Rollins: Fans Too Quiet At Citizens Bank Park Sunday

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Phillies’ bats went silent after the first two innings of Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals and shortstop Jimmy Rollins believes the fans did the same thing.

Rollins took to Twitter after the game and posted the following:

Not the result we wanted but that’s the way it is!! Now we just gotta handle biz on the road! Also fans were waaay to quiet tonight

The Phillies scored the first four runs of the game, but the Cardinals scored the last five, tying the NLDS at one game apiece.

Rollins got on base with a two-out single in the 7th inning, but was picked off first with Chase Utley at bat.

Games 3 and 4 and Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, in St. Louis.

What do you think? Do you think it was fair or foul for Rollins to take an apparent dig at the fans? Share your comments below.

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One Comment

  1. Season ticket holder says:

    I can’t believe Rollins is whining. After the first two innings, did we have anything to cheer about ?! How about next time we all stand with a deafening roar booing you overpaid prima donnas who rarely string two hits together. Then it won’t be quiet and you will know exactly how we are feeling. You guys got a 4 run lead, figured Lee was pitching and you mailed it in. You quit on us. Not the other way around, crybaby.

  2. Salty N Millersville says:

    Jimmy was right, but it shouldn’t be an excuse. 46,000+ fans or 0 fans, you still play to win, regardless. I was there, section 326, and noticed the 2nd half of the game was ALOT quieter than the first half? Did the beer wear off? Who knows. But I do agree, it was noticeable how the fans quieted after Lee gave up the lead. It was like we lost the game; utter silence at one point.

    Let’s win 2 in St. Lou, or at least bring it back to Philly where we can prove Jimmy wrong, AND get the W.

    Go Phils!

  3. coz says:

    people in this city are babies. jimmy was right, its not an excuse the man was just saying. we take so much pride in being these passionate boisterous fans, i was there, after the phils took a 4-0 lead, we took it easy, just like the players did. relax people. jimmy wasn’t being personal. you shouldn’t take it that was.

  4. Robert Kirchner says:

    the fans were loud enough that jimmy the moron did not hear the first base coach telling him to get back to first. they pay him millions of dollors to play baseball,but he cant play if the fans are not loud!!!!what a jerk

  5. Andy says:

    Shane misplays a fly ball, hunter peen misplays a fly ball, Jimmy rolling gets picked off first. We do not get a hit for 6 innings and of course we have a four run lead and decide to swing at the first pitch bat after at bat after bat…walk two batters in a row, swing at first pitch an ground into double play….yeah man, it was the fans fault.

  6. reg says:

    I was there and agree totally with J Roll. We were down 1 run in the playoffs. There should have screams the entire time the Phils batted those last 4 innings. Disgraceful.

  7. sp says:

    We, the fans, get on the players when we don’t think they are performing. So I would expect the same passion from the players to let us know when they don’t think we are performing. We are all one team. @Jimmy – we got the message and we will step up.

    I was at the game and I agree that after the first few innings the crowd quieted down and were not cheering on every pitch. However, when when the phillies were coming up to bat or the cards pitcher got behind the hitter, the fans would bring it.

  8. Chad says:

    “Fans too quiet”? Are you kidding me?
    What, do these guys get their excuses from the Obama administration?

  9. ott says:

    Don’t blame it on the fans, you all hit in the first couple innings, then you died. what are we suppose to cheer for.

  10. phils fan says:

    Jimmy got picked off (not caught stealing) so he shouldn’t be talking. They blew a four run lead and our bats went dead after the second inning.

    1. Larry Byrd says:

      I was there, the crowd was pretty into it for a cold wet rainy night. The scoreboard was encouraging us to “make noise” and we did. The changing of the pitchers by St. Louis did a lot to lower the crowd involvement. There were audible groans each time there was a 10 minute pitching change. It was a very late start and people were tired, especially after a long day with the Eagles loss. The game was not over until after midnight and it was raining pretty hard for the last four innings. That tends to dampen spirits.

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