Nutter, Conference Of Mayors Call On Congress To Pass Obama’s Jobs Plan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The US Conference of Mayors met in Washington DC today to talk about the American Jobs Act put forward by President Obama. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is vice president of the conference and also spoke to reporters.

The Conference of Mayors addressed the need to move forward on the American Jobs Act. Mayor Michael Nutter said cities must be able to get the job done every day. He says members of Congress already have jobs and they need to look at this package and make sure other people get jobs too.

“Look at the package, there are many, many components: bridges, roads, school buildings, tax credits for returning veterans — a number of components that make a comprehensive jobs plan.”

He says more than 80% of the nation lives in cities and the president’s plan will get them back to work.

“You hear a lot of rhetoric, people talking about wanting more products made in America. What you’re really hearing from Americans is that they want to have made it in America. That they — this country is still a great land of prosperity and opportunity. The only thing we need to focus on is investing in America. Then we will have more products made in America.”

Nutter adds that’s what this jobs plan does.

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. sheriff says:

    Gotta put dem porch monkeys to work man.

  2. kelprod says:

    Borrow money from the Chinese…pay 1 government worker to dig a hole…pay another to fill in that hole…in the Obama world, he has created 2 jobs. When the borrowed money is gone, the workers do not have work and we are back where we started…only deeper in debt. Hope & change economics at it’s best. Brilliant. No wonder Nutter is supportive…look at how he has managed to expand economic growth in his city (sarcastic).

  3. Linda says:

    I don’t know what these people are smoking but they need to stop. The last thing “obummers plan” will do is create jobs. Anything he has ever done, is steadily destroying our great Country. I don’t understand why some people still stand behind him after everything he tries fails miserably.

  4. Mikeq says:

    This should give all of us a good idea where the Mayor and his colleagues stand on fiscal management skills.

    I don’t even have a college degree and I can tell you that taxing America’s job and wealth creators is not going to yield more jobs. Obama likes the idea because he wants to campaign on class hatred. So he gins up hatred toward wealthy people in hopes of getting votes.

    It all goes back to what was reported three years ago. Obama is a radical hard-left ideologue. Apparently, he also has character issues because he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

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