Pa. Auditor General: Welfare Office Won’t Turn Over Records For Benefit Cards

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Pennsylvania’s Auditor General says he’s being stonewalled by Welfare Department officials as he attempts to determine if the state’s electronic welfare benefit cards are being used improperly.

Auditor General Jack Wagner says much of the resistance he encountered was during the Rendell administration, but as recently as April of this year, his auditors were rebuffed in the effort to get information about electronic benefit transfer cards from the Department of Welfare.

Governor Corbett says that’s news to him, “That’s the first I’ve heard. He hasn’t bothered to pick up the phone and tell me that. And I had a conversation with him last week.”

Auditor General Wagner says that more than 90,000 purchases or cash withdrawals totaling $5.2 million were made outside of Pennsylvania in May of 2010, but, because he can’t get the records, he can’t determine the legality of the transfers. Governor Corbett, meanwhile, says there has been a significant drop-off in claims because welfare rules are being better enforced, but he could not put a dollar figure on that trend.

Reported by Harrisburg Bureau Chief Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. neda says:

    Once again someone has something to hide. All the taxpayer money that is spent should be open to the public. If there is an investigation I’m sure someone will be arrested for DIPPiNG into the funds without cause. This stuff makes me sick

  2. willie says:

    Stop payment of welfare period & see how fast the A.G. get’s cooperation. The vast majority are gaming the system & this has been going on for years. If Reagan were alive this welfare business would be cut in half. Most on wefare are Blacks & lazy Hispanics. It’s simply a way of life for them. Buy what they want & beg for what they need.

  3. Mama says:

    So what if those food stamps or cash benefits are used in a state other than Pa?
    War on the Poor. That is what this is called.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Despite the fact that welfare claims may have dropped considerably, does not mean that there are not people who are still receiving benefits, that they are not eligible to in the frst place!!! The state of Pennsylvania needs to a thorough investigation to rid the taxpayers of the debt, that has been goning on for a long time!!!

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