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Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Cape May, NJ, After Labor Day

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(The Cape May Lighthouse stands watch over cottages nearby.  Credit:  Jay Lloyd)

(The Cape May Lighthouse stands watch over cottages nearby. Credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd Jay Lloyd
Jay Lloyd — a voice long familiar to Newsradio listeners — provides...
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Summertime crowds are gone, as Jay Lloyd heads for a Cape May getaway.

CAPE MAY POINT BEACH, N.J. (CBS) – Here, where the Garden State Parkway ends, you can drop your stress at the Cape May Bridge and cross over into an offseason world of fishermen, strollers, sand kickers, and beachcombers.

Talking to visitors about their reasons for being here gets repetitious.

(Man #1:)  “It’s nice and relaxing.”

(Woman:)  “The peace and quiet and tranquility.”

(Man #2:)  “If you’re into relaxation, this is the place to come.”

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cape may watch boat jlloyd Jay Lloyds Getaway:  Cape May, NJ, After Labor Day

(Whale and dolphin watching boats sail from March to December from the docks in Cape May. Credit: Jay Lloyd)


And while strolling the beach, visiting the lighthouse, taking a carriage ride or having lunch dockside at the Lobster House, you may also be thinking ahead to a bit of night life, from jazz to salsa.

John Cooke, a hotel operator and head of the Cape May Chamber of Commerce, offers up a tip on how to find the best restaurants and nightspots.

“Talk to the innkeeper,” he advises.  “Get a sense of where they like to eat, where would they go out tonight.”

Cape May does have a dual personality during the off-season: tranquil by day, a happening by night.  Give it a try!

Reported by Jay Lloyd, KYW Newsradio 1060

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