Philadelphia City Council Looks At Plan To Give Condo Residents Trash Tax Break

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Before a City Council committee Tuesday morning: A plan to give condo residents a tax break because their buildings use private trash haulers rather than the city.

The city is required to offer trash pickup once a week to all buildings. However, for many condos that is not enough. So, instead they end up using private services with residents footing the bill.

Councilman Jim Kenney is now proposing giving those residents a $200-a-year property tax credit to offset that cost.

“This is an issue of basic equity and fairness. When you can’t pick it up mechanically by the city, they should at least be reimbursed or given credit for that out-of-pocket cost that they have to bear,” Kenney said.

However, the mayor’s spokesman, Mark McDonald, said it is the condo residents’ choice to live in a building where once-a-week collection is not sufficient.

“If that’s not enough, under city regulation, they then can and must sign up for private service to supplement the city service,” McDonald said.

McDonald added that Kenney’s bill would cost the cash-strapped government upwards of $6 million a year.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Sam Spade says:

    I don’t use the Philadelphia Public School system.

    I want a tax credit too !!

  2. norristown is a dump too says:

    Jim is probably getting kickbacks from the condo owners. Just like that other trash dump of Norristown who has cops going after those who complain about the violations of the businesses there.

  3. cc says:

    wait a minute, condo associations charge people to live there and they have trash pick up included in that fee. okay…so who gets the break. the association or the individual who was dumb enough to sign on to live in a place where your neighbors can tell you what you can and can’t do what kind of decorations you can put up etc. nah…no breaks. do you know that people who have wells for their home get a water bill. yes. for the run off from their property when it rains. i don’t understand that either. but if the condo’s get a break, someone else somewhere (ahem…neighbors) are going to pay the difference.

  4. Diane says:

    Are you kidding me? You impose a trash tax on duplex owners regardless if they are making a profit or not. You don’t make homeowners or homeowners who rent out their home pay the trash tax, and some of them put more trash out then others, and now you wan to to give Condos money back because they want or need a second trash pick up. This is going to cost the City 6 million and I know the people who has the least amount of funds will have to pay for it.

  5. PhillyMFM says:

    Hey, if I want to hire my own home security staff to protect my family does that mean that the city will give me money back since I elected to hire out for additional services. I think our councilman Jim must have a family member in condo’s that are a little pressed for some cash.

    Hey Jimmy K – what is the REAL motivation behind this proposal????

  6. Margaret Motheral says:

    When they buil the condo/townhouses 4 feet away, and surrounding my house in E. Mt Airy , they used my property as their trash dump. They dug up contaminated land , exposed endles years of brick dust, vapors and worse. I’ve been displaced with 3 doctors saying get out. I have to go to doctor again tonight due to lead, mercury and cadmium poisoning. Exposing people to haz mat releases is a felony. My cat died of cancer . I’m getting more and more illl as is common after sch exposures and Councilman Kenny IGNORED the problem when I approached his office. This new project has been allowed to kill off the neighbor and get tax abatements and break laws with Council’s approval. Plus use my yard as their dump for years. Now I can’t live in my home and live 24/7 with the injuries caused by Councilmanic Perogative to protect their favored projects and kill off the neighbors at will.

  7. Linda D Bryant says:


    1. Paul says:

      They do, its included in their condo fee.

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