5:41 Speculation won’t go away that Chris Christie is reconsidering his decision to run for President.

5:42 The unhappiness with the current Republican field is what intensifies the push for Chris Christie.

chris christie1 Stigall Show Log 9.27.11

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5:47 Herman Cain is building on the momentum from his victory in the Flordia straw poll.

5:58 Michael Vick’s hand is only bruised, not broken. His status for next week’s game is uncertain.

michael vick2 Stigall Show Log 9.27.11

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6:45 A government shutdown was averted when the Senate reached a deal on FEMA funding.

7:40 Chris talks to former Speaker of the House and Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich about the campaign and his endorsement from Tea Party Nation.

newt gingrich Stigall Show Log 9.27.11

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 8:10 Chris talks to Chester Elton, Motivational Speaker and author of The Carrot Principle, about his appearance at Steve Cordasco’s business breakfast in King of Prussia.

8:45 The Flyers will host the Rangers in this upcoming season’s Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park on January 1.

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