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Police Make One Arrest In Robbery, Rape In Kingsessing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police say they have made an arrest in the robbery and rape attack on a couple in the Kingsessing neighborhood on Tuesday night.

Authorities say two teenagers robbed a local couple Tuesday night about 10pm near the corner of 48th Street and Springfield Avenue, then the older of the teens raped the woman in front of her boyfriend.

Capt. John Darby, head of the Philadelphia Police Department’s special victims unit, credits an intensive investigation by a joint task force for the arrest.  He says the 18-year-old suspect was taken into custody last night following a nonstop investigation that involved the FBI and several police units.

Darby declined to identify the suspect but says he is also suspected in a number of other robberies.  He’s been charged with 19 crimes in connection with the incident.

Darby says the suspects accosted a couple walking home from dinner, pulled a gun, robbed them, but didn’t stop there.

“The gunwielding offender, putting a gun to the head of not only the female victim but a male friend, sexually assaults this female in the alley,” Darby said today.

With the gun-toting thief raping his girlfriend, the 40-year-old male victim told CBS-3 Eyewitness News last night that all he could do was pray for it all to be over quickly.

“I kept looking at his gun because I was trying to make a decision if I was going to go for the gun, but she was pleading for me not to, that she needed me here,” the male victim said.

And Capt. Darby says police are still looking for the younger accomplice, about 13 years old, who fled before the rape.

The victim’s boyfriend has provided details of the crime and says he hopes the younger boy will come forward.

“The kid could do the right thing, choose a different path in his life,” the male victim told CBS-3 Eyewitness News.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio 1060 and Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Lisa says:

    This is my old neighborhood. I am shocked to hear about this. I left Philly to take my children to a safer place to live, with a better school district who cares about their students and teachers. So much has happened in my beloved hometown since my departure just a few months ago. Between the curfews, and the increased police prescence, I hope Philly will return to the safe place it once was long ago. Still a beautiful city, just a little misguided…

  2. Calling you out! says:

    “Mario Bello” and “A Real Man”, I’m sure would have also subdued the 911 terrorists, kicked their butts, tossed them off the plane, and then saved the day too. While I’m sure you both loving watching Bruce Willis movies in your moms’ basements and enjoying fantasyland, the real world doesn’t go down that way. In doing what he did to this woman, its obvious this punk doesn’t value human life, which means if the dude did attempt to overtake the punk, I bet the punk would have then shot him and his girlfriend. What do you have then, geniuses? Not a just a rape, but rather two murders! So, save us your “I would have done this” stories because I am willing to bet you both would have fled and left your girlfriends to fend for themselves.

  3. Mario Bello says:

    The boyfriend is a coward and probably a flaming LIBERAL. The reality is if your going to venture out in this city, you better be prepared to defend yourself, regardless of the consequences. The animals are on the loose. The only justice they will face is in the victim’s hands.

    1. kate says:

      were you there? did you have the gun pointed at your head? or perhaps at your significant other’s head? we all can say what you want but until you stand in his shoes don’t judge
      and tell me what kind of city is this to venture out you need to defend yourself? this is where you are right — and if you don’t or can’t defend yourself then call the movers and leave for your own safety.
      this is sickening and i for one would love to turn the table on these animals

  4. John says:

    And with Seth Williams track record this guy will out on the streets in about a year ready to rob and rape again.

  5. A Real Man says:

    While I’m not condoning the crime, I can’t believe the boyfriend just stood there ans watched his girlfriend be raped. The second gun man had fled the scene. The first gun man was too busy getting his rocks off. That is when you make your move!

  6. Joe Rydzy says:

    Put this animal in the zoo where he belongs !

  7. bottomline says:

    You people are so ungrateful! We’re safer from a terrorists attack then we were 10 years ago – what more do you want?
    On the serious side, crime is likely to get much worse for reasons already mentioned here, and reasons unspoken in the deified world of Politically Correctness. Gun ownership is one helpful answer, but, getting out of the city is a better answer and don’t be surprised when the remaining major retailers and employers start to follow.

  8. kate says:

    as a woman i am horrified at the description of this crime. as a citizen of this city i am downright angry and want to throw up hands up and say forget it and just sell the damn house at a loss and run.
    nothing happens to these animals, they blame everything on why they did a crime, their upbringing, lack of education, single parent, neighborhood, peer pressure etc. bottom line they don’t want to work for anything everything should be handed to them, they have no respect for anything, humans, property, police, authority, animals, nothing. when it comes down to it they are lowlifes, and nothing will change them. my sympathy to the victims in this crime i cannot imagine how the man felt having to watch it and the rape victim nobody absolutely nobody should have to experience that in their lifetime.

  9. Kyrie Eleison says:

    Just once I would like to heaf that the police actually stoppped this kind of crime BEFORE it happended instead of reading about their zeal to catch the perpetrators after they’ve destroyed the lives of decent law abiding citizens.

    Re: J, I agree with you that criminals in Philly have no fear of the police as authorities. Liberalism/progressivism will be death of us all.

    1. ty says:

      how the hell do police officers stop a crime while it happens? this isn’t minority report. the best we can hope for is a better police presence and super tight gun control (which will never happen) fortuneatly for the perp he picked on a soft couple because i;’ll be damned, at gunpoint or not, if someone is gonna rape my girl right in front of me.

      1. ty says:

        while or gefore it happens. doesn’t matter. thats almost impossible. it wasn’t a bank robbery

  10. Zzbar says:

    “Waking up to an alarm clock with the news stating another rape and robbery happened isn’t a good way to start the day.” It happens so much you kind of get immune to it. Just another day in the crazy times we live in. Like you said, the justice for these creeps is ridiculous.

  11. J says:

    Crimes like this wouldn’t happen if criminals were scared of the “justice system”. What do they care? The most that will happen is them going to jail with a nice meal 3 times a day… They should get their arms and legs cut off for doing what they did. Only with physical discipline will any criminals learn.

    Waking up to an alarm clock with the news stating another rape and robbery happened isn’t a good way to start the day.

    1. Moe says:

      Arms and legs cut off? How about an arm and his “manhood”?

      1. Ceht says:

        “Manhood”. He probably couldn’t get it with a willing woman, so he chose one that was terrified. What a punk. And as for the 13 year old, he knew right from wrong and choose to run when this rape took place. But he also knew that robbing someone is wrong also. So let’s not cry for him.

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