Christie’s Travel Schedule Reignites Speculation About A Presidential Run

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s travel schedule has political circles in Washington and Trenton buzzing.

Governor Christie will be traveling this week, headlining fundraisers in three important states: swing state Missouri, swing state Louisiana and usually Democratic California, where the money is.

These freshly scheduled appearances come after a CBS national survey showed a full 50 percent of Republican voters are not happy with their choices for president, not exactly great news for Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, who got clobbered in a Florida straw poll.

What’s Christie up to? Publicly and privately he is telling America he is not a candidate for President, but Republican money bundlers are hoping that Christie steps forward and goes for it.

The three-state visit this week is significant for two reasons: he’s covering a wide geographical swath and the timing. Neither Romney nor Perry hold up well in national polls against President Obama, despite the fact that the President has his lowest approval ratings.

Keep an eye on the travels of Chris Christie.

Reported by Special Contributor Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Jim says:

    He’ll never make it. Just the fact he’s a big Mets fan makes him a loser. The NJ media likes him so that’s giving him a false sense of popularity.

  2. evil ed says:

    “he’s covering a wide geographical swath”

    Yes, he is, he sure is!

  3. Abe says:

    I am a Ron Paul/Newt Gingrich supporter. Having said that, I disagree with those that say Christie is a liberal. Even if Christie had the same exact views as McCain, he would be 10 times better because he’s one of the FEW Republicans that actually have a back-bone! This makes a big difference in getting some conservative agenda passed.

    1. eddie333 says:

      His “backbone” is nothing more than Christie being a bully toward anyone who disagrees with him, whether liberals or conservatives. With Obama, I have had enough of a bullying president. I want one who will serve the people, not push them around.

  4. I used to really like him, but after his pro-muslim rant he can forget it. Don’t waste your time and money Christie.

  5. albert says:

    I am concerned about Christie’s health, he is obese and needs to exercise self control in his own life before running our country. It looks bad to the rest of the world who are trying to figure out why we have so many obese people in our country.
    Not a little overweight, but obese. No, it is not a beauty contest but on a world stage it is appropriate to have statue and not stick out like a sore thumb as the fat one.
    Sorry, but that is how I feel. Plenty of candidates that are politicially smart, intelligent and look presidential. Whatever his political conviction is he and anyone else will have to work with a failing congress, so how effective can our President be in this climate of bitterness where the first order of the day is to win back power and control and make the ruling party look bad at all cost. It was done to Bush, now it’s being done to Obama. Political party before the well being of our country! Must buy votes and promise the moon to gain control.

    1. Abe says:

      Hey Albert, I will try to be as polite as I can because I am sure there are many who, at the very least, think the same ignorant comments you made. Being obese does NOT necessarily mean you can’t “exercise self control”. There are many skinny people who can’t exercise self control, yet have a difficult time gaining weight. It’s a fact that many obese people have medical conditions and/or below normal metabolism that causes their obesity. I am wondering if you would have made the same comment regarding Bill Clinton’s sex addiction?

  6. Gunny G says:


    He is ANTI-GUN and BIG government!

    I would vote AGAINST him AND Obummer!

  7. Tom says:

    Christie has sworn he wouldn’t run. He has made several metaphors about the fact that he won’t run. He’s asked the question, “How many ways do I have to say it?” If he now says he will run, he will look like the idiot he will be. The last thing I want is another politician whose word is no good.

  8. Kiba says:

    OMG are you kidding me! If Christie runs and wins it will be the end of the republican party once and for all! The man is a SOCIAL LIBERAL and will rip the party apart. The conservatives will be fighting with him as much or more as the Democrats that are in there now! Him winning is the worst thing that could happen right now. I cant believe this, he is no-doubt in the Obama pay-roll.

    1. JapesMacFarland says:

      Is he really a social liberal? I hope you’re wrong. Perhaps he’s different in that even if he is, once her learns better about true American, small government values, the value of E Pluribus Unum over multiculturalism, etc. he will change. He does have a strong honesty about him.

    2. Sandy says:

      You’re absolutely right. He is a liberal.

  9. anne bowden says:

    Worked in national politics. for yrs. Christie don’t even go there unless you

    cAn quickly lose 100lbs. you are way over weight.

  10. sheriff says:

    You people are pretty desperate or delusional to be even thinking Perry, Romney, Christie or even the goofball Palin could actually win the election. Don’t you all know that the Republican party is the party of NO?….Millions of persons are out of work just because the Republicans want one man out of a job.

    1. Angry Revolutionary says:

      Sheriff you really are daft

      1. sheriff says:

        Angry Revolutionary, Your title say’s it all. Revolutionary, Guns & right wing B.S. violence is what you stand for. You cant’ stand to see a black man in the white house…..Get used to it he gonna git four mo yrs.

  11. The Gov is really traveling to Missouri for the KC BBQ and Louisiana for the crawdads. Because he’s overweight. Get it? BBQ and crawdads?

  12. Callie369 says:

    Christi is a lard-arsed RINO and there is no way I would vote for him.

    He can take his amnesty, cap n trade, et al, and cram them up his lard-arse!!!! He likes to run his mouth at the unions, but only if there is someone around to make a youtube video. Otherwise, he could care less.

    1. Karen Langley says:

      Cristie would be the first conservative in the race.

  13. David B says:

    The coolaid pitcher would win against obama(and he has a lot more experience creating jobs too). Obama together with European socialism collasping daily before our eyes could be the best things to ever happen to humankind! Imagine no socialism, its easy if you try!

    1. Chuck says:

      Seriously? How does a President create jobs? A President has almost no impact on job creation. Get real.

      1. JapesMacFarland says:

        By fighting to get the government out of people’s lives, businesses will start to invest and hire more, because there will be less insecurity or less risk, etc. This is why California is 50th out of 50 States in people starting new businesses. It really is simple. Government is not the solution (as the left *always* thinks) it is the problem.

        “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen”
        Dennis Prager

      2. alls1 says:

        Good point chuck….

        So we can concede the President’s ‘Jobs Bill’ is nohting but a political stunt.

  14. Carlos (R) says:


    He is clearly the smartest, most credible, qualified, ELECTABLE, center-RIGHT candidate we have. I like Christie. Personally he seems cool, & also to be a good Governor, BUT if he got in now he would look like a shameful, opportunistic, lying, shallow, hypocrite. Utterly betraying the Constitutional OATH HE SWORE to the people of NJ, that he also likes to brag bout. He would be dogged by the QUITTER label. The same that has hurt Palin so.

    He would hurt Romney as another, center-RIGHT, northeastern Republican. Hunting for the SAME VOTES. Center-RIGHT, northeastern GOPers like me. No. That could create an opening for the unelectable, nonviable, fake likes of George W. Perry to come back & win. THAT WOULD DOOM OUR PARTY & NATION.

    Stay in NJ Chris.
    ROMNEY/RUBIO 2012.

    1. Klaus says:

      Romney can’t win. That’s why Perry’s ex-supporters are scrambling to find another savior. They say if Romney gets the nomination, he’ll want multiple running mates.

      1. Carlos (R) says:

        You have no proof to back this up. I do. Try again.

      2. sheriff says:

        Romney is a loser, period! He thinks everybody is a corporation. Totally unelectable just like the rest of the knucklehead Republican platform candidates led my head executioner Merry Perry.

      3. No_RINOs_Allowed says:

        That is so %$&#*&% funny, Klaus. Kudos for that.

    2. martinsh says:

      Why is “quitting” such a big slam? Obama was in the Senate only 140+ days and campaigned most of that time. I always wondered why someone did not make that point when the MSM knocked Palin for “quitting”.

      1. ItsJo says:

        The MSM ALWAYS attacks ANY Conservative. They are complicit for foisting
        Obama onto America, and look at the situation our nation is in.

  15. Dan says:

    “Swing state Louisiana”??

    McCain won Louisiana by 19 points in a Democratic year. Some swing state.

  16. Liberty Jane says:

    Christie is a RINO in sheep’s clothing.

    1. Carlos (R) says:

      Please try a new talking point. This one is getting old. Thanks.

      1. RINOsGoHome says:

        Tired Old RINO rhetoric. No room for RINOs, qualifications are subject to approval by voters. Romney is not approved. Sorry Carl. Besides, Marc Rubio wouldn’t touch Romney with a 10 foot pole, you will figure it out someday.

    2. jdhwbt says:

      you know i think rinos are just long term politicians who do anything to get elected just like progressives. proud that my straw poll in Florida went for herman cain. but besides all that i will vote for anyone that can beat obummer.

  17. Ron Reale says:

    He would be a perfect Democrat candidate.
    Ron Reale

  18. Not Chicken Little says:

    Do I think Christie should run? Yeah, he looks like he could lose quite a few pounds, but he’d better take it easy at first – maybe just brisk walking would be better than running…

    For President? No! He should stay as the NJ governor.

  19. robert says:




  21. John says:

    I like Christie but I’m a little put off that he’s been encouraged to run because Cain’s message is resonating with the electorate and Perry is a little wobbly.

    What’s wrong with Cain? Is it because he’s not a member of the entrenched Republican Establishment? As a Tea Partty member, that’s a plus as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Klaus says:

      Cain wants to start a national sales tax. It’ll start at 9% and go up from there. Add that to your state sales tax for everything you buy until you die. Cain will still keep the IRS and corporate tax, of course, just like Obama. He will still spend your tax money on endless wars and cameras on every street corner and foreign aid, just like Obama. Cain ain’t Obama Lite, he’s Obama Deep Dish.

      1. Ron Reale says:

        If you are as ignorant of Cain’s policies as you seem from this post, you should stop attempting to smear him with your fantasies.
        Ron Reale

      2. Klaus says:

        Ron Reale, these are not my fantasies but Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. That’s a combined 27% federal tax on everyone, for starters. Add to that state sales and income taxes, which we pay today. Cain’s 9% corporate tax is trickle down and passed on to the consumer. If Cain wants me to pay 9% sales tax, then I want Warren Buffett to pay 9% sales tax on every company he buys, too.

        In contrast to Cain, Ron Paul will eliminate the IRS, the endless wars, the cameras on every street corner (DHS, TSA, Patriot Act, etc.), the foreign aid, and he won’t add a federal sales tax.

      3. Klaus says:

        Ron Reale, these are not my fantasies but Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. That’s a combined 27% federal tax on everyone, for starters. Add to that state sales and income taxes, which we pay today. Cain’s 9% corporate tax is trickle down and passed on to the consumer. If Cain wants me to pay 9% sales tax, then I want Warren Buffett to pay 9% sales tax on every company he buys, too.

        In contrast to Cain, Ron Paul will eliminate the IRS, the endless wars, the cameras on every street corner (DHS, TSA, Patriot Act, etc.), the foreign aid, and he won’t add a federal sales tax.

  22. quaker34667 says:

    Christie is a RINO. He should stay away.

    1. ItsJo says:

      What worries me about Christie is his leaning toward Muslims, and called anyone who asks questions of them “Crazies”. I’d like HIM to address these issues and where he is coming from. I would NEVER vote for him, if he is a believer in “Sharia Law being a partner to OUR Constitution”. He should EXPLAIN HIS TAKE ON ALL THIS.

  23. 92025 CA says:

    Christie and Mario Rubio for VP. for an electoral sweep.

    1. Klaus says:

      Why are so many Floridians in such a hurry to get rid of Rubio? If he’s doing such a great job for you, why do you want him to leave office? If he wants to play Presidential candidate, let him be a man and announce his candidacy. Let’s see if he cries out, “No mas, no mas,” like Rick Perry did.

    2. sheriff says:

      Rubio is a second generation Cuban yuppie thug………What the f is this the Klaus &Ron show?

  24. d says:

    ron paul is a space cadet period.

    1. Klaus says:

      Is America ready for a fat President? Did we ever have one? Clinton was a little pudgy, but I wouldn’t exactly call him a hog.

      1. kdc20723 says:

        William Howard Taft weighed over 300 pounds.

      2. Nicky says:

        I was waiting for this – some imbecile who shouts out “he’s fat!” as if that meant he’d be a lousy president. Ya know, you should think about the image that attitude projects to the world, which something like “Hey world, I’m too stupid and superficial to comment on blogs, but here I am anyway!”. Good luck with that, imbecile.

      3. kottonpicker says:

        Who cares how fat he is??? I’d vote for Jabba the Hut over Obama. At least he has experience.

  25. Lemmus says:

    …Palin won’t get in if Christie does …they are both the same type of candidate but from opposite ends of the pubbie political spectrum …no nonsense, tell it like it is …do what it takes to get it done

    …I tire of the fake Paul fanatics who don’t begin to understand the real libertarian underpinnings of his campaign …Paul is neither anti-war nor pro illegal drugs …most certainly he is a strong backer of Israel …what Paul wants is to return to our original constitutional government with a small federal role and much greater state and local roles …he doesn’t support the current US military posture of trying to be the world’s policeman on the backs of the US taxpayer …and he insists on congress following its constitutional duty to declare war before American military are ever engaged except in direct self defense of our nation and our closest allies …but he would be a real disappointment to the peace-at-any-price crowd.
    …Christie is Romney with Reagan’s balls and a heavy dose of testosterone …if he runs, I’ll support him …if not him then I’ll wait for Palin to enter …Paul can’t win, and if he did, he’d be worse at governing than Obama is …love to see him as Sec of Treasury next year though

    1. Klaus says:

      Paul will crush Christie. Estrogen makes men fat, not testosterone.

    2. Ron Reale says:

      Palin and Christie are not alike in any way. Palin is for the second amendment, our own energy policy and many other issues that Christie is an obama clone for.
      Christie is a liberal democrat progressives, the latest media darling to help destroy the Republicans.
      Ron Reale

  26. Bill says:

    Louisiana is not a swing state, and Missouri is increasingly less so. Romney is beating Obama or tied within the margin of error in almost every poll, and Perry is always within striking distance. I think you need to hire some new fact checkers.

    1. TRexLex says:

      Yeah, the end of the article is incorrect when it says neither Romney nor Perry do well in the polls against Obama. Romney does better than Perry, however. I wonder, will Christie’s direct and confrontational style put off the voters or will they like it. The mainstream media will attempt to crucify him. Also, coming in so “late”, can Christie handle the debates, foreign policy, without stumbling? If he enters, it will be interesting to see what happens. We’re still 17 mos out, but the media can jaundice the American public and Obama will be negative for 17 mos.

      1. Klaus says:

        I know y’all pray Christie will emerge as the Rex Ryan of the GOP, but that won’t float in middle America. He can’t beat a treasury raider like Obama.

  27. JD says:

    Louisiana is not even remotely a swing state.

  28. Hank Warren says:

    Christie is not even in (and he gets more press than Ron Paul). Perry is a former Democrat who worked for Al Gore and tried to force little girls to inject the untested HPV vaccine for campaign contributions. Herman Cain is an ex-Fed Chair, he’ll never eliminate the Fed. Mitt equates corporations to people, killing his general election chances. Ron Paul is the only candidate that will end all the wars. Both Republicans and Democrats support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

    1. Klaus says:

      Christie is more of the same. Now that Perry’s toast, they’re scrambling to roll the fat man in. His fate will be no better than Perry’s. Ron Paul for the win.

      1. iamsmarterthanyou says:

        you are dumb, you are so dumb

      2. ItsJo says:

        You make no intelligent posts, by calling someone “fat”. Do you continue to be an Obama bootlicker, EVEN though he’s Skinny? Just asking.
        BTW: you KNOW Paul cannot win, so quit trying to push him onto the scene-with all due respect for him, he is an older, white-haired man, though intelligent,
        has NO chance. You are pushing him, as the MSM pushed “mcCain-because they KNEW HE WOULDN’T BEAT OBAMA. WE WILL PICK OUR OWN CANDIDATES, THANKS FOR TRYING THAT ON US AGAIN-WITH “YOUR CHOICE”

  29. Johan says:

    If he runs he will just be the flavor of the month, by December he will be out. Run Sarah run!

    1. Klaus says:

      They keep trying to find new stalkers to finish off Ron Paul, but the crowd cheers for our running man.

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