americanaiko says:

      Well said my friend.
      This Mayor is an excellent example of leadership and measured response. You saw it with the “dressing down” of the youth in his city. His correct skeptisism will ultimately prove to provide the right balance of “tollerance” as the left likes to say, with the viewable outcry of a sadly embittered and misguided band of dupes with no real direction. The anti-semitism being exposed (albeit slowly)

  40. james34 says:

    What are they going to do when they get robbed by flash mobs?

  41. Proud Tea Partier says:

    Teacher, why don’t YOU, along with Jeanne Garafalo and Harry Belafonte, Jr. come on down to a Tea Party gathering and find out what, oh, about 60% of your so-called 99% of Americans believe? Oh, that’s right. You vilify us while continuing to support the violent and stinky 6,000 or so people who are using Wall Street as a bathroom. What a crazy, mixed up world we’re living in. I refuse to support any group that is organized by unions. I also refuse to buy union made goods. I also believe the “edumacation” system should be disbanded so political hacks can no longer indoctrinate our children. It’s simple. The “occupy” crowd is blinded by envy for what others have worked hard for. I also find it interesting that you “occupy” people don’t vilify the richest people who own obama…George Soros, Warren Buffet and Jeffery Immelt (GE). I guess since they’re leftists too, so they get a pass. Sorry teach, we didn’t fall of the turnip truck yesterday…

    1. politically educated red stater says:

      Well said!!!

    2. Proud Blue Stater says:

      Did you fall of the day before yesterday? Yes, warren Buffet, there’s a socialist for you. Are you insane or just an idiot. The man made his money by making investments in the market you claim to support or is anyone a socialist who disagrees. And, uh, since when has any tea party gathering had more than a handful of 55 and older people who dont want topay taxes cause their kids are out of the sytem thought they gladly accepted the education before then. What a bunch of hypocrites. And guess what the tea party is supported by, 60 percent? Uh, try again, pol after poll shows that just four percent of our nation’s citizens has ever attended a rally or donated money. And guess what the OWS crowd isn’t being paid by anyone unlike the tea party astorturf crowd which was wholly supported by corporate dollars. These are facts. What are you people so hell bent on destroying our country and stifling any speech that doesn’t agree with every talking point that fox news hands you. You people are thugs. And now you won’t buy anything made by unions…so you buy stuff made from China. Yeah, you’re a real patriot. People in unions are just people who want a job and they are few and far between [jobs] so most people just take it and dont have the benefit of being picky cause they werent born with a silver spoon like you were apparently. And moreover, who is this WE. Why do you people always use that word. Beware of anyone who claims to speak for a whole group. Tea Partiers reak of the same tactics used by the brownshirts: lies, intimidation, distortion of facts, false nationalistic pride, thuggery, and the calls for killing. You cheer at the deaths of people who don’t have insurance, you cheer and make fun if people who worked their whole lives and now are destitute. YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK. Also, i forot to mention the clearest example of your facist tactics: the vivtim card. “You vilify us” Then you say you support freedom and want totimprison those whose speech may influence someone to a cause that isn’t directly in line with yours when these same people said they welcome tea partiers to join and have a peaecful talk. There arent any guns at the OWS but tea parties somehow needed to bring assault rifles to their gathering. I am so sick of you and according to polls so is everyone else. Have fun losing in 2012, loser.

      1. dano_556 says:

        Whoa…calm down. Apply a little critical thinking here.
        Yes, a few of the Tea Partiers did carry firearms. There were probably many more than you know if you consider concealed firearms. As far as I know there were no murders or any other violence at Tea Party rallies. I believe these were responsible Americans excercising their constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT to own and carry a firearm.

  42. Sal19 says:

    Hurry before the weather turns, Birkenstockers

  43. Rockhead odrama says:

    Please take your protest elsewhere,and leave your donations here to pay for the citys police, OT, EXTRA TRASH REMOVAL,. ETC. Remember to include Hollywood and Pro athletes, Overpayed news anchors, Muscians ,college deans, union officials, lawyers in the 1% not just wall street. We tend to forgive and forget certain rich people.

    1. Teacher says:

      We don’t choose who is included in the 1%. It’s math. Good try, though. Play again.

    2. Teacher says:

      Also, “overpaid news anchors” didn’t cook the books. Wall Street did. Or do you not follow what is going on in your own country?

      1. svede says:

        Cooking the books is a crime. “Wall Street” as a whole did not. A push to punish those who committed crimes is fine but your rants are class warfare attacks.

      2. Chad says:

        Anyone with a brain knows that the financial collapse was caused by two culprits, Wall Street and a democrat controlled Congress. Blaming it on Wall Street only is a liberal democrat talking point.

  44. Hater says:

    How about Washington. Meet on the White house lawn. obama gave all our money to the banks, unions and car companies. He constantly entertains rich celebs and goes on lavish vacations. He is among the 1% that you despise. I guess after three wasted years, he still gets a free pass. Must be nice to be king surrounded by a bunch of “yes men”, PC cowards and brain dead idiots. I can’t believe that anyone can still support this clown.

    1. Buddha says:

      My understanding about the “Occupy” movement is that it is not aimed at a politician but the prevailing attitude of the very rich and the political policies and preferences extended to them. This has been and continues to be modus operandi not only in the U.S., but in all world governments. Our own revolution was partly predicated upon this thought. Most revolutions have at least in part been fuled by this theme.

    2. Teacher says:

      Dear “Hater,”

      Occupy Philadelphia doesn’t support or oppose President Obama or his re-election. The Occupy movement invites all people (of all political ideas and preferences, as well as from all walks of life) to unite behind the idea that regular, everyday men, women and children in the United States should and can have a good quality of life, which we have worked for.

      Our worker productivity is at an all-time high while real wages decline. We are working harder and not getting anywhere. Meanwhile, the wealthiest 1% in our country (who we certainly do not “despise;” in fact, we’ve never met most of them, and they might all be very nice people, for all we know) continually get more and more wealth.

      They don’t work harder than we do. They don’t work harder than you do. Yet the average CEO makes 475 TIMES what the average worker makes. For comparison, in other countries, the average CEO might make 20 times or 10 or 15 times or even 30 times what the average worker makes, but not 475 times. That’s a bit ridiculous, don’t you think? They don’t work 475 times harder than you do. They aren’t creating jobs for you. Yet they are taking your money through tax breaks and loopholes.

      How can you possibly be OK with that?

      Those of us on Dilworth Plaza (including myself, a gainfully employed full-time teacher) are not OK with having the fruit of our labor stolen. It only adds insult to injury that the people stealing from us already have more than we would ever even want. I personally would never even WANT that much money. I just want a good quality of life and the ability to raise a family and send my kids to college someday.

      If you can relate to any of this, then you would be absolutely welcomed at Occupy Philadelphia. You don’t have to like President Obama, and would in fact find others there who don’t like him, either, along with a lot of people who DO like him. That’s the thing about Occupy Philly. It takes all kinds.

      Don’t be shy. Come on down. Find out what it’s all about. We don’t bite. :)

      1. svede says:

        An all-pro athlete or actor doesn’t work harder than others in their field. They just has a tiny bit extra skill that makes his services highly compensated. You are free to apply for the jobs. Your generalizations and misplaced conceptions of a free market or what creates a job belie your assumed education.

      2. statesrule says:

        You’re full of it…Stop trying to cover up for societies parasities… we know they are up to no good..they are greedy lazy people..they need to understand the only rights they have are like everyone else…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…go fetch your food, cloth your naked body, and build your shelter…you’ll proud of what you can accomplishment when you put your brillant mind to it

      3. jpk says:

        How many CEO’s are you referring to in the top 1%. The CEO’s of the S&P 500? The Wilshire 5000 ? You claim they make 475 times the average worker, please identify the resource where you got your information from. It is obvious that you don’t understand what hard work is since you are wasting away valuable productive hours criticizing others who are working while you are protesting. In any event do you seriously believe that 5000 CEO’s will be able to enhance your standard of living?

      4. Peter Lim says:

        You American teachers make too much money. Over 30x what we make in 3rd world countries. Isn’t that ridiculous? Why don’t you give some of your money to us. You stole the fruit of our labor and exploited us for cheap goods you have in your homes. We work harder than you and get much less vacation and benefits!

      5. gladRocks says:

        Know alot of CEO’s do you. I’m pretty sure they work harder than you do.

      6. JJ says:

        no, but i can get flees

      7. Deb Budd says:

        Who the hell are you to decide how much money anyone should have? You have many rights; inflicting your moral code upon others is NOT one of them. Yet you are fine with stealing the labor of others with a comfortable taxpayer supported retirement funded by people who struggle to survive their own retirement. No one twisted your arm to become a teacher. You have no one to blame but yourself for the choices you made.

Comments are closed.

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