It Is Day Ten Of Occupy Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It is day ten of Occupy Philadelphia.

It’s another day of Occupy Philadelphia at City Hall and there are a variety of tents across Dilworth Plaza.

“It reminds me of like a sit-in except we sleep here as well,” says Adam Hill of Norristown, who is manning the information tent.

Taylor from California is a student in Philadelphia who has been spending most of her free time at City Hall.

Kuznits: “What do you want to accomplish?”

“I’m basically here because I don’t really like the whole government corporate alliance,”

Mike Fox in the Occupy Philly tech support tent comments on the advertisements in front of the Occupy Philly videos on the website.

Kuznits: “Some of the advertisements are big corporations like Wal-Mart and Vitamin Water.”

“That’s true but we have to use what’s available to us and getting our message out there is the most important thing,” says Fox.

But why are they here?

“We’re representing people who are protesting against the economic recession that was caused by corporate creed.”

“I personally am against corruption and I have yet to find anyone who is pro-corruption.”

“I think the point of Occupy Philly is to right a lot of wrongs that have been taking place during the past 30 years.”

Reported By Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Hater says:

    I guess they don’t protest at the white house because obama the terrible is never there. It was obama who threw billions of our dollars at the banks and auto industries. He hasn’t stop campaigning since 2007 and now uses tax payer money to add more favor money to his war chest. He is a liar and hypocrite! It’s a shame that so many Americans are blind to this fool. Are you afraid of not being politically correct? I guess you would rather starve than be called a racist.

  2. chel says:

    i didnt learn anything from this article. Did the journalist get past the tech tent?

  3. Ray says:

    They must be doing something right. There were worldwide protests yesterday.

    1. bottomline says:

      Ray, Sorry to say nothing has been done except getting a lot of exposure, here in the U.S.A.
      Sorry to say most have no idea about the underpinnings of the Politically Correct – Wall Street – Washington control over their lives.
      I don’t have the answers, not nice answers, maybe consider voting for Ron Paul – maybe.

  4. bottomline says:

    If you occupiers were doing any good, the “powers that be” would have dispersed you a long time ago.
    Go home and swat flies while their still free.

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