5:40 President Obama delivered another jobs speech yesterday in North Carolina.

5:46 The President’s re-election campaign has created attackwatch.com for report political smears and attacks.

5:48 A parody ad for Attack Watch has been posted on Youtube.

5:58 The Jewish vote determined the outcome of the special Congressional election in New York and may have broader implications in the next campaign cycle.

6:11 A new book alleges that Sarah Palin had a one night stand with former NBA star Glen Rice while he was in college at Michigan and she was a TV sports reporter.

glen rice1 Stigall Show Log 9.15.11

Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

6:40 Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature are proposing to change the way that the state awards its Electoral Votes in Presidential Elections.

7:10 Chris talks to State Representative Mike Vereb about his oppostion to a plan to turn 422 into a toll road.

7:45 The White House is still defending their decision to loan $535 Million to a now bankrupt solar company.

8:10 Chris talks to Steve Goreham, the Executive Director of Climate Science Coalition of America, about the federal loan to now bankrupt Solyndra and Al Gore’s 24 hour internet climate webcast.

8:42 Chris talks to State Senator Domenic Pileggi about his plan to redistribute the way Electoral Votes are handed out during Presidential Elections.

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