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Councilman Proposes Ban On Student Housing In ‘Oversaturated’ Temple Neighborhood

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Amid complaints from residents that students are running amok, the city councilman representing the neighborhood around Temple University wants to expand the area in which student housing is prohibited.

Wednesday saw a community meeting in North Philadelphia in which residents complained about Temple students partying in the streets and destroying their property (see related story). So Thursday saw Councilman Darrell Clarke introduce another plan to reign in the chaos.

“Tires were slashed. Banging on individuals’ windows, confrontations in the middle of the street between residents and students: it’s gotten to the point where enough is enough and we are going to have to get a handle in a very aggressive way.”

He says he’s been hearing a lot of complaints from his constituents, “There’s no management for the student housing.  There’s no oversight for the student housing.  And the challenges that we’ve had in our community have gotten to the point where I think we’ve oversaturated that particular neighborhood.”

Clarke’s proposal would triple the size of the current zone in which student housing is prohibited.  Owner occupied student housing would be allowed. The issue will be debated in a committee hearing later this fall.

An aide to Clarke says existing off campus housing in the affected area would be grandfathered. A spokesman for Temple University says the school expects students to be good residents of the city of Philadelphia. He notes that the school is building a 1,300 bed residential complex to boost the number of students who would live on campus. That will open in two years.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. hater says:

    Councilman Clarke is moron! When a developer buys a home from a local resident for student housing, at closing thousands of dollars of unpaid taxes, gas, water and electric are collected, not to mention that after the developer completes renovations the property taxes skyrocket from $200.00 a year to $2000.00 a year. Can Clarke be so ignorant not to see the economic benefits of having homeowners that pay their utilities instead of stealing them. If he loves the parasites that he calls constituents so much he should move them into his neighborhood

  2. go owls says:

    i mean with all the junkies that live on my block and all the creepy hood rats banging on my door at 3 am trying to break in and rape my roommates im pretty sure temple students should be the ones complaining and not the other way around so what if there are parties going on during the weekends, we’re not the ones smoking crack at 7 am and digging through peoples trash bins

  3. Rich says:

    Nothing like political pandering, eh Councilman Clarke? The fact of the matter is, without Temple University, the north Philadelphia area would have zero going for it. ZERO. Most politicians actually looking out for their constituents’ well being would embrace the economic and social boost a major university brings to an area. In Clarke’s case, he rejects it because it’s not good for him politically.

  4. Cosmobrac says:

    If the residents are that concerned about their neighborhood, why aren’t they being proactive and cleaning the litter from the streets, maintaining their homes and keeping tabs on their gun toting 15 year olds? With all the drugs, guns, violence, crime and blight in that neighborhood, partying Temple students should be the least of their worries.

  5. Dee says:

    I suggest that the “council” and neighbors take a good look within their own neighborhoods.. that is if they can get beyond the litter and crime. They will realize that it is not the university that has blighted their neighborhoods. I am for expanding the university property.. Clean out the neighborhood and make it useful for those that want to better themselves.. I would think that they would be grateful to have the school buy up the run down properties, which the neighborhood is to blame… and close off most of the side streets and enclose that school in a safer way…

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