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Philadelphia Area Catholic High Schools Closed As Negotiations Drag On

SPRINGFIELD (DELAWARE COUNTY), Pa. – For the first time in the weeklong teachers strike by teachers at area Catholic high schools (see previous stories), the schools have been closed.

One school — Archbishop Wood in Warminster, Pa. — remained open for one day to make up for a previous school day lost to weather, but the other 16 in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia are now closed.

Meanwhile, negotiations continue toward ending the strike by lay teachers.

A spokeswoman for the archdiocese described the latest talks as “productive,” with the two sides exchanging proposals at an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, there were no classes for 16,000 students for the first time during the strike, but teachers remained on the picket line.

Robert Wills, a social studies teacher at Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield, says he doesn’t want to give up the job protections his union has bargained for over the years.

“I’m a government (subject) teacher, and I always say that a little social justice means that you’ve got to get off the couch occasionally and you’ve got to walk around. You’ve got to take a stand.”

Wills says having schools closed adds more urgency to the negotiations.

The archdiocese says it still plans on holding a full instructional year — by canceling holidays if it has to.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060

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One Comment

  1. Willow says:

    they do not want a 15% raise…They offered to not get a raise in the early bid and as for posting grades and homework online many already do that. it has nothing to do with the use of technology but what is done to the teachers who don’t use it exactly like the Diocese wants. I know may teachers in the system that post grades but not on the site the Diocese mandates ( which is extremely flawed).
    The healthcare concern is that if you go out on longterm disability you lose your job. The contract that they want the teachers to sign basically says that. You get 20days and if your not back your fired. Is that fair? What happens if you are diagnosed with cancer?
    Go to to see all the proposed contracts.

  2. Philly says:

    They want a 15% raise and they don’t want to do more work like post grades online and post homework assignments online so parents can check on their own kids! I say fire them all and hire people who want jobs ! It’s not the unions job to tell a company how to run !

  3. sheriff says:

    Don’t know about the demands the teachers want but if it’s health care, pensions pay etc, then the teachers are going to have tpo pony up more out of their own pockets. Todays business climate, health care is a gift & not a right by an employer. Get used to it people & when you do maybe you will realize a national health care plan is the way to go.

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