5:40 The Phillies failed to close out the Cardinals last in St. Louis. The deciding game 5 will be played tomorrow night at Citizens Bank Park.

5:54 President Obama says Ronald Reagan would’ve supported his Warren Buffett Rule.

6:11 Herman Cain was on The View yesterday talking about racism in the Republican Party.

6:13 Cain said the Occupy Wall Street Protestors only have themselves to blame if they aren’t rich.

6:16 Apple Founder Steve Jobs died last night at 56.

steve jobs1 Stigall Show Log 10.6.11


6:42 Michael Vick is glad all the “Dream Team” talk is over because it created too much pressure for the Eagles.

 6:46 There are reports that the White House and Justice Department were angry that CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson for reporting on the Fast and Furious story.

6:56 With the exception of CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson, the news media is ignoring the Fast and Furious scandal.

7:10 Occupy Philadelphia protestors will converge on City Hall this morning.

7:44 Chris talks to Seth Everett about last night’s Phillies playoff loss in St. Louis.

utley out at third Stigall Show Log 10.6.11

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 7:57  Sarah Palin announced that she will not be running for President.

7:59 City Councilman Wilson Goode has re-introduced a paid sick leave bill for employees of companies that do business with the city.

8:10 Chris talks to Fox News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl about her new book, Waking Hours,and the Fast and Furious case.

8:26 Sesame Street is introducing their new Hungry Muppet to deal with child hunger.

8:27 Michelle Malkin on Steve Jobs and the Occupy Wall Street protests.

8:29 George Will is writing that collectivists are trying to dilute individualism.

8:40 Chris talks to CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson about her coverage of the Fast and Furious scandal.

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