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Cops: Man Amputated Own Arm, Hand Inside Northeast Philadelphia Home

police generic Cops: Man Amputated Own Arm, Hand Inside Northeast Philadelphia Home

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police are investigating the bizarre circumstances in which a man cut off his own arm and hand in Northeast Philadelphia.

The incident happened at about 8 p.m. Wednesday evening inside a home in the 800 block of Brill Street in Northeast Philadelphia.

According to police, a 34-year-old man used an electric saw to cut off his arm below the elbow. Police say the man then cut the hand off his amputated arm and then hid the two parts inside his home.

The man was taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center in an unknown condition.

Police are still investigating why the man amputated his own arm and hand.

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One Comment

  1. Dana says:

    Google “armless.” Very disturbing movie.

  2. Darrell says:

    Give the man a hand.

  3. hoosierdaddy says:

    Must have caught himself stealing. And some people want to allow Sharia Law in the US.

  4. dmac6419 says:

    was he armed

  5. dmac6419 says:

    i have to hand it to him though

  6. Any GOPer says:

    It’s Obama’s Fault!

  7. flint333 says:

    God Help Him

  8. Shelly says:

    Apparently, he watches too much TV… This was similar to a case that appeared on “Bizarre ER”. A man cut off his hand, wrapped it and put it in his freezer because he had an amputee fetish and wanted to be one himself.

    1. anon513 says:

      There was also a similar show on “Untold Stories of the ER” where a guy cut off his hand and, even though they found it and could have re-attached it, the guy refused to let them re-attach it and there was nothing they could do but honor his decision.

  9. Art Fold says:

    Damn, Halloween decorations aren’t that expensive, are they?

  10. trynnyth says:

    it was probably “the voices”.

  11. Rob Share says:

    Wanted to be known as “lefty:.

    1. xFactor says:

      It didn’t say which arm he cut off.

      1. CC says:

        well…it wasn’t the one he use to write with or use tools with i’m sure. sad.

      2. Dan says:

        Yes, but “Righty” is a really stupid nickname.

  12. Lynn says:

    High on PCP.

    1. Ted Pikul says:


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