Hundreds Of Protesters ‘Occupy Philadelphia’

Todd Quinones reports…

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A movement that started on Wall Street and spread to other cities is now taking root in our area.

Supporters of the “Occupy Philadelphia” movement gathered at a plaza adjacent to City Hall on Thursday morning and were preparing to camp out as they staged ongoing protests against what they call “corporate greed” and a lack of popular voice in national and local politics.

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2011 10 06 09 18 11occupy cherri Hundreds Of Protesters Occupy Philadelphia

(Protesters gathering on Thursday morning along the west apron of Philadelphia City Hall. Credit: Cherri Gregg)


Despite the apparent anger over issues that include joblessness, pollution, war, concentration of personal wealth, and loss of privacy, the mood was calm and sometimes festive — there was music in the air at times.

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occupy music kurtz Hundreds Of Protesters Occupy Philadelphia

(Credit: Paul Kurtz)

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Steve Ross says his dashed American dream drove him to get involved.

“People losing their jobs. Nine percent unemployment. Homelessness and poverty at the highest levels in decades, if not ever,” he tells KYW Newsradio.

He says these “Occupy” movements also draw inspiration from the Arab revolution.

“I was fortunate to be in Cairo before the coup. I saw the voice, the people that were angry. And now I look around at America, and I see that same voice.”

Ross, who speaks for the Philadelphia demonstrators, says their goal is to “get power back to the people,” but for this group, just what that means and how to effect change seem to be unanswered questions.

“It’s very hard to figure out exactly how. That’s something that will take a while for us to form. But right now, we need to show solidarity.”

According to Lieutenant Raymond J. Evers of the Philadelphia Police Department, as of 7:30pm there had been no arrests or citations given at the Occupy Philly gatherings.

Reported by Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio 1060

(KYW’s Paul Kurtz contributed to this report.)

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One Comment

  1. mightyheidi says:

    kids take your protest to 1600 Penna. Ave to the incompetent obama he is the one that is mortgaging your futures with his massive bailouts and fundiing to green companies that go bankrupt and we are left holding the bag. All obama does is whine and complain that this mess HE made is someone else fault–the tsnunami, the Arab spring. He has had three years instead he has made everything worse and look at the deviseness and turmoil he has created in our country. What a mess, he is a failure, wake up

  2. Sane1 says:

    I am open minded to most of this silly escapade as I know people are frustrated. They seem to have their focus all wrong though in my opinion. These people cant even tell you what they are protesting. The very “greed” they say they are against is being 100% supported by the current administration. Also, Philadelphia is notorious for its handouts and perks, which explains why the whole city is on the verge of bankruptcy and $47 million in the hole. My main issue with this event is the fact that Obama has jumped on, so have the unions, and so have the communist and socialist party, and any other fringe wackos that protest everything under the sun. There is always a certain class of people these events bring out..its generally unwashed, unemployed and uninformed individuals (note I said generally). The way things are going, this movement will peter out once people start hearing what is really going on (pooping in streets, going home to sleep after walking around for a bit, having no concept what they are marching for, looking like a bunch of bedraggled hippies playing guitars wont help either.)

  3. John says:

    The reason for all of this discontent, and poverty, and unemployment, is the fool on the hill, Barack Obama. GO TO WASHINGTON DC and tell Barack Obama to step down. he is divisive, he is a divider, he is wrong for America.

  4. michaelshatz says:

    We have occupied Wichita, Kansas! Solidarity!

    1. Laura says:

      I wouldn’t brag about that – LMAO.

  5. src says:

    Russian communists used to say..give us your youth and we’ll take your country.”

    While I agree with some of what they are saying, yes there is corruption on Wall st. and financial industries, you cannot lump everyone who has worked for everything they have and has been successful. This is cllass envy. Further, this movement is being co-opted by the hard Left. When you have Roseanne Barr, Michael Moore, Frances Pliven and now Bill Ayers and the thug faction of the unions signing on, you’ve already been taken over and your movement loses any legitimacy. Communists call that ‘useful idiots.’ Look it up. 0bama was the recipient of all of the hard Left support and Wall st. largesse in the last election. How many of the people in this movement voted for him. Not the change you were expecting, was it?

  6. Joe Maurone says:

    “Who is John Galt?”

  7. m.a.g. says:

    It does not matter who started what, what matters is the now and today so just because you may think the Bush administration was to blame for our (and by the way, the worlds economy) it needs to be fixed. PERIOD. If you can’t do the job let someone else do it

  8. bob says:

    If its any consolation we’ll all be broke very, very soon.

  9. ChanceyGardener says:

    Hey Ian Bush. Please take a survey of these folks who feel “disenfranchised” and ask them about their voting record in each and every one of the last 5 years of elections. With voter turnout of <20% in many elections they have no one to blame.

    If you don't vote, you can't b*tch.

  10. RamJacCorp says:

    Pretty clear which way the average poster here leans, huh? It’s kind of funny how those who aren’t anywhere near that 1% zone love to support those who are, as if maybe it will get them a free ticket to the party somehow. A lot of people are tired of the way the super-rich are controlling the country, and they’ve finally decided to let their voices be heard. Disagree with them, if you must, but try to show a little compassion and respect. If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.

    1. ChanceyGardener says:

      Love the Eldridge Cleaver/Charles Rosner quote and wholeheartedly agree.

      Respect: I respect their right to protest.
      Compassion: “Give a man a fish and he won’t starve for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he won’t starve for his entire life.”

      I’m all for educating these folks if they’re willing to learn….but the bottom line is it starts with the INDIVIDUAL and each person must OWN their destiny … can’t TAKE it from someone else.

      I don’t necessarily support the 1% but I don’t begrudge some of them either, if they’ve earned it. You can’t lump all of the rich into one category but that’s what we hear with all the class warfare rhetoric.

      Corporate greed and excess DOES exist (tell the Corp Boards to start doing their jobs).

      Envy (how else do you describe how these folks act) is just as bad as greed.
      I just can’t support a steal/take from the rich attitude.

    2. johnl says:

      Grow a brain. 1 percent pays over 50% taxes in this country. Guess how much in taxes all those morons at City Hall pay? close to nothing. You are brainwashed by liberal media

      1. Sane1 says:

        Hey John L…you are wrong! the 1% pays close to 75%!!! Get your facts straight you conservative hack! (exaggerating for effect)

  11. Dave Black says:

    Get a JOB!!!!!

    1. Danielle says:

      I think that’s the point. They can’t get a job because very few places are hiring.

      1. ck says:

        Very few places are hiring because of the surge of regulations THIS administration has imposed and the uncertainty relating to whether they will be hit with higher taxes and have to fork out more money to pay for employee health care. When the companies have to pay more to the government there is less money in the company to hire more workers. -And yes, they do deserve to make a profit b/c they took the risk in starting their company. When there is no profit to be made the companies and corporations will close up shop leading to MORE unemployment. So go to DC and protest there. They need to get out of the way -and then you will get a job.
        p.s. when you look like you have not showered or shaved in weeks -it will not help you in your search for employment, just sayin’.

      2. Laura says:

        Many are hiring – these people just feel they are better than the jobs that are available.. The era of entitlement.

  12. Ezradams says:

    I’m a 58 year old professional that supports this movement 100%. Tried to get there today, but last minute work obligation got in the way. Thanks to all of you who were able to attend!

    1. mightyheidi says:

      Mr. Professional you should be ashamed of yourself for duping these poor kids. Are you SEIU or what other union I heard they are organizing these poor kids who don’t know what the heck they are there for, except for a handout just like the unions want from the taxpayers to keep footing their pricey health care benefits and pension. Take you protest to the White House to the incompetent obama who is spending massive amounts of taxpayers money on programs that are a waste.

  13. ChanceyGardener says:

    On the day we mourn Steve Jobs death I wonder how many of these people have iPods and iPhones that they’re using to foment more of this uprising. Do they begrudge Steve Jobs his millions? Did they complain about “corporate greed” when they shelled out their money for these toys? Steve was definitely one of the 1%. How about the fact that the 1% (who pay more than 50% of all taxes) give them the freedom to go out and protest. Or those of us who work pay for their unemployment?

    1. Slick says:

      Pay for their unemployment? If they are receiving unemployement, then the contributed to the unempolyement as well becasue at some point in time they had a job….

  14. ck says:

    The USA, with all its faults, is still the best place in the world to live. Stop looking for a utopia kiddies -it does not exist. You are living in the closest thing to it in this country. There is absolutely no comparision between the USA and the tyranical middle east governments. Hey Occupy Philadelphia and all the other occupiers – Stop hiding behind the guise of starting a revolution in this country and pretending to be for the “little guy”. All you want to do is create chaos.

    1. Laura says:

      Well said.

  15. Liberalism at its finest says:

    communism and socialism = liberalism (spreading the misery, not the wealth). I bet 99% of those people are on unemployment. isn’t one of the conditions looking for a job? Can’t do that smoking pot at city hall. Oh yeah, didn’t Obama force those banks to take bail out money? I’m pretty sure he’s responsible for 9% unemployment too (its actually more like 12% but the Obama administration has to alter the statistics to try and get re-elected)

    1. mikem1219 says:

      You’re an idiot as the bail out was started by Bush. You need to get your facts straight. Most of the unemployment was due to the economy collapse in 2008 which is when Bush was still in office.

      1. Liberalism at its finest says:

        Hey libby Mike, how you like Obama now? hahahahahahahaha This guy is in desperation mode. The best part is the idiots are the ones at this protest. Obama is linked with Wall Street. Obama represents pure left wing thinking and all of it failed miserably

      2. Occupation Morons says:

        bigger idiot. uneemployment was at 7.6% when Obama took office. get your facts straight

  16. TJ says:

    All these people seem to have one thing in common. Either they are unemployed or have a great vacation package at work….My bet is on the unemployed part. The guy with the mini guitar is not really my first choice for an employee.

  17. Reason says:

    And what are you? Capitalist Imperialist Cowards?

  18. fritz says:

    two words…, WATER CANNONS!

  19. Dropkick says:

    Hey kids! Want to see how communism works in the real world? Read about Mao’s Great Leap Forward!

  20. Roman Doroshenko says:

    Commie socialist brats!

    1. Tired of irgnorance. says:

      Please define communism and socialisim and how it applies to what is being demonstrated for these “occupy” rallies?

      1. Hardworker says:

        All you young kids that elected Obama, now you have to live with him..HA HA

      2. Danielle says:

        I’m also a HARDWORKER and I’d rather work hard for a country with Obama in charge than Bush. Or any of the closed-minded candidates currently in the republican race.

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