Exclusive: Victims Describe Horrific Basement Captivity

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In an Eyewitness News exclusive, three victims who were held captive inside a Northeast Philadelphia basement described the horrific ordeal.

Tamara Breeden, 29, Herbert Knowles, 40, and Derwin McLemire, 41, were held captive along with another man inside a Tacony basement for at least two weeks.

Breeden showed CBS 3 the injuries from the beating she says she and three other mentally disabled adults endured inside a dark sub-basement.

McLemire says he was held captive for so long that he forgot what day it was.

“I got a birthday coming up Friday and I didn’t even know it was coming up. I’ll be 42-years-old.”

For the last year, the victims say life has been tough with Linda Ann Weston. McLemire says he met Weston on an online dating service, and claims that while in another state, one of Weston’s pit bulls bit him in the ear.

“She wouldn’t let me go to the hospital, she wouldn’t let me go to the doctor, she wouldn’t let me do nothing,” says McLemire.

Breeden, who is from the Philadelphia area, has been reunited with some of her relatives.

The four victims are now at a personal care facility contracted by the state.

The facility says they will now be able to have proper meals and proper medical care.

“I want to stay here for good,” said Breeden.

They are relieved that they are finally safe, determined never to return.


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  1. Rob says:

    To the victims, Tamara Breeden, Herbert Knowles, and Derwin McLemire, feel better soon!

    Mr. McLemire, Happy 42nd Birthday to you this Friday! I hope your wishes come true!

    Somehow, I’m going to send you all a greeting card and some love!

    1. Darlitha Cook says:

      yes a big happy birthday to mr.mc lemire.may God bless you and keep you safe.the struggle is over and the healing may begin.the suffering is over and your tears my be smiles again.the pain that once was brought is all over and the angles has got you back.Know that the whole world has got your back.happy 42 birthday. and over all God got you.

  2. Nancy S. says:

    I thought Social Security was for older people. Giving Social Security to people under 65 is wrong. That’s why there’s no money left for people when they turn 65 and deserve Social Security Benefits.

    1. Rob says:

      Nancy, they receive SSI and/or SSD. Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability benefits. Those benefits are not retiree benefits.

  3. Fed Up in Philly says:

    This is heartbreaking. I hope that they and their families get the justice they deserve by this monster being locked away for the remainder of her life. SHE IS NOT HUMAN!!!!

  4. Darlitha Cook says:

    this women has done mean and bad things to her kids i dont even understand how the children go along with their mom and how do she call herself a mom.the murder in virginia her own son help her transport the body and he is yet still out .when will all this come to an end

    1. Tee Rex says:

      Darlitha, I tried leaving a comment but it is not showing up, maybe because we are not allowed to put email addresses in comments here. I am going to write it a little different and hopefully the comment will show. If your roommate is afraid to call the police can you ask her to e-mail the detectives some of this information? I know she must be upset that the Texas police did not listen in 2009 but the Philly Police seem to really want to solve this and I think she may have better luck this time. You two may have valuable information that can save someone’s life, so please pass it on to the detectives working the case. They do not have all of the addresses or names of the victims so they need people to come forward so they can figure this out and get justice for all of the victims. The email for the detectives on the case is police.co_15 @ phila.gov (Please remove the spaces when sending it, I had to put them in so the comment would post). If your roommate were to write on the subject line “I was a victim of Linda Weston” I think the police would know it was important and read it right away. I know this must be painful but please come forward so the others victims can be helped. God bless the both of you.

  5. Darlitha Cook says:

    their is others that she has mention but no where in the news do they talk about them she dont know what has happen to the others and is worried.one client was in a wheel chair with no arms that they kept in the actic what has happen to that person she questions everytime she watch the story

  6. ''Marty '' says:

    I was an employee of the Pa State Probation and Parole when the ”Weston Sister ”was supervised after their release from SCIM thirty years ago. And they was a piece of work back then .When I saw the news the other night, I got on the phone and called one of my ex co workers.And we talked for hours about those sisters.I saw Venus on South Board Sreet about three months ago,and she said she was on her way to the S.s office., Thank God I no longer would be working with them. I think they ( Linda ) was from another world…

  7. Darlitha Cook says:

    recors in the name of gean nasha please look
    please.she got the papper

    1. Tee Rex says:

      Darlitha please call Officer Harrington if you have any information about Linda Weston or any of the victims, the phone number is 215 686 3154

      1. Marty H. says:

        No I am so sorry I do not have any information on any victims or anyhting to do with this case. I just remember working with them when they was on parole.,. bad memories ! I DID CALL AND LEFT MY PHONE NUMBER. .

      2. Darlitha Cook says:

        its not me its my room mate but im passing the info and she said she gonna call in the morning

      3. Darlitha Cook says:

        my room mate was a victum in 2009 of linda she has lots of info about this case but no one seems to want to knoe her side.no one listen whe she told cops in texas what they did to her and no one is trying to listen to her now so she is real iffy about talking she say the more she talk the more she remember and to her its like living it all over again

  8. Darlitha Cook says:

    linda need to be put under the jail.stright to hell.she is sick for even thinking God would let them get away for this.they shall all see Jesus and they will be judge by human and by God.so they must pay twice.she even did her own children like this.beat them miss treated them didnt care for them.she is sick.

  9. Darlitha Cook says:

    too the ones we are thanking God for your safe recovery.

  10. yvette baxter says:

    i know that the girl tamara has to children a son and a daughter dashawn Mcintosh and ella weston and they are her children and need to be found before something happens to them or the person that has them leaves the state with them they need to be with their real family can u please keep my name anoyamus thank you.

  11. Darlitha Cook says:

    please dont leave my pic or name up for my saftey

  12. Darlitha Cook says:

    they names are dayshawn who is about 18 months and a girl her name is ella weston.they need to be found the daughter sha has them and is know for getting people out her way.i pray for the safe return of they children that tamara had .they need to catch sha who has already been trying to put them in hidding

  13. lijingjing says:

    Unknown message

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