Players In Anti-Cancer Ad Draw Boos At Flyers Game

129092922 Players In Anti Cancer Ad Draw Boos At Flyers Game

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Did Philadelphia fans earn another black eye on their already nationally-soured reputation?

In between periods during Wednesday night’s Flyers game at the Wells Fargo Center, a public service announcement about the fight against cancer ran on the scoreboard and it featured three rival players.

The ad titled “Hockey Fights Cancer” starred Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres and Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks.

The reaction from fans in the stands was a Philadelphia tradition: they booed. Now ask any Flyers’ fan in attendance and they will tell that they were obviously booing the likes of Crosby and Towes and not the message behind the PSA.

However with a past of booing Santa and a grown man intentionally vomiting on a young fan during a Phillies fan, Philadelphia fans have a national reputation and it’s not exactly complimentary.

The booing at the Flyers game resulted in the following headline from the sports-oriented website “Philly Fans Stop Puking On Santa’s Daughter Long Enough To Boo Sidney Crosby Anti-Cancer Ad”

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One Comment

  1. Richard Dawk says:

    They need to pull out of that town and never play there again if they are going to act like a bunch of monkeys from Africa.

  2. JS says:

    Some idiot blogged this and it is now news on KYW. I was there, 4 people booed when they saw Crosby and it was so loud in there you had no idea what the ad was even about, I thought it was about the winter classic initially. 4 boo out of 17k, so all Philly fans are the worst. Makes sense. We beat opposing fans into comas or riot after huge losses – oh wait that is EVERYWHERE BUT HERE.

    The world is made of snow.

    I just typed that and it is on the web for all to see, hope this hits Reuters as fact and we have breaking news that the world is made of snow.

    Stupid sheeple believe anything..

    1. Keith says:

      So true! We were there and did not hear any booing. I watched the ad and saw it was for fighting against cancer and thought it was great. Had I noticed or cared about Crosby, Toews and Miller I might have thrown a snow ball!

  3. teremist says:

    A football stadium is not filled with rocket scientists or humanitarians. Mix testosterone and alcohol in equal parts, and you get 10% brain function.

  4. Buck says:

    Clap for Cancer. With all the cancer awareness efforts it’s incredible that people don’t ask more tough questions about the cancer industry. Every research fund is not interested in the cure. Hospitals do not push the most effective therapies, some of which are illegal.
    The real tragedy in the eyes of the industry is a person dying of an inevitable cancer without paying for treatment.
    Learn the truth about your body’s ability to heal itself. And go occupy City Hall.

    1. Walt says:

      You can’t be serious, Buck

  5. Pete Wiater says:

    Anti-cancer ad was not boo’d . . . Cindy Crosby was. That’s ALL it was. Blown way out of proportion

  6. Master P says:


    This article is from a Philadelphia news station.

  7. brianm0122 says:

    Bob Euker (SP?) used to tell a story about a guy falling out of the upper deck at the a Phillies game, onto the field. When he got up and walked away, people booed him.

  8. Walt says:

    Is this really a story?? Showing passionate Flyers fans a video that includes Crosby. Are we supposed to clap and cheer because the message is anti-cancer? Any idiot knows that Philly fans wouldn’t be pro-cancer. And drop the Santa Claus BS already.

    1. Guest says:

      I would bet someone out there is pro-cancer
      Not me but Im sure someone is
      Probably those Westboro Baptists

      1. James says:

        I’m pro cancer if cancer is playing the Canucks.

  9. kathy glatts says:

    Give it up There are no more loyal and giving fans then Philadelphia Fans All Sports I dislike sports but appreciate the Fan Reaction to Rival Players No Philadelphia Fan would Boo any Cause That This City is especially a fore runner in getting the message out about Turn the City Pink Mother’s Day Walk/Run and 100 other Charity Events for just this one cause not to mention the 100 of other causes PHILADELPHIA FANS PLAYERS AND OWNERS SUPPORT Go Flyers Go Fans and Boo your hearts out ,keep those wallets open for donations though…Kathy G

  10. Crosby Sucks says:

    They threw snowballs at Santa…get it right.

  11. Danielle says:

    Who’s the idiot who thought it was a good idea to show any ad, for a good cause or not, featuring rival players to an arena full of drunk fans? Did anyone think it would turn out well?

  12. janice c says:

    Does anyone have any common sense. Fans were booing Crosby. He gets booed all around the league. People just want to rag on Philly. Get a life!

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