Eskin: Philadelphia Paper Reporters Trade Blows In NovaCare Press Room

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — According to 94WIP’s Howard Eskin, a bout of “fisticuffs” broke out at the Novacare Complex Wednesday afternoon between two local journalists.

Eskin says a Twitter spat between Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News ended with the two going to blows in the press room of the Eagles practice facility.

The two sent initial jabs in 140-character form on the social media site Tuesday over the injury status of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Bowen started by saying:

“@LesBowen: Oh, and BTW, nobody has any idea on Tuesday whether Michael Vick is starting this week. It was Obvious Monday Andy thinks/hopes he will.”

To which McLane replied:

“@Jeff_McLane: @LesBowen Right. I made it up. How about if Vick starts Sunday you have to say on Daily News Live, “I’m an old hack that hasn’t broken a…”

“…story in years, needs my editor to keep my blog fresh, and missed Vick on Monday because I was cluelessly tapping away on my …”

“… computer and had to steal quotes from hard-working reporters who have a clue.” If Vick doesn’t start I’ll eat my pencil. Sound good?

And Les countered with:

“@LesBowen: @MoorestownCup I will handle my business in person, not thru yapping on Twitter. But thanks for your concern.”

Which he apparently did, the veteran reporter allegedly threw a punch that landed to McLane’s head before the two had to be separated.

Howard Eskin, who didn’t witness the event, but had several sources who did, said several verbal jabs were thrown before physical punches started flying. Eskin tweeted:

“Great media fight 2day at eagles complex. Les bowen connects 2 the head of jeff McLane. Jeff tweeted he was an old tired reporter. CORRECT”


“Eagles CB Asanti Samuel baiting Les Bowen for rematch with Jeff McLane in lockerroom and practice.”

Listen to Howard Eskin’s Call In

Eskin, who called in to Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow’s show to provide the update on the media fight, also gave an update on the birds, saying Vick was practicing with a glove on his bruised right hand and expects to play on Sunday.

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One Comment

  1. Marc Lombardi says:

    Actually, I take that back and apologize. I didn’t realize this was an update to the earlier story on this, which means it DID escalate to a fistfight. Wow. Impressive stuff. Sorry for the accusations, CBS! Carry on with being awesome.

  2. Marc Lombardi says:

    That’s a terribly misleading and sensationalist headline. It alludes to a physical altercation when it’s nothing more than an internet/Twitter flame war.

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