Area Expert Says Joblessness Is Swelling Nation’s Poverty Rolls

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With recent Census Bureau figures indicating that one in six people in the United States are now living in poverty, a Philadelphia expert says that’s no surprise.

The US Census Bureau reports that in 2010, more than 46 million people were living in poverty — an increase of 3 million in just one year, and a  27-year high.

“Things have been very bad in this country for the past couple of years now,” says John Dodds, director of the Philadelphia Unemployment Project.  “Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem they’re getting any better.  It’s very understandable that we have so many more people that are in poverty, and until we start putting people back to work in significant numbers, it’s going to continue, I believe.”

The census figures also show that the number of people without health care insurance is now approaching 50 million, the largest number in more than two decades.

Reported by Lynne Adkins, KYW Newsradio 1060


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  1. diana says:

    it’s not only our economy this happen all over the world !you can thank welfare to work for part of the problem! companies are given a tax credit if they hire someone on welfare. they ask on the applacation if you recieve food stamps or welfore and quess who gets the job. this has put many people out of work !! the government pays them to go to school, their tuition and child care. what do you think that cost the taxpayers besides our jobs. it would be cheeper to keep them on the welfare rolls iand make them report for street cleaning .or help out in child care. unfortuniately some of these people really don’t want to be working. then our companies going overseas because the workers here want to much money to work. the rest of our jobs are lost to modern day tecnology such as computers and automation. has anyone even thought about how many jobs have been lost to modern day technology?

  2. bottomline says:

    Experts? I have friends whom are categorized as living in poverty. They think that’s a joke. They have what they need and are reasonable contented. I guess the alledged problem is that they aren’t looking for or expecting tons of freebees, and they’re not greedy.
    Otherwise, as far as healthcare is concerned, whom can afford healthcare from an industry that charges more then the a large gold plated battery. The answer to affordable healthcare is to make the medical industry elites brush their teeth with water instead of champagne.

  3. Barackt Obama says:

    Barry Obama is a loser. Send him back to Chicago, the guy can’t even save his own job.

  4. Linda D Bryant says:

    You can thank the GOP for the dismal state of the economy. They are determined to run this country into the ground, rather than concede to the POTUS.

    As soon as the results of the 2012 election have been counted and the POTUS has been ousted–JOBS will resume, the economy will improve, etc.,
    This was the case when Jimmy Carter was a one-term prez and Reagan stepped in!!!!!

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