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128309100 Rollins Wants Years & Money & Phillies

By: Seth Everett

Jimmy Rollins, the franchise face for a decade, may have played his last game as a Phillie. He never let on that that’s what he wants, but he might be just hoping that he can get what he wants in free agency from Philadelphia.

Rollins reiterated on Tuesday that he doesn’t see himself in another uniform, and that he didn’t think on Friday that it was his last game. He also reiterated that he thinks he has six good years left in his body. He then went to say that years, as well as money, would be the big factors in his 1st free agent experience.

I value Jimmy Rollins’ place in Phillies history. I think it’s important to put him on the top of the priority list. But that does not mean that I think five years guaranteed makes any sense. At his age, with his injuries, I wouldn’t go higher than three years guaranteed.

That’s where the conundrum begins. It would make sense that automatically, he would have to leave the Phillies in order to get that five year deal. I don’t think it’s that simple.

Looking around the league, teams are not giving out five year contracts to 33-year-old players whose game comes from their legs. Jose Reyes of the Mets is looking for a six and seven years. Teams and GM’s have told me that even that scares them away. Reyes is injury prone. Rollins has injury history, and the advanced age as well.

Let this point be clear. I really want Jimmy Rollins to play for the Phillies. I just don’t think they should be saddled with a contract that their best shortstop can’t live up to. I hope Jimmy searches the market, finds the offers are of the three and four year variety, and then comes back to Philadelphia, where he belongs.

On this subject, I discussed this topic on “Reporter’s Round-Up” on Newsradio 1060 KYW w/my boy Matt Leon.

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