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Former NFL scout of 24 years Dave Razzano joined “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan and analyzed how Rex Grossman fits in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

Razzano claims Grossman is a better fit than Donovan McNabb because he is more disciplined when it comes to reading what the defense gives him. He also said that McNabb was willing to take more risks and free-lanced in Shanahan’s offense.

However, according to the former scout for the Cardinals, Rams and 49ers, Grossman is a streaky player and can change from hot to cold after a few games.

“Rex is one of those streaky guys. He’ll flash for a while then at a close game or a big game he’ll force things down the field and he’ll break your heart….In a tight situations that’s sort of where he reverts back to the guy where he makes some ill-advised throws.”.

Here’s Razzono’s comments about Grossman:

Listen to the full Dave Razzano interview below:

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